2022 Annual Report


MISSION To invest in our community, now and for future generations, by encouraging charitable giving, supporting innovative programs, and nurturing collaboration.

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A Letter from Jessica Wirgau, Chief Executive Officer BUILDING A RESILIENT COMMUNITY

Over the last two years, I have heard the word resilient countless times. We ask teachers and students to be resilient in the face of disruption in and outside of the classroom. We laud the resiliency of local businesses who stay afloat with the help of loyal customers. And in the nonprofit sector, we marvel at the resiliency of agencies already operating with few resources, who face an increased demand for services with a shrinking staff and volunteer pool. We are surely resilient. But routinely asking for resilience has its pitfalls. The constant requests to do more with less – less money, less people, less energy – leads to burnout and services that barely meet our community’s needs. To support one another in the face of these stressors, we are told to “foster a more resilient community,” but what does that mean in practice? At the Community Foundation of the New River Valley (CFNRV), we have chosen to invest in relationships, between individuals, between organizations, and across sectors, with the goal of creating systems that are supportive, sustainable and, yes, resilient. We are not looking to place the CFNRV - or any other organization - at the center of a particular community issue. Rather, by creating a network of relationships with shared leadership, we ensure that an initiative moves forward even when some individuals or organizations need to step away to reenergize. Since 2015, we have used the Fund for the NRV to build networks in the areas of early childhood education, food access, aging,

and health. We invest staff time and funding to convene organizations around common goals and to foster shared ownership, so participants feel engaged and supported. This approach has led to notable successes seen in this report and on the CFNRV’s website. They include First Steps, our early childhood education and development network, securing $1.15 million in American Rescue Plan (ARPA) funds from the Town of Blacksburg to stabilize and grow the childcare workforce, as well as the creation of a new initiative focused on sharing resources among the NRV’s community gardens. I invite you to read this report with resilience in mind, noting the ways in which the CFNRV builds connections between donors, volunteers, and partners. It is through these relationships that we care for our community and for ourselves. A child plays at Wonder Universe: A Children’s Museum, a 2021 Responsive Grant recipient.

Photo courtesy of Wonder Universe


2021 - 2022 ANNUAL REPORT

2021-2022 CORPORATE DONORS & PARTNERS New River Valley businesses provide essential support to the Community Foundation. Their cash and in-kind contributions underwrite our community events, leadership development programs, and regional initiatives, including our annual online GiveLocalNRV Giving Day.

$5,000 & above Atlantic Union Bank Carilion Clinic First Bank & Trust Co. HHHunt National Bank of Blacksburg

$1,000 to $4,999 Carter Bank & Trust Member One Federal Credit Union Olio Financial Planning The Maroon Door/Off the Mall Brewing Up to $999 Brown, Edwards & Company, L.L.P. Brown Insurance Hurt & Proffitt, Inc. In-Kind Sponsors New River Computing Other Corporate Partners J.H. Bards Old Town Printing Preston’s Restaurant at Pete Dye River Course Wilsie Photography Wordsprint Liberty Mutual Insurance Virginia Community Capital

At the 2021 Celebration of Giving, the blues band Chickenwings and Gravy performs.



Photo by Wilsie Photography


GiveLocalNRV’s 9th Annual Giving Day Again Demonstrates Our Community’s Generosity On June 22, our community held another successful Giving Day. Fueled by the generosity of our 11 corporate sponsors and major donors who provided matches for several organizations, nearly 2,000 people donated, including 79 who made gifts to the Fund for the NRV. One of the best parts about Giving Day is it is accessible to everyone -- any amount donated makes a difference. Out of 2,306 donations, 1,942 (84.2%) were $100 or less, totaling $102,387. Our team looks forward to next year – the 10th anniversary of the Giving Day!


The Literacy Volunteers of the NRV‘s team at their open house event during the 2022 Giving Day.

Photo courtesy of Literacy Volunteers of the NRV

“The grants, awards, marketing, and training provided by the Community Foundation were instrumental in our record-breaking success this year! Our neighbors in the New River Valley are known for taking care of one another and GiveLocalNRV is such a wonderful example of everyone coming together to show their support.”




Ginny Ayers Executive Director Literacy Volunteers of the New River Valley


2021 - 2022 ANNUAL REPORT


Volunteers gather for the Calfee Community and Cultural Center clean up day.

Each day, the Community Foundation team interacts with the nonprofits and donors who dedicate their time, energy, and resources to helping the New River Valley thrive. Learning about the challenges facing nonprofits serving our region helps our team understand what our role should be in supporting these vital organizations. As people around the world work to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, our region’s nonprofits continue to innovate in the ways they carry out their missions, but many are also still addressing significant challenges brought on by the pandemic. Supporting One Another Through the Pandemic

These challenges include budget shortfalls because of increasing supply costs as well as a decrease in monetary donations. Others report struggling with staffing both employees and volunteers. Our Responsive Grants program is designed to help address some of these issues by offering up to $4,000 in operating support, which gives organizations the power to put grant dollars where they are most needed. Annually, this program receives around 100 applications, and approximately 50% are funded.



