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3. You may not clock IN any earlier than seven (7) minutes before your scheduled starting time, nor clock OUT more than seven (7) minutes after your scheduled ending time. Permission to start work before or after your scheduled time must be obtained, in advance, from your supervisor. If permission is granted, your supervisor must initial your time record or a punch correction form initiated by the employee. 4. You must clock OUT and IN for meal periods. 5. You must obtain permission from your direct supervisor or the Executive Director before clocking OUT and leaving the community for personal reasons. 6. You are to review for omissions or errors, then sign your time record bi-weekly unless otherwise instructed by your supervisor or the Executive Director. 7. Failure to follow the above procedures may result in corrective action up to, and including, termination. Required standard deductions will be taken from your paycheck according to state and federal laws. The Company does not withhold deductions for unpaid or outstanding debts unless court ordered. Employees may elect, on a voluntary basis, to have additional payroll deductions to include, but not limited to, the following Company-approved programs: PAYROLL DEDUCTIONS

1. Health/Life/Dental Insurance 2. 401k Retirement Plan 3. Flexible Spending 4. Ancillary Voluntary Benefits


Non-Exempt Employees will be paid only for actual hours worked unless they receive benefits under the CompanyÊs paid vacation, sick, or disability policies. Exempt Employees are paid on a salary basis and have certain exempt duties and, in general, must be paid their full salary for any week in which they perform work. Their pay may be reduced only in the following circumstances: 1. Employees who are absent for at least a full day because of sickness or disability may not be paid for that day unless they have earned benefits under the CompanyÊs vacation, sick leave or disability policy. Their pay will not be reduced if they are absent for less than a full day because of sickness or disability, but such absence may be charged against their paid leave benefits.


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