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HHHunt employees are paid on a bi-weekly basis (every two weeks) with checks issued every other Friday. The payroll period is two (2) consecutive work weeks, beginning on the first shift Sunday and ending two (2) weeks later, at the end of third shift Saturday. You will be paid for all hours recorded and approved by your supervisor, on the next scheduled payday. If your paycheck is lost, report it to your supervisor or the Executive Director immediately. Should you want someone else to pick up your paycheck (relative or friend), you must provide written authorization, in advance, or your check will not be released. We reserve the right to change payday and payroll practices with appropriate advance notice to employees. You may elect to have your pay deposited into your bank account versus receiving a paper check. HHHunt strongly encourages the use of direct deposit, as it reduces the chance for your pay to get delayed or misplaced. Your paycheck may be deposited directly into your checking or savings account at the financial institutions(s) of your choice. You may have your check allocated to as many as four accounts in the same or different bank(s). There is no cost to you for using direct deposit. You may elect to receive your direct deposit advice via electronic self service. You may view and print your pay statements at any time in UltiPro. DIRECT DEPOSIT


Every precaution is taken to avoid errors in your paycheck. If you believe a mistake was made, notify your supervisor, the Business Office Manager or the Executive Director immediately. Necessary adjustments will be made on the next regularly scheduled payday.


Your time record provides the basis for payroll calculations. It is your bill to the community for your services. Failure to properly record your time may result in errors on your paycheck. Please observe and follow the procedures listed below: 1. Each employee is responsible for clocking IN and OUT. No one may clock IN or OUT for another employee. 2. Any additions, corrections or other changes to your time must be made and initialed by you and your supervisor or the Executive Director. A punch correction form may be utilized.


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