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Of all the decisions you will make in life, your decision about which university you choose will impact your path significantly. So many times we associate university education with our career path, which is critically important. But there is so much more to it. You will make friendships that last a lifetime, and you may be among those who meet their spouse along the way. It is a time when your moral and ethical strength will be challenged, and you will come into your own in many ways. You have to find the school that meets your needs — mind, body, and spirit — and fits like family. Here at Bluefield University, we provide students with a top-rated, award-winning education; some of the most affordable tuition costs among private, Christian colleges; and more than 40 fields of study. But we go well beyond this to answer the call to go further. We create an environment where you can define your beliefs, explore your passion, discover the difference you will make in the world, and find your path of leadership. Our heart and our mission drive us, and we hope that they will impact your future, too. It’s the freedom to think for ourselves and a responsibility to act on behalf of others … To create leaders who know that faith and fact work together to reveal true purpose and to give life meaning... This is higher learning. This is greater knowing. This is what makes us human. And creating this thriving community where you can explore, discover, and lead is what makes us Bluefield. I hope you take this opportunity to discover Bluefield University, and find a school that fits you and your goals. Join us and go further with your future! Sincerely, Welcome to the journey of your life… Your next step is a big one!

Karl Hatton Vice President of Admissions and Student Development

You’re never a number... or just another face in the crowd.

Quali , private educa on for everyone

At Bluefield University, our commitment to accessible education drives our mission to make private, not-for-profit education attainable for everyone.

Here, you’re family!

Through a combination of dedicated financial aid programs, strategic partnerships, and a student-centered approach, we strive to eliminate financial, social, and educational barriers and ensure that all motivated learners can access the high-quality education we offer. We are committed to work WITH you to ensure your success for your future!


COMMONWEALTH CONNECTION SCHOLARSHIP Helping Community Students Go Further! Our best tuition plan for students from the local communities we were founded to serve 100 years ago. Students who qualify will pay half the regular tuition rate. Students must have at least a 2.75-grade point average. All Virginia residents qualify for this special tuition as well as local West Virginia residents in the following counties:

99% over



McDowell Mercer Monroe

Raleigh Summers Wyoming



All Counties VIRGINIA:

$27,876 Commonwealth Connection Scholarship Tuition Rate $8,938

Chandler Hicks “Everyone om my counselor, the nancial aid o ce, to my coach were so helpful when my family and I put together our plan to pay for college.”

SPECIAL TUITION Starting Tuition $27,876

Commonwealth Connection Scholarship (50%) Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant (VTAG) * NEW Tuition



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 $8,938


* Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant (VTAG) is a state grant for residents of Virginia.


3 No matter how you visit us, we hope you’ll reach out to our Admissions department via email: admissions@bluefield.edu or phone: 800.872.0175 to schedule a visit. Plan your visit! SCHEDULE A VISIT ON-CAMPUS VISIT An on-campus personal visit allows you to meet with the faculty of your intended major, speak with the athletic staff of the team you’re interested in, sit down with your personal admissions counselor, and see the beauty of our campus firsthand. Tours are available Monday through Thursday and on Saturdays. GROUP VISIT Each group visit includes a student-led tour and lunch in our dining hall to give everyone a real feel for life on campus. You can request an information session or faculty presentation about our degree programs too. OPEN HOUSE Open House events are open to everyone who’s interested in learning more about Bluefield University. Whether you’re just starting your college search, ready to make a decision, or interested in Early College, we invite you to visit with faculty and staff to learn more about enrollment, residence life, student services, academic programs, and all things Bluefield! EXPERIENCE DAYS Those interested in getting a firsthand look into what life as a Bluefield University student is like, are invited to join us for Experience Days. Visitors will be able to experience chapel, attend class, eat in our dining hall, enjoy residence life activities, visit the student services department, and more.

October 21 Open House

March 9 Open House

November 1 Transfer Day

April 3 Transfer Day

November 11 Open House

April 13 Open House

December 2 Presidential Scholarship Competition

April 25 Accepted Student Day Mud Pig Day!!

Go Further... in your Education

In 2020, as a global pandemic impacted the healthcare industry and life for billions, three schools in Virginia joined together under the umbrella of an educational foundation. Their partnership was formed by aligning individual missions to impact the health and wellness of underserved populations to serve a larger population in need throughout the Southeastern United States and across the world.