Photo courtesy of Calfee Community and Cultural Center


Harnessing Networks & Jumpstarting Nonprofits By harnessing the power of our networks and initiatives fueled by the Fund for the NRV, the CFNRV finds ways to address the challenges brought on by the pandemic as well as the issues that nonprofits routinely face. Through First Steps, our network focused on childcare and early childhood education, our team has known for a long time that families in our region struggle to find childcare and centers struggle to offer competitive pay. Alongside our partners, the foundation recently secured $1.15 million in American Rescue Plan funds from the Town of Blacksburg to pilot a program that strengthens and expands the childcare workforce. Part of the role these networks play is identifying needs and sharing information. Through our NRV Thrive network, we work with partners addressing food security and food access. This network created the NRV Food Assistance Directory to help community members better understand what food pantries and feeding programs are available to them. Similarly, our Aging in Community network shares information about the many programs serving older adults through a workshop series called “Serving Seniors”. This year, we are working with Network for Good, a national organization that focuses on developing nonprofit leaders, to offer a more focused and intensive experience called Jumpstart to six nonprofits: Habitat for Humanity of the NRV, InStill Mindfulness, NRV CARES, NRV Disability Resource Center, Summer Musical Enterprise, and the YMCA at Virginia Tech. This yearlong experience pairs nonprofit leaders with one-on-one coaches to help them bring their fundraising strategy to the next level. The leaders also have opportunities to learn from one another and access a variety of resources offered by Network for Good.

“It has been really helpful to have the guidance from the fundraising coach,” said Andi Golusky, Executive Director of NRV CARES. “Her support has helped reinforce my gut instincts concerning fundraising as well as being provided with new insights and creative ideas to implement for fundraisers and donor communications. I would highly recommend this program.” Through these vital networks, the Community Foundation will continue to listen to and learn from our nonprofits to make sure we are providing the types of programs and support they need. To learn more about our networks and initiatives, please visit cfnrv.org/partnerships-initiatives/. The NRV Disability Resource Center is a 2021 Responsive Grant recipient and 2022 Jumpstart participant.

Photo courtesy of NRV Disability Resource Center


2021 - 2022 ANNUAL REPORT


High School (16) and Blacksburg High School (11). Additionally, 51 college students from 13 colleges and universities received scholarships, including Virginia Tech (32) and Radford University (6). “Scholarship opportunities provide everyone, especially people from marginalized communities, with the opportunity to pursue a higher education,” said scholarship recipient Megan Phan. “I want to thank the foundation for providing me with this opportunity, as well as my parents who have always encouraged me to reach for my goals.” This year, Megan was one of 18 scholarship recipients from the Virginia Tech Women’s Club. Generosity from across the community from individuals, families, and businesses keeps the program growing each year, with 50 funds dedicated solely to giving out scholarships ranging from $500 - $4,000. Scholarships are typically available to students attending 2- or 4- year colleges or universities, but many funds also support students interested in trade or technical schools. Students are eligible to reapply for scholarships each year, which provides consistent support throughout their academic experience. For more information about establishing a scholarship fund or applying for a scholarship, visit cfrnrv.org/scholarships.

The CFNRV’s scholarship program began in 2002 with a gift from Peggy and John Eaton that created the T. Scott Eaton Scholarship Fund. In the years since this initial gift, the foundation has awarded $1,190,000 to 939 students. “It was our privilege to establish the first scholarship fund in our son Scott’s name,” said Peggy Eaton, who is also a former CFNRV board member. “Now what the program is giving out is phenomenal! I am so glad to have been part of the Community Foundation since the beginning.” This spring, the foundation awarded $142,596 to 99 students, including 15 first-generation students who are the first in their families to attend college. The 48 high school seniors represented eight schools, with the most coming from Floyd County At the 2022 Scholarship Picnic, John and Peggy Eaton meet scholarship recipient Karen Villanueva.

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$ 1 3 3 , 3 9 7

$ 1 4 2 , 5 9 6



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2021 - 2022 ANNUAL REPORT

A STAPLE IN THE RINER COMMUNITY Teel Family Fund Carries on Family’s Deep Connection to Town

In Teel Gymnasium, Bull Teel celebrates with the Auburn boys’ basketball team after the team returned from Richmond as state co-champions in March 2020.

For decades, Gene A. “Bull” Teel was a fixture at Auburn High School in Riner. Whether you spotted him keeping the clock at the boys’ or girls’ basketball games, standing on the sidelines at football games as a member of the chain gang, or sharing his wisdom during an agriculture class, Bull was an integral part of the school he graduated from in 1970. Toward the end of his life in early 2022, Bull expressed that he was worried about continuing to contribute to his community after he was gone. To ensure the Teel family’s continuted impact on Riner,

Bull and his family created the Teel Family Fund, which will provide scholarships for students from Auburn High School, with a preference for student athletes enrolled in agricultural coursework at the high school level, or to student athletes who display an interest in agriculture. “Bull spent his life touching lives. He loved his school and his community,” said Leigh Ann Teel, Bull’s niece. “We feel very blessed to have chosen the Community Foundation to manage the fund for us. Setting up the fund was very easy.”



