2022 Annual Report

Gary Hancock Attorney

Gilmer, Sadler, Ingram, Sutherland & Hutton

During the 2022 Giving Day, CFNRV staff, board members, and supporters celebrate.

Pat Huber President New River Community College

Angela M. Joyner Vice President for Economic Development & Corporate Education Radford University

John Muffo Retired Director of Academic Assessment Programs Virginia Tech

Jamie McReynolds Fiscal, Human Resources, & Grants Technician Moss Arts Center

Photo courtesy of Alice Ledford

Roger Slusher Owner/Partner

Andrew Warren Assistant Town Manager Town of Christiansburg

Karen Eley Sanders Associate Vice Provost for College Access Virginia Tech

Jill Williams Acting Executive Director Calfee Community & Cultural Center Principal Consultant Wide Angle Strategies

Fields Edge, LLC


2021 - 2022 ANNUAL REPORT

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