2022 Annual Report


COMMUNITY ADVISORS Community Advisors are an essential part of the Community Foundation’s leadership who enhance our work by bringing additional skills, connections, and community knowledge to the standing committees they serve on. They participate in CFNRV events and serve as ambassadors for our work.

DIRECTORS EMERITI Individuals who have completed their service to the Board of Directors may be invited to serve as a Director Emeritus. In this role, they actively participate in CFRNV events and serve on committees. These individuals provide valuable experience and institutional knowledge.

C. Barry Anderson Marilyn Buhyoff Jackie Crenshaw

Carlotta Lewis Hing-Har Lo Barbara Michelsen Robert K. Miller Robert Nicholson, III Beth Obenshain Bob Piscura Ellen Ryan Doug Smartt Chris Thompson Joel Williams

Jay Abbott Kerry Ackerson Aliya Chapman Catherine Cotrupi Bill Gardner Ann Heyns John Hillison Marilyn Hutchins Dave Marone

Jim McAlister Emily Perkins

Peggy Eaton Terri Fisher Ginny Gardner Steve Gerus Courtney Simón Grohs Hugh Jenkins

Richard Shepherd Patricia Shoemaker Josh Smith Terrie Sternberg Anne Wheeler

Reed Kennedy Dwayne Kittle Ed Lawhorn

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR EMERITUS Andy Morikawa served as the Community Foundation’s Executive Director from 1997 to 2010, leaving a legacy focused on building the capacity of NRV nonprofits to respond to increasing and evolving needs. Upon his retirement from the CFNRV in 2010, he was awarded the designation of Executive Director Emeritus by the Board of Directors, giving him the opportunity to remain involved with the CFNRV by serving on committees or working on special projects at the invitation of the Board and/or the Chief Executive Officer.



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