Photo by Ashley Dawn Photography

“When people are dying, most people are thinking about themselves and their families,” said Leigh Ann. “But Bull was thinking about his community. His whole life centered around the community.” After Bull’s passing in March, his family asked for donations to help set up a scholarship in lieu of flowers. They received dozens of contributions from around the community. This outpouring from the community was an eye-opening experience for Bull’s family that showed them the big and small ways that Bull made an impact. “We hope this fund continues to give back to the community because that’s what Bull wanted,” said Leigh Ann. “We hope the money makes things a little easier for those who receive the scholarships -- maybe they won’t have to worry about how much things like books cost. We want them to take the money and have a good experience in college.” For more information on how to set up a scholarship fund to support NRV students, please contact the CFNRV team at 540.381.8999 or cfnrv.org/scholarships.

It was important to Bull that the fund reflect the entire family’s connection to Riner. Bull and his brother Lee grew up on the family farm that their parents, J. Willard and Mary Mangus Teel, established. Eventually, the brothers took over running the farm and later, Lee’s son Randy joined the family business. Throughout the years, the family made an impact on their beloved town: the high school’s gym is named after the family, the fire department was built on land that was once part of the family’s farm, and recreational fields under construction at the high school will eventually be named after J. Willard and Mary. Bull’s impact on his community and the people he met showed up in less visible ways than his avid support of his school. Each day, Bull would call a list of people to wish them a happy birthday, ultimately making around 4,500 calls each year. He continued to make these calls even when he became ill. In 2019, Auburn High School renamed their gymnasium to “Teel Gymnasium” in honor of the Teel family. Above: Bull and his brother Lee.

Photos by Ashley Dawn Photography

Since the early 1970s, Bull kept the clock at Auburn High School basketball games.


2021 - 2022 ANNUAL REPORT


1,600 Square Feet Feeds Thousands Sometimes Charlie Herbert sees who visits the Giles Community Garden, and sometimes he doesn’t. The garden, which is nestled in the heart of Pearisburg, is open at all hours to anyone who needs it. And that’s exactly how Charlie, the founder and engine behind everything that happens at the garden, wants it. This is one way to structure a community garden: dedicated volunteers growing food, an open invitation to neighbors to pick produce at any time, and donating excess food to nonprofits. Founded in 2014, the garden also engages in educational outreach, with a focus on teaching children and families how to grow healthy food. “If you start someone early enough, it’s amazing what habits might form,” said Charlie. “I have people come up to me all the time who had experiences with the garden when they were younger.” Building healthy habits is a central goal of Charlie’s work. He works with Giles County, Virginia Cooperative Extension, the Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth, and Carilion Clinic to put on programs that teach people how to grow and cook healthy food. The organization also promotes holistic healthy habits by incorporating yoga and mindfulness lessons. Each day, Charlie thinks about the legacy of his work in the garden. His goal is to have an impact on future generations because of what garden visitors learn today. Growing Food & Relationships

In 2014, the Thrive network emerged from conversations about how to get fresh food to NRV food pantries. Today, the network connects dozens of partners in addressing issues around food security and food access, including finding innovative ways to work together, informing the community about services available to them, and problem-solving together. One way our region is addressing the complex issues around food is through community gardens that serve residents in different ways. In the Giles Community Garden, children learn how to tend to the garden during lessons that also incorporate play and encouraging trying foods grown in the garden.



Photo courtesy of Charlie Herbert

meditation, or something with specific cultural meaning, and we want to give a space for people to do it in their own way. These spaces have a ripple effect of providing a place for people to find community.” Through Thrive, Steve has been able to connect with others to share resources, opportunities, and expertise. Over time, Hale Garden has developed into hub for community members, including immigrant residents who connect over shared culture and grow food from home that is not available in the NRV. This garden is also popular with Virginia Tech students who do not have access to gardens at apartment complexes. The pocket gardens are designed to serve the neighborhood residents that live near them. In addition to the ability to grow fresh food, the gardens offer educational opportunities to the community, gathering spaces, and plenty of plants for pollinators. If you are involved in food security or food access work and want connect with Thrive, please reach out to our team at 540-381-8999 or cfnrv@cfnrv.org. Learn more about the network at cfnrv.org/thrive.

Growing Food & Relationships Stewarding a special place like Blacksburg’s five acre Hale Garden is part of the work that the team at Live, Work, Eat, Grow gets to do each day. Created in 2009 after Arlean Lambert donated the land, the garden’s former coordinator Jenny Schwanke spearheaded the growth of the space alongside community organizations and residents. With one flourishing community garden in town, additional interest has spurred the development of two smaller “pocket” gardens with 15 plots each: the Garrison Garden in Cedar Hill Park and the Wong Park Garden off Wilson Street. These gardens all center around empowering and enabling people to grow their own food. Steve Kruger from Live, Work, Eat, Grow says there are numerous benefits to this model of community gardening: “For a lot of people growing food is an act of expression, or Live, Work, Eat, Grow, Inc. received a Responsive grant in 2021. Photos courtesy of Live, Work, Eat, Grow, and Charlie Herbert

Volunteers work in the Giles Community Garden.


