BU Viewbook

Of all the decisions you will make in life, your decision about which university you choose will impact your path significantly. So many times we associate university education with our career path, which is critically important. But there is so much more to it. You will make friendships that last a lifetime, and you may be among those who meet their spouse along the way. It is a time when your moral and ethical strength will be challenged, and you will come into your own in many ways. You have to find the school that meets your needs — mind, body, and spirit — and fits like family. Here at Bluefield University, we provide students with a top-rated, award-winning education; some of the most affordable tuition costs among private, Christian colleges; and more than 40 fields of study. But we go well beyond this to answer the call to go further. We create an environment where you can define your beliefs, explore your passion, discover the difference you will make in the world, and find your path of leadership. Our heart and our mission drive us, and we hope that they will impact your future, too. It’s the freedom to think for ourselves and a responsibility to act on behalf of others … To create leaders who know that faith and fact work together to reveal true purpose and to give life meaning... This is higher learning. This is greater knowing. This is what makes us human. And creating this thriving community where you can explore, discover, and lead is what makes us Bluefield. I hope you take this opportunity to discover Bluefield University, and find a school that fits you and your goals. Join us and go further with your future! Sincerely, Welcome to the journey of your life… Your next step is a big one!

Karl Hatton Vice President of Admissions and Student Development

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