Partners and Paws Summer 2021

Summer 2021

PA RT N E R S PAWS A N D Helping people with disabilities better experience the world through partnership with a service dog

worth the wait David and Eclipse

Team David and Eclipse - dedicated to Kroger

David says, “The best thing about Eclipse is his willingness to help me overcome anything that the day throws at me. Or should I say US.” Well, David and Eclipse had a lot thrown at them. They had a long journey to find each other.

David heard about Saint Francis through the VA. He submitted his information and then, as all of our future partners must do, he waited. We match our partners and dogs based on the individual partner’s needs and each dog’s strengths. It’s not unusual to interview with many dogs and then have to wait in between interviews for new dogs to be ready for matching. David waited patiently with a lot of trust in the process, and he finally met Eclipse. They were a perfect fit, but before they could begin Team Training, Eclipse got sick.


A message from Cabell

Whew – what a year! As life begins to return to the “new normal,” I suspect that you, like me, are looking around and taking stock. How do we want to work now? How do we want to live? As a team, how do we want to function? For many of us, priorities have changed. As COVID cases recede, I am taking a deep breath of relief, but something still isn’t quite right. It’s hard to put my finger on it, but there is something that feels unsettled. I am not alone in this feeling. In fact, it comes up in so many conversations with so many people lately that I suspect it is nearly universal. I think it is going to take some time for us to all realize the full cost - physical and emotional - of the past year. Service Dogs continues to push ahead with your unflagging support. We were thrilled with the overwhelming success of Barks ‘n Rec. It was fun to be a part of a community meeting personal challenges for a cause – and doing it together in a pandemic sort of way. Thank you to the 500 people who participated in and contributed to Barks ‘n Rec. You got outdoors with your pets. Some of you walked or ran. Some swam or kayaked. Some of you played musical instruments or games of basketball. One of you even herded cattle! That is all the more reason for the gratitude I feel towards all of you. Saint Francis

Thank you to our sponsors who supported this first-time event in an uncertain year and helped us make it a success. Thank you to our media friends who helped us spread the word in our community, state, and well beyond. With your help, 27 different states were represented among our Barks ‘n Rec supporters. Thank you to our Event Committee who dedicated their time and energy to creating this event and figuring out how to make it happen, without ever being able to meet in person! Together, we raised over $66,000 for our mission! How? Through countless people stepping up in so many ways when we needed them – as you all do, again and again. I wish us all a safe and peaceful re-entry into the “new normal.” I hope that we will be gentle with ourselves, knowing that the hill in front of us as we climb out of the pandemic is a steep one. I am moved daily by the generosity of spirit of all of you. I am ever so grateful that Saint Francis has weathered this horrible storm in the company of such fine human beings. Thank you.

“I am moved by the daily generosity of spirit of all of you.”


David and Eclipse (cont. from cover)

Eclipse started having a number of digestive problems, and because service dogs must be healthy themselves to be able to assist their partners, we had to postpone their match. David, again, trusted the process, checked in on Eclipse often while we got to the bottom of his challenges, and kept his Candidate Class curriculum fresh, so that he would be ready when Eclipse was ready for him. Just as Eclipse began to regain his health with special food and treatment, the world shut down. We all had to re-adjust, create new ways of living and working, and, yes, wait. After figuring out some of the challenges and logistics presented by COVID, David and Eclipse were our guinea pigs for what a safe, socially distanced Team Training could look like in the Summer of 2020. They learned how to work together as a team during new and ever-changing circumstances. Finally seeing them together was an emotional day for everyone involved. When we first met David, he hoped a service dog would help him with mobility challenges and balance, seizure recovery, quickly retrieving medicine, and easing his anxiety and stress. The journey that Eclipse and David have been on has brought all of this and more. They are forever bonded by their patience and persistence in becoming a team, overcoming everything that life has thrown at them to get to each other. “I couldn’t imagine what my life would be without him in it.” David says, “This experience has 100% changed my life. I’m doing things now that would have been impossible before. Saint Francis has gone above and beyond in helping me and Eclipse become a team. And in the end, Eclipse is more than a service dog, he has become my best friend. I couldn’t imagine what my life would be without him in it.” David and Eclipse have completed all of their training and tests, and we can’t wait to celebrate them at graduation this year. Partnerships like this one are most certainly worth the wait.