2021 - 2022 ANNUAL REPORT


Prudent Financial Management Our team entrusts its assets to locally based, professional money managers who believe in our mission and help us to sustain our endowed funds in perpetuity. Our managers include: • Atlantic Union Bank • First Trust & Wealth Management • National Bank

Donor Engagement We encourage all of our donors to be actively involved in our work. We provide you with timely, accurate information about your fund; invite feedback on grant and scholarship applications; and offer opportunities throughout the year for you to meet the people and organizations that you support.

• Olio Financial Planning • Wells Fargo Advisors

Many Ways to Make an Impact We offer many different ways to make an impact with your charitable gift, including: • Starting an endowed fund based on your unique charitable interest. • Contributing to one of 200+ existing endowments supporting scholarships and grants in a variety of issue areas. • Maximizing your impact through the Fund for the NRV, which helps organizations work together to meet regional needs.

Local Knowledge for Local Impact We are dedicated to ensuring that your gift has the greatest positive impact right here in the New River Valley. Our professional staff has extensive knowledge of regional needs and the innovative programs and organizations meeting those needs. They can help you to find the causes that appeal to you and ensure that your gift truly makes a difference.





Bequest You may start a fund or give to an existing fund through a bequest in your will. Some donors designate a specific dollar amount or a percentage of their estate. Others simply leave the residue of their estate to the CFNRV. The CFNRV staff is happy to provide you and your estate planning advisors with sample bequest language. Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) A CRT provides you with a lifetime income to yourself, your spouse, or other beneficiary while designating the principal of the trust to the CFNRV upon your death. This principal can be used to create a new endowed fund in your name or support an existing fund at the CFNRV. Charitable Lead Trust (CLT) A CLT allows you to provide support to the CFNRV through annual payments from the trust’s income for a period of years. These payments can be allocated to an endowed fund you establish or to another existing fund at the CFNRV. Upon the termination of the trust, the principal goes to designated beneficiaries such as family members. Private Foundation Transfer Administering and making grants from a private foundation can become burdensome for its trustees. Trustees can elect to transfer the assets of a private foundation to the CFNRV to establish an endowed fund carrying the same name and purpose as the private foundation. Trustees can continue to serve as advisors to the fund without the cumbersome administrative responsibilities.


Cash You can make an immediate,

tax-deductible gift via cash, check, or credit card to establish a fund or support an existing fund at the CFNRV. Simply make your check out to the CFNRV and designate a specific fund in the memo line, or go to cfnrv. org/give to make a secure, online gift. Appreciated Securities The CFNRV has extensive experience handling non-cash gifts, including appreciated securities, which are publicly traded stocks. When you transfer ownership of securities to the CFNRV, you avoid capital gain on the appreciation and enjoy the full tax benefits of contributing to a public charity.


2021 - 2022 ANNUAL REPORT


Designated or agency funds support specific agencies identified by the donor. Many organizations also establish endowed funds with the CFNRV to provide a long-term source of funding meeting their unique missions. 39 funds / $32,065 awarded in 2021 / 13% of foundation assets 22 support a specific organization or program annually

Administrative Endowment Fund (Miles C. & Ruth C. Horton, Jr.) Supports the mission of the Community Foundation of the New River Valley by supporting administrative expenses. Friends of Pulaski County Library to promote the interests of the Pulaski County Library System and to educate the members and the community about library services. Specifically supports books for children. Blacksburg Breakfast Lions Club Endowment Supports the charitable activities of the Blacksburg Breakfast Lions Club. Blacksburg New School Endowment * Supports the Blacksburg New School, a nonprofit organization located in Blacksburg, Virginia, to advance the priority objectives articulated in its most recently adopted strategic plan. Betty B. Kegley Endowment Supports the mission of the

Brickey Family Blacksburg Volunteer Rescue Squad Fund Supports the Blacksburg Volunteer Rescue Squad. Community Health Center of the New River Valley Endowment Fund (Formerly the Free Clinic of the New River Valley) Supports the mission of the Community Health Center of the New River Valley. Don Michelsen Administrative Endowment Provides annual funding to meet Community Foundation operational costs with a goal of self-sufficiency. In memory of Don Michelsen, founding board member for the CFNRV. Donald L. & Lois H. Stafford Endowment for the Humane Society of Pulaski County Supports the mission of the Humane Society of Pulaski County to advance the welfare of animals in Pulaski County, Virginia.

Ethel C. Flippin Endowment Supports programming carried out by The Friends of Pulaski County Library, which promotes the interests of the Pulaski County Library System. Frank & Shirleigh Marvin Scholarship Fund for the Renaissance Music Academy Supports the mission of the Renaissance Music Academy of Virginia. Friends of Claytor Lake, Inc. Endowment Fund Supports the mission of the Friends of Claytor Lake. Giles Animal Rescue Inc. Endowment Fund Supports the mission of Giles Animal Rescue. Hale Community Garden Endowment Supports the Hale Community Garden, a community garden located in Blacksburg, Virginia and managed by Live, Work, Eat, Grow, Inc.

* Fund established in 2021-2022.



The team at Springhouse Community School celebrates winning a 2021 Responsive Grant.

