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I Am Unable To Work; How Do I Apply For Disability Benefits? You can apply for Social Security Disability Benefits on line at , by calling 1-800-772-1213 or by going to your local Social Security office. If you go to your local office to apply, it is best to call ahead for an appointment.

This is legal information. If you want legal advice that is specific to your situation, you need to talk with an attorney. To find out if you are eligible for free legal advice or representation, you can contact Southwest Virginia Legal Aid at or you can call toll free at 1-888- 201-2777.

What Kind Of Information Will I Need To Apply For Benefits? You will need the following: • Your birth certificate or proof of citizenship; • A list of medical conditions (physical or mental including emotional or learning) that limit your ability to work; • A list of your current prescriptions; and • A list of all the doctor’s offices, hospitals, clinics and other health care facilities who have treated you together with their addresses. I Have Been Receiving Disability Benefits; But I Just Received A Notice That My Benefits Will Stop. What Can I Do? If you receive a Notice that your disability benefits will stop, you need to appeal this decision. You can file an appeal on line or by going to your local office and you need to have a copy of the Notice with you. If you wish

to continue to receive your benefits while Social Security considers your appeal, you must file your appeal within 10 days of receiving the Notice from Social Security. I Received A Notice That My Benefits Will Be Reduced Because I Have Been Overpaid. What Does This Mean? If Social Security believes they have paid you more than you should have received, they will explain in the Notice how the overpayment happened and what your appeal and waiver rights are. If you don’t agree that you have been overpaid or if you believe the amount is wrong, you can appeal by filing Form SSA-561-U2 which is available on line or at the local office. You must appeal within 60 days and your appeal must be in writing. If you believe that you should not have to pay the money back, you can request a waiver of collection. You must file Form SS-632; there is no deadline to file for the waiver but you must be prepared to show that the overpayment was not your fault and that paying it back would cause you great financial hardship. | 1-888-201-2772

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