“Everyone is capable of doing great things and

leaving their mark on the

world. If it takes a service dog to help facilitate that, I want to be part of it.”

volunteer spotlight Tonya and Lion Every single one of our dogs has their own strengths, personalities, and challenges along the way to becoming Saint Francis Service Dogs. Little Lion was up against some pretty big challenges, but fortunately for him and for us, he was in amazing hands. Tonya and her family volunteered to whelp a litter of our puppies this spring. Our volunteer whelpers are very important. They bring one of our mama dogs into their homes to have her litter of puppies and, with the support of our Breeding Program Staff, provide all of the early care for the litter for the first eight weeks. Lion’s siblings were all making the transition to solid food, gaining weight, and growing. Tonya noticed right away that Lion was not. Thanks to her attention, care, and instinct and a few visits to Virginia Tech, Lion was diagnosed with Persistent Right Aortic Arch, which is a heart defect that requires surgery to correct. At only a few weeks old and barely 5lbs, heart surgery was out of the question for the time being. So, Tonya stepped up in big ways to help Lion stay healthy until he was big enough for surgery. After brainstorming with our team, Tonya handmade a sling to feed him his liquid diet while keeping him in an upright position. She dubbed it “The Lion Tamer.” This allowed him to eat safely. Her children helped her make sure Lion didn’t eat anything he wasn’t supposed to, and provided A LOT of play time, walks, and snuggles - an important part of being a puppy. It was a family affair!

Through a lot of dedication, care, love, and six messy liquid meal feedings in the Lion Tamer a day, Lion grew. In fact, he was doing so well under Tonya’s care that the original goal of surgery at 8 weeks was bumped to 11 weeks, making it a far less risky procedure. On June 9th, Lion received his surgery at Virginia Tech, and he is doing

great! He is spending his recovery time at Tonya’s, who is now working to introduce solid food by increasing the consistency of each meal. Each day, thanks to Tonya and her family, we’re one step closer to having a puppy that can enter training and hopefully fulfill his destiny. When we asked Tonya why she decided to volunteer to whelp this litter, she said, “Saint Francis is helping to level the playing field. Everyone is capable of doing great things and leaving their mark on the world. If it takes a service dog to help facilitate that, I want to be part of it.” Thank you for choosing to be a part of it, Tonya. You have certainly done great things for Lion, and left your mark on all of us at Saint Francis!

Scan the code or visit to learn more about Tonya and Lion.


LION at Virginia Tech by Lyd i a Po l l and

“The two biggest accomplishments I’ve had - training service dogs and being an LVT - came together in this one puppy with a little extra heart.”

I have been at Virginia Tech just over a month, and I have already hit a goal I didn’t even know I had.

I thought about how different my life would have been if I hadn’t gone on to become a Licensed Veterinary Technician. I could have been on the other side of Lion’s care, worried about his time in the hospital and how he was doing, trying to follow along with his discharge instructions. Instead, I’m aspirating his chest tubes, monitoring his blood pressure, and giving his medications. Taking care of Lion, in a very small way, made my life complete. The two biggest accomplishments I’ve had - training service dogs and being an LVT - came together in this one puppy with a little extra heart. I am SO thankful for the puppy raisers, trainers, and staff at Saint Francis Service Dogs, who constantly work behind the scenes to care for these puppies and eventually present them at no cost to their partners. I cared for Lion for a few days, but they will invest time, money, and tears for the next two years, giving him the best chance at success to change lives. Lion confirmed a lot for me. He confirmed that I love what I do, and I love where I work, but mostly that you need a good heart and there’s no place like home.

Ten years ago, I started volunteering for a service dog organization. I began by puppy sitting for a couple days or weeks and worked up to puppy raising for a year at a time. I loved my time there and thought that’s what I wanted to do with my life. Slowly, things moved in a different direction, and I started pursuing veterinary technology instead, but Saint Francis Service Dogs still gave me the best gift I could have asked for... my block-head yellow lab, Shasta, who is a career change dog from Saint Francis. Last week I came into the ICU, and I met another little yellow Saint Francis Labrador with a great purpose. Lion came to Virginia Tech for correction of a congenital heart defect. Post-op, after he ate his meal, he immediately fell asleep right next to the “Lydia, LVT” embroidered on my scrubs. Thankfully, it was a slower night, and the other technician took pity and let me sit with Lion longer than was actually necessary.

We have a long and meaningful relationship with the Virginia Tech School of Veterinary Medicine. Many of their students have completed their internships at Saint Francis, and many of our dogs have received specialized care at Tech. We are so thankful that Lion received the top-notch care that Virginia Tech always provides. That a familiar face was there with him was truly special! Thank you Virginia Tech and Lydia!


trainer spotlight Nancy Cunningham

Do you want to help give the gift of independence?