Jim & Janet Johnson Band Scholarship Supports enhancing the musical skills and music appreciation of band students at Blacksburg High School. John & Mary Jean Brown Fund Supports the Access to Community College Education (ACCE) program at New River Community College for Montgomery County students. Lindsay B. West Administrative Endowment Supports the mission of the Community Foundation of the New River Valley.

Lineweaver Family Fund Supports the missions of the YMCA at Virginia Tech and Montgomery County 4-H, part of Virginia Cooperative Extension. Literacy Volunteers of America – New River Valley Endowment Fund (Louis M. Gwin & Rachel R. Parker-Gwin) Supports Literacy Volunteers of America – New River Valley.

MCEAP Endowment (Joe & Margot Thompson) Supports the Montgomery

County Emergency Assistance Program (MCEAP) in memory of Father Harry Scott and in honor of MCEAP’s dedicated staff and volunteers, exemplified by Margie Vitale. Montgomery County Christmas Store Endowment Fund Supports the mission of the Montgomery County Christmas Store. Montgomery Museum of Art & History Endowment * Supports the mission of the Montgomery Museum of Art & History.

Photo courtesy of Springhouse Community School


2021 - 2022 ANNUAL REPORT


Nancy & Thomas Murray Endowment for NRV CARES Supports the mission of NRV CARES. New River Family Shelter Fund Supports the mission of the New River Family Shelter. NRV Dental Benevolence Fund (Joe & Margot Thompson) Supports dental services and dental education provided by the Community Health Center of the New River Valley. NRV Leading Lights Endowment Supports NRV Leading Lights, an organization committed to acknowledging and honoring volunteers across the NRV who are making community-changing impacts. Pulaski County Library System Endowment Fund Supports the mission of the Pulaski County Library System. Radford Child Development, Inc. Fund Supports the mission of Radford Child Development, Inc. Roy & Vivian Davis Memorial Fund (James & Josephine Shotts) Supports the mission of the Bladen County, North Carolina Library.

SEEDS Endowment Fund Supports the mission of SEEDS (Seek, Education, Explore, Discover). Sharon Scott Leadership & Business Endowment * Provides grants to the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce Foundation to support business involvement in the Chamber membership community; to include seats in the leadership class, possible membership support, and other programs as deemed appropriate by the Chamber. Town of Blacksburg Senior Center Endowment Fund (Bruce M. & Constance D. Anderson) Supports the mission of the Town of Blacksburg Senior Center. United Way of the New River Valley Endowment Fund Supports the mission of the United Way of the New River Valley. Valley Interfaith Child Care Center Fund Supports the mission of the Valley Interfaith Child Care Center.

William J. Dawson, Jr. Memorial Fund (Evelyn Sandy Dawson) Supports the ongoing work of the Community Foundation of the New River Valley. Women’s Resource Center Endowment Fund Supports the mission of the Women’s Resource Center of the New River Valley. Young Life Kids to Camp Fund Supports Young Life of Virginia with funding to provide scholarships to send kids to camp. Youngs Memorial Fund (Robert & Esther Youngs) Supports the maintenance of the International Peace Garden in Blacksburg, and educational or cultural programs associated with the garden. Zeta Beta Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega Endowment Fund for Leadership, Friendship & Service Supports the mission of the Zeta Beta Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega.



Photo courtesy of the Montgomery Museum of Art & History

During GiveLocalNRV 2022, the Montgomery Museum of Art & History raised more than $35,000.

Fund Spotlight: Montgomery Museum of Art & History Endowment This fund was established in 2021 to support the museum’s mission of collecting, preserving, and interpreting the history of Montgomery County and the region as well as promoting art by regional artists. The endowment provides an annual, reliable funding source that compliments the museum’s other fundraising efforts. In 2022, the museum moved to a 15,000 square foot facility in Christiansburg to expand its exhibition space and program offerings, and to add to the ongoing revitalization of the downtown area. Learn more at montgomerymuseum.org.


2021 - 2022 ANNUAL REPORT


Donor advised funds are established by donors who wish to actively participate in the grantmaking process by recommending charitable projects or organizations to support with their grant dollars.

84 funds / $244,695 awarded in 2021 / 51% of foundation assets 23 support general charitable purposes throughout the region

Akers Browning Enrichment Fund for Young Women Provides young women and girls in the New River Valley, particularly those experiencing financial hardship and complicated home lives, with opportunities and experiences otherwise not available to them. Ann & H.W. Huff, Jr. Family Fund Supports charitable work in Pulaski County that serves the poor, the needy, and the less fortunate. Annette & Lee Brown Fund (Jo & Bud Brown) Supports collaboration among charitable, governmental, and private agencies to address critical needs in the New River Valley. Arts Alliance Endowment Fund Supports local arts organizations and individual artists (through a sponsoring organization) in support of arts projects and/or specific operational needs related to the arts.