PRE PROFESSIONAL PROGRAMS At Bluefield University, we believe in taking students further by forging strategic partnerships that open doors to successful careers in law, medicine, and pharmacy. Our pre-professional programs are not just about education; they are about opportunities. Through our collaborations with partner institutions, we provide our students with unparalleled access to real-world experiences, resources, and a seamless transition from undergraduate to professional programs in today’s most in-demand professions.

Now joined together as sister institutions, our educational trifecta offers dynamic and market-ready degree programs from the certificate level up to doctoral degrees in order to supply first-rate healthcare and service to those our graduates serve. Our partnership gives you an opportunity like no other school to be prepared for admittance to the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine , the Appalachian College of Pharmacy or many other health related programs at Bluefield University . This is YOUR university if your future is healthcare.



Our vision is to develop leaders in nursing whose actions, discoveries, and voices lead to strengthen and transform the healthcare of individuals and communities worldwide. Our desire is for nursing students to leave BU not only knowing their own purpose but equipped with the tools to help enhance and save lives, while leading with purpose for others around them.


“My Bluefield University experience was a fundamental stepping stone in achieving my dreams of becoming a doctor of physical therapy. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support of so many professors, staff members, friends, and community members in Bluefield, Virginia who supported me. Bluefield set me up for success in my education because of the individual support and guidance I received from professors. Because of the small class sizes, they got to know me and could encourage me throughout my journey. Being a studentathlete, I had direct access to our athletic trainers. Working alongside them grew my passion for physical therapy.”

Pre-Nursing Traditional Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)

Taylor Bryant Class of 2019


We work diligently to expose our students to a variety of study topics within the field of science in order to prepare them thoroughly for their future career goals. These fields require a wide breadth of knowledge and skill. Students benefit from personal instruction with highly renown, accomplished Christian faculty who seek to inspire, motivate, and care for each student. Our degree programs boast a high success rate in effectively preparing students for further education in health professions and graduate programs, as well as preparing others for entry directly into the workforce.

Majors: Biology (BS) Chemistry (BS) Mathematics (BS) Exercise & Sport Science (BS)


SCHOOL of CRIMINAL JUSTICE We offer challenging classes and instruction that analyze the legal, social, economic, and political contexts that shape our approach to criminal justice. The programs blend primary courses in criminal justice with courses focused on leadership and management at the executive level for a quality education that goes beyond the textbook and impacts their journeys for years to come.

“During my time at Bluefield University, I learned the importance of time management and how to engage with professors. Bluefield University also prepared me for law school with a challenging and rigorous curriculum.”


Criminal Justice (BA/BS)

Forensic Science (BS)

Onnika Aleigha Turley Class of 2019

SCHOOL of EDUCATION AND SOCIAL SCIENCES We believe highly effective practitioners must be reflective professionals who best impact those they serve because their work is based on the continual improvement of the individual at their own pace. Students who are working to become counselors, educators, and leaders experience space for reflection, critical thinking, and self-evaluation within each class in our degree program in order to develop this practice.

Majors: Business Education (6-12) (BS) Teacher Education (PreK-6) (BS) Music Education (PreK-12, Vocal/Choral Music) (BA) Music Education (PreK-12, Instrumental Music) (BA) Special Education (General Curriculum Grades K-12) (BS) Psychology and Human Services (BA/BS)


Majors: Christian Studies (BA) Communication Arts (BA/BS) English (BA) Music (BA) Art and Design (BA) Graphic Communication (BA) History (BS)


Our school is steeped in the rich process of exploring, understanding, and appreciating other times, places, and cultures. Through creative experiences of performance, art, writing, appreciation of literature and the arts, investigations into history, and inquiries into belief stimulated by Philosophy and Christian Studies, we celebrate centuries of human accomplishments in the realms of the aesthetic, the intellect, and the spirit.

"Blue eld al ys ha a special place in my heart cause the great iends and mem ies I’ made there, but mainly f pu ing Charles and Re cca Reese in my life! ey helped me nd my passi (theatre/acting) and I’ f e r l them and I am grateful to ha learned so much under them as I n use that kn ledge in the real ld."

Carleek Owens Class of 2020

Majors: Business


Administration (BS) Cybersecurity (BS)

We offer undergraduate and graduate students a unique opportunity to experience sound academic instruction delivered by faculty who have both educational training and hands-on professional experience. This inspiring form of teaching offers a practical perspective to students embarking on a career in the business world, allowing them to ask pointed questions and research career paths with real-time feedback from professors and allow for one-one-one training.

