2022 Annual Report

Friends of Stadium Woods Endowment

Highlands Fund Supports scholarships to students pursuing a post-secondary degree at a two- or four-year college or university in a science-related field of study; supports initiatives of the Community Foundation of the New River Valley; and provides grants to charitable organizations in Virginia’s New River Valley. Home – Hunger – Health Fund (C.Y. & Carole Davis) Supports organizations providing for the health and well-being of individuals and families in the New River Valley. Grants may support basic human needs including, but not limited to, access to shelter, food, and healthcare. Janice Woodard Endowment Fund Provides grants to programs and organizations that support low income and/or underserved families in the New River Valley.

Jim & Sue McAlister Family Fund

Supports educational, recreational, and research activities in Stadium Woods, a rare old growth forest predominantly white oak urban forest located in Blacksburg, Virginia; and for educational, recreational, research and preservation activities related to forestland in the Commonwealth of Virginia. purposes in the New River Valley, with a preference for programs and organizations working to advance equity, hunger relief, justice, literacy, and women. General Endowment Fund Supports all Foundation fields of interest at the discretion of the Board of Directors. Fund for Equity & Inclusion (Molly McClintock & Irene Peterson) * Supports general charitable

Supports charitable organizations providing affordable healthcare in the New River Valley as well as those addressing hunger such as, but not limited to, food pantries, area food banks, and feeding programs. Established in memory of Jim’s mother, Peggy McAlister of Wytheville, as well as Sue’s mother, Mattie Hall of Dublin. Joe & Margot Thompson Unrestricted Endowment * Supports general charitable purposes addressing the current and evolving needs of the New River Valley, with a preference for programs that provide for the housing, food access, healthcare, education, clothing, reentry of ex-offenders, and other basic human needs of vulnerable or less fortunate populations.

Fund Spotlight: The Highlands Fund Dr. Raymond Dessy, professor emeritus of chemistry at Virginia Tech, established the Highlands Fund in 2017 to support a wide variety of programs within and outside of the CFNRV. Dr. Dessy was an avid reader of this annual report, often reaching out to staff to discuss articles and ways his fund could further support the region. Upon his passing in 2020, Dr. Dessy contributed to the Highlands Fund and several NRV nonprofits through his estate, leaving a lasting legacy at both Virginia Tech and in the broader community. 2021 - 2022 ANNUAL REPORT 26

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