Arts Fund of the CFNRV (Chris Thompson) Supports activities that promote the arts. Bauers-Wall Foundation (Kamala Bauers & Jack Wall) Supports the charitable, religious, scientific, educational, and/ or literacy activities of qualified charitable organizations located in and/or serving Floyd County. Supports the Women’s Resource Center of the New River Valley and other charitable organizations in the region. BelleBend Fund Provides grants to improve, support, survey, and enhance the lives and educations of the very youngest citizens of Giles County and their families – prenatally through kindergarten – with particular emphasis on those living in poverty. Beatrice S. Kalka Endowment Fund

Blue Roads Education Fund (Lee & Patti Talbot) Provides grants to improve global competencies and foster innovation among teachers and school leaders in rural communities in Southwestern Virginia through customized, professional learning. Cabell & Shirley Brand & SEEDS Student Fellowship & Mini-Grant Fund (Cabell & Shirley Brand, & Mike Rosenzweig) Provides grants of fellowships to high school and college students to encourage and facilitate the study, research, and development of solutions to social and environmental issues such as recycling, education, hunger, land use, homelessness, biodiversity, and health care in Southwest Virginia. This includes, but is not limited to, the VA Vital Signs region.

* Fund established in 2021-2022.



Chachra Family Cultural Fund Promotes understanding of the culture of India by supporting cultural activities such as workshops, readings, movies, festivals, concerts, fireworks, and dance. Children’s Shelter Home Endowment Fund Supports charities that assist children in need. Chris Thompson Family Endowment Supports general charitable purposes in the New River Valley. Community Service Fund (James & Josephine Shotts) Supports general charitable activities in the New River Valley. Cottingham-Stuart Community Fund (Bob & Emily Stuart) Supports general charitable purposes or the YMCA at Virginia Tech. Daniel C. & Joanne L. Bell Endowment Fund Supports charitable organizations that are engaged in hospice care.

In 2021, the Pulaski Community Youth Center received a Responsive Grant from the Ann and H.W. Huff, Jr. Family Fund.

Dianna Pickering Memorial Garden Fund Supports the development of interpretative botanical sites open and accessible to the general public, such as those on the grounds of Historic Smithfield Plantation. Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund (Margot Sebba) Supports NRV public charities that assist AIDS victims and their families, children in need, those in need of hospice care, and the homeless.

Early Childhood Education Teachers Fund (David, Marilyn, & Mark Hutchins) Supports professional development and continued strengthening of NRV early childhood education teachers. Eclectic Oenophiles Endowment Fund Supports general charitable purposes with emphasis on programs and organizations serving Pulaski County and the City of Radford.

Photo courtesy Pulaski Community Youth Center

Davis Family Fund (C.Y. & Carol Davis) Supports general charitable purposes.


2021 - 2022 ANNUAL REPORT


Ellen Moore Memorial Fund (The Rotary Club of Montgomery County) Supports general charitable purposes. Endowment for Floyd County Supports NRV charities with a focus on Floyd County. Endowment for Giles County Supports nonprofit work in Giles County. Feisty Floyd Filanthropists Supports charitable organizations serving Floyd County. Fritz & Emma Spengler Loving Memorial Fund (Manfred Spengler) Supports Young Life of Virginia exclusively for camp scholarships; specifically for youngsters residing in Montgomery County and Giles County. George R. & Mildred H. Smith Family Fund Supports general charitable purposes in the NRV. Gerus Blieszner Fund Promotes innovative classroom practices in Montgomery County elementary schools. Coordinated with the public school system’s STAR grants.

Ghia Borg Memorial Fund Supports general charitable purposes. Ghia Borg Memorial Health Care Fund Supports health care needs of the poor, the needy, and the less fortunate. Goette Family Fund * Addresses issues of race, the environment, and early childhood through grants to qualified charitable organizations in the United States, with emphasis on projects in Donaldsonville, Louisiana and the river parishes of South Louisiana. Supports the Women’s Resource Center of the NRV, SEEDS, and the New River Land Trust. Hazelton Family Fund Supports the purchase of science equipment and supplies for science lessons for public school children in Yellowstone County, Montana, and the New River Valley, Virginia. Hawk’s Ridge Fund (Donna E. Douglas)

HMM Miami High School Scholarship Fund Provides scholarships for graduated Miami (AZ) High School students pursuing higher education at a major Arizona college or university. HMM Poverty Assistance Fund Supports programs addressing problems of poverty. Homer T. & Beverly A. Hurst Family Endowed Fund Supports general charitable purposes including scholarships. Hulannie A. Jenkins & Kimberlyn Atherton-Jenkins Family Fund Supports general charitable purposes. JJ Fund Supports scholarships for the needy in the NRV and art supplies for classroom needs. Jackson S. Copenhaver Fund Supports general charitable purposes. Jackson S. Copenhaver Legacy Fund Supports scholarships for students in Animal and Poultry Sciences and provides annual support to the Community Foundation of the New River Valley.



Fund Spotlight: The Eclectic Oenophiles Established in 2011, this fund is one of the CFNRV’s many giving circles. About 25 members meet monthly to socialize and enjoy food and wine (oenophile means wine lover), and to pool their donations into a single, shared endowment. Annually, they work with the CFNRV to identify grantees in Radford and Pulaski who are meeting critical needs in areas like food assistance, childcare, and emergency services. Over the last decade, the circle has awarded $72,000 in grants to organizations like Radford Fairlawn Daily Bread, Pulaski County Public Schools, the Calfee Community and Cultural Center, and many more.

