Partners and Paws Summer 2021

Tribute GIFTS

January through May 2021

We have taken great care to present an accurate listing of tribute gifts in the given time frame. If an omission or other error has occurred, we offer our sincerest apologies. Please let us know by contacting Kari Grim at or 540-342-3647x405.

Membership in this leadership group is reserved for those who give generously to our vital Prison Pup Program at Bland Correctional Center. With a goal of funding the program for the next five years, our Big Dogs Prison Pup Partners are essential in sustaining our mission and placing service dogs with those who need them.

In Memory Of: Abby, Arnold, Axel, Bailey, Bear, Belle, Biscuit, Bud, Buttons, Callie, Charlie, Charlie Brown, Chewy, Dai- sy, Dixon, Duke , Gabby, Izzie, Josie, Lili , Lucy, Macey, Madison, Max, Minnie, Mo, Moose, Moses, Neeka, Olga, Poncho, Prancer, Rambo, Riley, Roxanne, Sissy, Sparky, Stella, Tim, Tinkerbelle, Tipsy, Tucker, Tyler, Witch Hazel, and Zoe Dr. Courtney Wiegard Craig Anderson Allen and Beverly Mushinsky Charitable Fund Appa Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Lemon Appalachian Amber Run Four Ten Mh Shu Susann Peppes Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Kemp Savage III Bailey Fran Young Fred Beck Patricia Andrews Behr Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mohr A.J. Bizjak Peggy Bizjak Gus Black Mr. and Mrs. Paul Heneagar Jean Blackwell Lester Blackwell Tammy Sue Bland Mr. and Mrs. Mark Danieley Grace Bock Chris and Kellie Bock Madeline Bounds Melissa Friedman Branson, A Hero Mr. and Mrs. Gary Koogler Ralph Bravetail Judith Larson Zachary Bray Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bray III Charlotte Brooks Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pyne Mary Ellen Barb Shirley Callaway Eugene Callaway Vinnie Rocco Cavaliere Judith Brancato Champ Mr. and Mrs. David Derr Chance Mr. and Mrs. Gary Koogler Alice Chase James Chase Chena, Georgie, and Madison Gary Kappesser Eugene Chianelli Bonnie Knox Arnold Buckland, Sr. and his dog, Muffy, and Arnold Buckland, Jr.

Jeffrey Moyer Donald Reynolds Jeffrey Connor Connie Morris Jeff Connor and Tucker Debra Given Cooper Douglas Mantz and Edwina Spodark Laura Elizabeth Crigger Mr, and Mrs. David Safewright Dante Jane Copeland Dave Tina Hatcher

Gypsy and Barney Dr. and Mrs. Robert Pooley Martha Hall Haley

and Susan Rhea Hall Yates

Jane Newman Matthew Hannah Clare Arnold Michael Ballard

Mr. and Mrs. John Busby Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Dillon Patricia Farrow Hugh Ferguson Cameron Gillespie Mark and Angie Hannah Richard and Teresa Harwood Laura Henry Scott Inman Stephen Lohman Lauren, Drew, and Sena Marlatt Mr. and Mrs. Les Miller Jr. Patricia Wolthuis Wendi Harcum Lisa Faist and Mr. Bill Nash James Harrison Mr. and Mrs. Powell Leitch William “Bill” Hewitt Ann Hewitt Clarence Hodnett Sandi Adkins Delia W. Hoeffel William and Leil Hackett Diva Howard Margaret Staeben Leigh Howard Colyn Howard Arthur Howell Dana Cushing Alice G. Huff Mr. and Mrs. Donald Lynch Ellen Finley Hunter Christy Izard Ross E. Jeffries Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Kessinger Tyler John Gordon and Anne Marie Poore Joy Mary Markle Katherine S. Kitchen Andy and Marti Anderson Deborah Brasier Mr. and Mrs. Frank Faust James Lippert Kristen Monahan Jay and Paula Pryor Joyce Sharma Barbara Rainville Kody Shannon Shaffer Philip Koff Mr. and Mrs. Marc Koff Joann Lampros Paula Eager and Parke Capshaw Bob and Mary Groth David Peterson

Susan Randall Rachel Davis Starr Shank Jean Tarter Davis Betty Mitchell Katherine Tarter Lindsay Taylor Robert DeBlasio Diane Evans

We cannot thank our Big Dogs enough for their support of this initiative!

Eunice Dickerson Wayne Dickerson Andy Doggett Suzi Turner Dolly Mr. and Mrs. Andre Basmajian Dos Dr. and Mrs. James Simmons Doug Martha Ann Litz Nancy Haas Dreyer Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Lemon Bobby Eason John and Matilda Bradshaw Bo Eggan Leo Friedman and Susan Swanson Pauline Ely Joseph Polinski Francie Susan Gibson Clifford Murray Annie Gibson Susan Gibson Harry Gillespie Brian Giles Mr. Richard and Dr. Teresa Stein Gina Mr. and Mrs. Warren Carey Ginger Mr. and Mrs. David Rogers Gracie Carol Hingular Granite and Titus Patti Yeats Gus Dr. and Mrs. Grant Sprinkle III Cody Frye Irene Price Furby

Saint Francis Big Dogs Mr. and Mrs. Jake Allison Dr. Tim Andriano Jo Lynn Draper Duffy Family Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Mark Finkler Mr. and Mrs. Victor Foti Dr. and Mrs. Paul Frantz Mr. Ed Hall Mr. and Mrs. Peter Milward Mr. and Mrs. John Olver Mr. and Mrs. Jim Petrine Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Smith Mr. and Mrs. Steve Strauss Mr. Maury Strauss, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Barton Wilmer

Ann Vernon Amy Lauth Lucy Burke Joan D. Lawson Sue Eggers Cynthia

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