We have been privileged to know Nancy Cunningham for a long time. For 20 years, she moved around the country with her family, as her husband was in the Air Force. In each place she went,

“Each dog teaches me

something new and wonderful.”

she loved to get involved in a deep and meaningful way in her new community. When her husband retired, they moved to Boones Mill and fulfilled their dream of owning a farm. Nancy, in looking to make connections here in Southwest Virginia, found Saint Francis, and boy, are we lucky she did. Nancy has since been a part of the Saint Francis Family for over 12 years as a trainer. Working with our dogs in their second year of training, she helps them learn the advanced skills they need to bring independence and freedom to the deserving people we serve. She says, “I have trained 16 Advanced Training Service Dogs for Saint Francis and loved every one of them. Each dog teaches me something new and wonderful.” Being a Saint Francis trainer is not an easy job. You spend countless hours teaching and loving a dog that you know you will give away. It takes a special kind of person, and Nancy

There are Two Types of Puppy Volunteers

As a PUPPY RAISER , you help Saint Francis by taking a puppy into your home. You introduce the puppy to the big world and teach the puppy basic manners and commands. As a PUPPY SITTER, you offer your home to puppies that need a weekend getaway or a vacation for a week or two. We support our Puppy Volunteers at every step of the way! If you can provide a safe, comfortable, loving home for our puppies to learn and grow in, please consider becoming a Puppy Volunteer today! For more information: visit email or call 540-342-3647

is a special kind of person. Many of the dogs she has trained are actively serving their partners today (including Eclipse).

Nancy will be moving again soon, and it will surely be a hard goodbye

for all of us! She says of her time at Saint Francis, “The

experience has far exceeded my expectations. The ‘village’ I have met along the way has truly blessed my life.”

Thank you, Nancy, for being a part of our village. You always will be!



progr es s

Hello Everybody! I have some pretty great news to share this time. I’ve now learned all of the commands and tasks required for me to become a full fledged Saint Francis Service Dog! What’s even better is that with the lifting of COVID restrictions, the focus of my education and training is shifting toward socialization. Boy, do I love the sound of that! For a girl like me, it’s got ‘fun’ written all over it. Before you get ready to join me in tucking tail and zooming over this wonderful news, let me fill you in a bit about what socialization really means… It turns out that socialization in my program IS a lot of fun, but it’s also a lot more complicated than just meeting new friends and hanging out. Similar to higher education for people, there is a balance between the “academic” part of training, where I concentrate on learning all sorts of vocabulary and really cool skills in a classroom-type setting, and the socialization part, which involves learning all about what’s out there in the “real world.” The real world includes a huge variety of living things, unique settings, and endless combinations of situations. Training and socialization go hand in hand throughout my training process. Since my trainer and I were limited in how much we could “get out there” toward the beginning of my training, we’re now doing a bit of make-up work, and I’m loving it!

My trainer’s goal is to introduce me to as many real world experiences as she possibly can. In the last few months, I’ve traveled by boat and airplane, and seen a hospital, a hotel, and a Harley. I’ve met little kids and live musicians, come nose-to-nose with giant carp, and even enjoyed sunsets in Sarasota. Experiences like these allow working dogs like me to get ready for our future partners in a lot of ways. Practicing what I’ve learned in class when I’m out and about with my trainer has helped me learn to focus on my person and my job, regardless of what’s going on around me. Every new adventure helps me to feel more comfortable and confident in unfamiliar situations and settings. By the time

I’m done with all of my training, I’ll be ready to comfortably and confidently apply everything that I’ve learned whenever my partner needs me and wherever we venture together.


“Every new adventure helps me to feel more comfortable and confident. ”


Our dogs spend two years learning the 40 tasks and skills they will need to help their future partners. By the time they are ready to be matched, every single one of them will know how to open and close doors, retrieve items and place them in their partner’s hands or lap, hold and carry items, pick up dropped items, throw things away, help with the laundry, turn lights on and off, go for help, and many other skills. Behind THE SCENES

Specialized Training

Scan the code or visit to see Penny in action!

Once matched, our trainers spend the weeks between matching and placement teaching our dogs specialized skills and tweaking certain skills to best serve their future partners. Just as each partner is unique, each dog has unique strengths and learns specialized commands to fit their individual partner’s needs. Penny was recently matched, and her new partner keeps critical medications in two different places - the refrigerator and in her bathroom. Fetching a medicine bag from a refrigerator and opening cabinets are parts of our standard curriculum for our dogs, but ensuring that Penny knows which medicine bag she is going for and that she is able to retrieve very quickly were important for the safety of her partner. Penny’s trainer, Debbie, has been working with her to teach a new command - “bag” - to indicate that the medicine from the bathroom is needed. Now, Penny is able to differentiate between “refrigerator” and “bag” accurately and quickly retrieving the correct medicine for her partner. Penny’s partner may also need Penny to alert her family that something is not right by barking persistently and loudly. Her partner may not be able to give a command loudly or clearly when she needs Penny to do this, so Debbie has also worked with Penny on responding to the “speak” command, whether it is given clearly or not, and she will bark without ceasing until someone releases her.

These specialized skills will bring Penny’s new partner peace of mind, safety, and independence. This training process enables us to prepare each dog we match specifically for the partner they are matched with, ensuring a life-changing partnership for years to come.


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Your Legacy.

Their Future.

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Membership in this leadership group is reserved for those who give generously to our vital Prison Pup Program at Bland Correctional Center. With a goal of funding the program for the next five years, our Big Dogs Prison Pup Partners are essential in sustaining our mission and placing service dogs with those who need them.

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