Jacobs Family Fund Supports charitable organizations and programs for young children and families in need. Jane Brugh Layman Charitable Fund Supports benevolences such as the Free Clinic, Interfaith Food Pantry, and Habitat for Humanity; and for cultural activities. Joann & J.B. Sutphin Fund Supports general charitable purposes. Kammerer Family Fund Supports general charitable purposes. Katherine M. & William H. Sanders Family Fund Promotes education, intellectual development, and social engagement among children and young people with particular emphasis on the arts.

Kennedy Family Fund Supports NRV and US agencies that are engaged in Christian mission efforts locally, nationally, and internationally. Kolla-Landwehr Fund Supports general charitable purposes. Litschert Family Fund Supports general charitable activities, the environment, and education in the NRV. Lydia Roeske Wright Memorial Fund (Reverdy Wright) Supports libraries in the New River Valley and general charitable purposes. MANISTAL Fund (The Grieco Family) Supports general charitable purposes.

Margaret & Samuel H. Tollison Family Fund Supports general charitable purposes. Mark & Connie Froggatt Fund for Public Education Supports Montgomery County Public Schools to enable students, teachers and administrators to discover, advance, and enhance educational opportunities through grants awarded in conjunction with the Montgomery County Educational Foundation. Mary E. Sanders Family Fund Promotes education, intellectual development, social awareness, and civic responsibility among young people; especially those from circumstances with no previous history of college education.


2021 - 2022 ANNUAL REPORT


Mary P. Risacher Memorial Fund (Bill & Mary Lee Hendricks, & Anthony Equale) Supports general charitable purposes. Miller Family Fund Supports general charitable purposes. Montgomery County Educational Foundation Endowment Supports Montgomery County Public Schools to enable students, teachers, and administrators to discover, advance, and enhance educational opportunities. Nelle Oakey Ryan Gardner Fund (Rebecca Ryan Dunkenberger) Supports general charitable purposes. New Mountain Climbers Fund Supports charitable organizations serving Montgomery County for general charitable purposes, including scholarships.

New River Valley Association of Realtors Community Engagement Fund Provides grants to nurture and strengthen our local communities by impacting three pivotal areas of importance – diversity, housing opportunity, and smart growth – in the counties of Montgomery, Floyd, Pulaski, and Giles; the City of Radford; the counties of Wythe, Carroll, Bland, Tazewell, and Grayson; and the City of Galax. New River Valley Fund for Animals (Chris Thompson) Supports charitable organizations or agencies in the NRV for companion animal welfare programs. North Family Fund Supports charitable organizations that help single, head-of household families – especially those of Hispanic origin – in need. Piscura Family Endowed Fund Supports qualified charitable organizations in the NRV and elsewhere that are engaged in protecting the environment, education, and gun control.

Pulaski County Library System Fund Supports the Pulaski Library System. Recognition Research Foundation Supports general charitable purposes. Robert & Emily Stuart Grassroots Leadership Development Fund Supports grassroots leadership development in the New River Valley. Robert E. & Nadine J. Newcomb Memorial Fund - The Parenting Skills Fund Supports charities that teach parenting skills, especially to disadvantaged parents of pre school aged children. Robert L. Nicholson Family Fund of Radford Provides grants to enhance the well-being and improve the quality of life of children in Radford and the neighboring counties of Montgomery, Pulaski, Floyd, and Giles. Supports social, ethical, educational, recreational, and health programs or those simple pleasures that bring comfort, security, joy, and smiles to children.



Rosina & Dean Carter Fund for the Visual Arts Supports charitable organizations that engage in, educate, or promote the field of visual arts. Smart Beginnings NRV Charitable Fund Supports programs to improve kindergarten readiness and early educational success by supporting quality educational and developmental opportunities in the New River Valley for children and their families, prenatally through early elementary school. Shuler Family Reading Fund Supports New River Valley charitable organizations that provide literacy services. Stoop Fund (Ellen Ryan) Supports general charitable purposes. Susan Garrison Memorial Fund sustainability, and/or community beautification in the New River Valley. Talbot Family Fund Supports general charitable purposes with awards to organizations such as the Free Clinic of the New River Valley, the Interfaith Food Pantry located at Blacksburg Baptist Church, the Community Foundation of the New River Valley, and the Montgomery County Christmas Store. (Lisa Barroso & Friends) Promotes and supports environmental awareness,

Todd Family Fund Supports agencies including faith based organizations in Grayson County; the City of Galax, Virginia; and the New River Valley for general charitable purposes. Vernon L. & Lois B. Baldwin Memorial ‘Town & Gown’ Award Fund Supports organizations that make awards to and otherwise honor those individuals who have been of long service to both Virginia Tech and the Blacksburg community. Virle & Al Payne Family Fund Supports general charitable purposes. Warren Lloyd Holtzman Seed Grants Fund To provide scholarships and for general charitable purposes. Warren Lloyd Holtzman Merit Grant Fund Provides seed grants encouraging, supporting, and recognizing innovation, research, and upward mobility in the areas of small business development, human potential advancement, nurturing grassroots community-based programs, and expansion of the free market economy of knowledge and expertise. Wellness Fund (John & Elizabeth Bush) Promotes wellness in the New River Valley.

