Partners and Paws Summer 2021

In Memory Of: (cont.) Brian Lee Mr. and Mrs. David Lee Dot Leidich Mr. and Mrs. Ed Frost Geri Lerner Judith Lerner Kathy Leslie Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Leslie Cindy Lester Dr. Courtney Wiegard Lincoln Deborah Duerk Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hornick Linda Ives and Mr. Steve Lucado Douglas Reed Lombart Teresa Anderson Hugh Hagan Teresa Richards Jim Loux Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Thomas Lucky Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Butler Lucky the Lab Mr. and Mrs. David Bialek Lucy Ann Marie and Reggie Wood Lucy Lou Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Lee Lewis Maddie and Sophie Jennifer Tonkin Maddie and Sophie Erica Gwynn and Roxy Madison Shirley Lindamood Magnum Deborah Duerk Maya Rob and Harriet Meinecke Zoey McCray Mr. and Mrs. Robert McCray Mia Sally Craver Deborah Duerk Dr. WilliamWellborn Mickey Cheryl Lynn Milton Mr. and Mrs. Mark Danieley Ms. Mary Minter

Paige Jackie Werb Panama Larry and Patricia Rakes Petey Mr. and Mrs. David Worland Pi Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Highfill Piper Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Danielsen Racer Barbara Neal Fred Rector Hope Rector Joseph A. Reynolds Rebecca McNeer Richard Mr. and Mrs. Russ Voelker Ginger Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Don Love Romeo Mr. and Mrs. Robert Usher Dick Rose Joan Eiland and Randy Laird Aulick Burke Rucker John and Matilda Bradshaw Rusty and Gracie Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Shrewsbury Sadie Nancy Jacobs Sadie Shannon Shaffer Sam Dr. WilliamWellborn Rufus Scelara Steve Baker Scout Mr. and Mrs. John Cowlbeck Phyllis K. Sexton Evelyn and Rebecca English Tommy Sillett Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Sorrells Lillian Smith Betsy Huffman Staciu, Lady, Morgan, and Micah Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sciacca Stacy Stacks Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Johnson Tank Deborah Duerk Tansey and Maggie Wirt Confroy Jeanne Taylor Barbara Shands Sharon J. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Sorrells Zoey Tenzer Gordon and Anne Marie Poore George C. Terry Jo Ann Terry Greg Tolzmann Mr. and Mrs. Charles Souter Maria “Dahlia” Toney Mr. and Mrs. Jim Toney Elisabeth Vinal Mr. and Mrs. Richard Vinal Violet Emorene Morris

Luke Waldrop Mr. and Mrs. Lee Wilhelm III Jennifer Wallace Nancy Roles Rev. Tom Warme Mr. and Mrs. James Spitz Dorrene Whorton Jennifer Clemo Beverly Joachim Kristen McNamara Mr. and Mrs. Michael Warner In Honor Of: All of our Labradors, especially Bear Mr. and Mrs. Fred Newcomb Stephen J. Aukward Judith Conley Ava Sue Anne Boothe Kathy Baske Young Mark Fisher Matilda Bradshaw Frank Ellett Emily Brooks, DVM Deborah Duerk Ernie Butler Barbara Antonik John Carlin Lester Blackwell Mimi and Bob Copenhaver Charmaine Carmack Sarah M. Copenhaver Bob an Mimi Copenhaver Emma and Darby Mr. and Mrs. Robert Goldsmith Dr. Mark Finkler Mr. and Mrs. Scott Bauman Vic Foti Marvin and Joy Smith Michelle Gereaux Karim Helen Carty Halo Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Seaman Joan Harris Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Caceci Ivan Hastings Mark and Angie Hannah Nancy Cunningham Cejay Associates, LLC Pat Davidson Lynda Starr Gentry Holden Joanne Holden Huck Mark and Kathy Baske Young Islay Barbara Dickinson Jackson, Brooks, and Oreo Poff Mr. and Mrs. Marty Poff Father Mike Joly Karen Rutherford-Coulson Bonnie Knab Christine Peeler Tyler Hatcher Nicole Peaslee Roger Henderson S. Revelle Hamilton

Susan May Karen Rutherford-Coulson Haley McCormick and Charlie Maude Coggin

Molly and Hillary Frances Bowling

Thank you to our cherished group of monthly donors.

Larry B. Morris Cherie Wilson Suki Nguyen Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Harbourt Wanda Paganelli Susan Paganelli Penny Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Kunkle Haleigh and Addison Porter and Biscuit Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Porter Gracie Risi Mr. and Mrs. David Risi Saint Francis Staff Linda Barnett Richard Schroeder Lois Ashby Shiner Holly Kellam Krista Sinnott Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Holloman Sandra Holt Gene Smallwood Kirk Smallwood Dr. Donald Smith Brenda Davis Anne Sumpter Tika and Duke Mr. and Mrs. Steve Suttmiller Tim, Dee and Willow Joan McKiever Treasure Mountain Bear Roberta Toney James Waddington Mr. and Mrs. Richard Clark Steve Waldrop Caroline Haddock Kathy White Mr. and Mrs. John Engleby Winston’s First Birthday Gerri Lauterio Janet Wynot Gloriadene Lancaster In Recognition Of: Helen M. Dillon Stuart Dillon Kaely Mr. and Mrs. Randy Gross Steven Strauss Lesleigh Strauss The Sumpter Scotties

Ms. Susan Adams Ms. Sandra Adkins Mr. Ralph Baker Mr. Chris Brown Mr. Guy Burns

Mr. and Mrs. John Carlin Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Cody Mr. William Corey and

Ms. Kathy Umbdenstock

Ms. Lee Cox Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Crist Ms. Carole Denney Ms. Deborah Duerk Ms. Carole Edwards Miyuki Edwards Charlene Fay Mr. and Mrs. David Fretwell Donna Gray Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hack Ms. Cathie Havrilesky Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hornick David Hudson Ms. Christy Izard Mr. and Mrs. David Kapp Mr. John Lawrence and Ms. Elizabeth Adams Mr. Brian Martin Mrs. Lynda McGarry Mr. and Mrs. Karl McNeece Amy and Mark Milberger Ms. Janet Mills Dawn Morgan Mr. and Mrs. David Nickell Mrs. Susan Paganelli Mr. and Mrs. Demetrio Perez Ms. Jane Petersen Mrs. Lea Riddle Mr. and Mrs. David Safewright Mrs. Drusilla Sexton Michael and Krista Sinnott Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Sulka Mr. and Mrs. Barry Vann Mr. and Mrs. Bob Villamil Ms. Dianne Walker Ms. Jackie Werb Dr. and Mrs. Edward White Mr. Michael White Dr. Courtney Wiegard Ronald Winter Mr. and Mrs. JimWisser Ann Marie and Reggie Wood Ms. Nancy Smith Ms. Kris Sorensen Mr. Bodo Stock

Dr. Courtney Wiegard Sterling Mike Minter Jo Ann Minter Molly Suzi Turner Lance C. Moore Kathryn Figg Murphy

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Herskovitz My Sweet Adele’s Blizzard (aka Scuppy) Christa Woomer Alice Nelson John and Matilda Bradshaw Nike

Melanie Bowles Carole Edwards Harold J. Olminsky

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Polinski Otch Rhumbline’s Once In A Blue Moon Udx9 Ogm Bn Gn Ver Re Jh Act1 Scn Cgc

Tucker Light Gerald Carter Kathy Marr Joan McKiever

To join the Saint Francis Friends Club as a faithful monthly donor, visit:

Susann Peppes


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