Organizational Leadership (BS)

"Bluefield was a turning point in my life. The academic rigor was great. However, the most important part of my experience were the relationships I formed. People from all over the world became my friends: Ukraine, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Sweden, and many more places. Bluefield is a melting pot of cultures and experiences where I had real conversations with people who helped me to become who I am today!"

João Victor Barbosa Silva Class of 2021


Go Further...

with Campus Life


Step onto the Bluefield campus, and you’ll understand why we love calling this place home. The natural beauty and wonder of the Appalachian Mountains surround our campus and frame the experience in a quaint and wonderful reflection of creation. It’s hard to imagine a more picturesque and inspiring location as a backdrop to world-changing education and life experiences. If you’re looking for a dynamic campus life that feels like family, welcome home! From hanging out in all our favorite spots on campus to exploring the rich outdoor offerings of escape and beauty, you’ll love life, and all the memories made at Bluefield. YOur home away from home...


Go Further... as a RAM

Whether it's through athletics, campus ministries, music, or theatre; joining an organization opens many doors to students by offering opportunities for leadership, community service, social activities, career networking, and, of course, friendship and fellowship. Whether you’re interested in student government or the great outdoors, there’s something for everyone.

Coed Sport: Cheerleading

Women's Sports: Basketball Cross Country Golf Soccer Softball Tennis Track & Field Volleyball

Men's Sports: Baseball Basketball Cross Country Football Golf Soccer Tennis Track & Field

Volleyball Wrestling


Bluefield coffee shop started by student-athlete Rams Country OPPORTUNITIES abound in

“ I recognized the need for quality coffee in our area and quickly realized there was also an ability to serve my community through my enterprise, The Grind, LLC. I could not do it without my amazing team of Bluefield football players and students, and find great joy in being able to revitalize the downtown area and revolutionize the local concept of small business. [We] lead the only college football and full-time student owned cafe in the nation. I cannot say enough about the local community and my gratitude for the people of Bluefield and Southwest Virginia.

Collin O’Donnell Class of 2020

A 40+ year tradition, our annual Mud Pig Day gets a bit...messy. Each spring, before the start of final exams, we pause for an event like nothing you've experienced before, complete with a mud pit, giant water slide, inflatables, and a BBQ lunch. 11

Go Further...

i n Relationships

Our vision has always been to prioritize relationships, which means our students develop intentional and personal connections with their instructors, administrative staff, and especially their fellow students. We love the fact that every face on campus is a familiar one, and deep friendships abound. The time spent with others during the years of higher education is some of the most important of our lives — we build friendships and relationships that will endure for a lifetime. And while diversity is something we take great pride in at Bluefield — and love the tapestry woven together from different backgrounds and cultures — we also cherish the bond in our relationships created by the single thread of our shared faith.


and Spiritual Life

We are committed to providing a strong Christian environment where students engage with faculty and staff who genuinely care for their well-being. Our faculty and staff strive to create and maintain an environment that reflects our life in Christ. We encourage students to use their unique, God-given gifts and abilities. We seek to foster growth in the areas of spiritual and emotional maturity, interpersonal relationships, and social awareness, coupled with nurturing a vibrant intellectual life.


Whether it’s through weekly chapel services or by joining a small group, students can be a part of a vibrant community of faith. You’ll find opportunities for spiritual growth through Bluefield University Student Ministries (BUSM) and Elevate, a student-driven and student-led service with worship performed by BU students held every Sunday night in Harman Chapel.


Each semester, Bluefield University students have the opportunity to travel abroad or locally for a mission trip. Mission trips are life changing events and can help you deepen your walk with Christ as you serve others and our Lord. Our mission is to bring students, faculty, and staff to an encounter with Christ; these encounters encourage them to grow, help them minister, and empower them to fulfill their life’s calling. The purpose of campus ministry is to influence the campus community with the power of God’s Word.



We can’t wait to see you here!

ADMISSIONS admissions@bluefield.edu 1.800.872.0175

BLUEFIELD CENTRAL Financial Aid, Registrar, & Student Accounts bluefieldcentral@bluefield.edu 1.800.872.0175 ext. 4215

3000 College Avenue | Bluefield, VA 24605 admissions@bluefield.edu | 800.872.0175 | bluefield.edu

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