Winters Family Endowment Fund

Provides annual funding to the Intellectual Disabilities Agency of the New River Valley (aka Leisure Directions) and provides funding for the personal and educational needs of persons with intellectual disabilities. Worthington-Dolloff Cancer Treatment Assistance Fund Supports cancer treatment for needy patients in the NRV. Wythe County United Legacy Fund Supports qualified, charitable health and human service organizations serving Wythe County, Virginia, including but not limited to those partner organizations formerly supported by the United Way of Wythe County and programs offered by the Community Foundation of the New River Valley benefitting Wythe County charitable organizations, their leaders, and the individuals they serve. Young Women’s Life Experiences Fund Supports charities that help young girls and women under the age of 20 that need financial assistance to participate in life experiences that are conducted, sponsored, or associated with a charitable organization or agency.


2021 - 2022 ANNUAL REPORT


Field-of-interest funds support particular interest areas, specific program initiatives, causes, or geographic areas as established by the donor. 24 funds / $115,074 awarded in 2021 / 15% of foundation assets 2 unrestricted funds that support the CFNRV’s work

4-17 Fund (The Robert & Debbie Piscura Family of Draper, VA) Supports charitable work for the care and support of the New River Valley community spirit that arose to meet the tragic shootings at VT on April 16, 2007. Andy & Susan Morikawa Capacity Building Fund Supports programs that build the capacity of charitable NRV organizations to meet the critical needs of the community in a manner that is sustainable.

Carolyn & Donald Rude Family Fund Supports general charitable

David & Lillian Francis Charitable Endowment Supports New River Valley charitable organizations and agencies that serve the needs of alcoholics and their families, including the education of their children. Ellenbogen Fund * Supports the University Bridge Program at Engineers in Action and, after a period of ten years, also supports qualified, charitable programs operating in and/or benefitting the New River Valley, with emphasis in Montgomery County. Earl Vest & Mamie Phillips Vest Unrestricted Endowment Supports the mission of The Community Foundation of the New River Valley, and for the betterment for Floyd County.

purposes addressing the current and evolving needs of Virginia’s New River Valley, with a preference for supporting vulnerable and less fortunate people. Priorities include food security, healthcare (including mental health), children, and affordable housing; improving the quality of the environment; and educational opportunities for students and teachers in public schools. Dan & Beverly Fleming Family Fund * Supports the Literacy Volunteers of the New River Valley, the Women’s Resource Center of the New River Valley, the Head Start program at New River Community Action, and other qualified, charitable organizations supporting and advancing education in Virginia’s New River Valley.

* Fund established in 2021-2022.



Friends of Stadium Woods Endowment

Highlands Fund Supports scholarships to students pursuing a post-secondary degree at a two- or four-year college or university in a science-related field of study; supports initiatives of the Community Foundation of the New River Valley; and provides grants to charitable organizations in Virginia’s New River Valley. Home – Hunger – Health Fund (C.Y. & Carole Davis) Supports organizations providing for the health and well-being of individuals and families in the New River Valley. Grants may support basic human needs including, but not limited to, access to shelter, food, and healthcare. Janice Woodard Endowment Fund Provides grants to programs and organizations that support low income and/or underserved families in the New River Valley.

Jim & Sue McAlister Family Fund

Supports educational, recreational, and research activities in Stadium Woods, a rare old growth forest predominantly white oak urban forest located in Blacksburg, Virginia; and for educational, recreational, research and preservation activities related to forestland in the Commonwealth of Virginia. purposes in the New River Valley, with a preference for programs and organizations working to advance equity, hunger relief, justice, literacy, and women. General Endowment Fund Supports all Foundation fields of interest at the discretion of the Board of Directors. Fund for Equity & Inclusion (Molly McClintock & Irene Peterson) * Supports general charitable

Supports charitable organizations providing affordable healthcare in the New River Valley as well as those addressing hunger such as, but not limited to, food pantries, area food banks, and feeding programs. Established in memory of Jim’s mother, Peggy McAlister of Wytheville, as well as Sue’s mother, Mattie Hall of Dublin. Joe & Margot Thompson Unrestricted Endowment * Supports general charitable purposes addressing the current and evolving needs of the New River Valley, with a preference for programs that provide for the housing, food access, healthcare, education, clothing, reentry of ex-offenders, and other basic human needs of vulnerable or less fortunate populations.

Fund Spotlight: The Highlands Fund Dr. Raymond Dessy, professor emeritus of chemistry at Virginia Tech, established the Highlands Fund in 2017 to support a wide variety of programs within and outside of the CFNRV. Dr. Dessy was an avid reader of this annual report, often reaching out to staff to discuss articles and ways his fund could further support the region. Upon his passing in 2020, Dr. Dessy contributed to the Highlands Fund and several NRV nonprofits through his estate, leaving a lasting legacy at both Virginia Tech and in the broader community. 2021 - 2022 ANNUAL REPORT 26

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