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Right Now I Get My Social Security Benefits With A Paper Check; Is That the Best Way? A paper check could get delayed, lost in the mail or stolen. Even if you receive

it on time, you may have to pay to have it cashed if you don’t have a bank account.

My Social Security Check is Automatically Deposited in My Bank Account Each Month; Does That Mean My Benefits Are Safe? You could temporarily lose access to benefits deposited directly into a bank account if a bill collector tried to garnish that account. What is the Safest and Easiest Way to Receive My Social Security and SSI Benefits? You now have the option to receive your benefits on a pre-paid debit card. With a Direct Express Debit MasterCard, you don’t have to worry about checks getting delayed, lost or stolen. You also don’t risk your bank account being frozen by the Bank if you get behind on some of your bills. It is easy because each month your money is automatically deposited to your card account and available to you on your payment date. You don’t

need to wait for the mail or get yourself to the Bank and you don’t need to carry large amounts of cash. You can use your Direct Express card to make purchases wherever the Debit Mastercard is accepted and you can get cash at retail locations, banks, credit unions and ATMs. You can use it to set up on line payments to a utility and to buy money orders at a post office. Can Anyone Get a Direct Express Debit MasterCard? Anyone who receives a federal benefit payment can enroll in this program by calling 1 800 333 1795 to sign up.

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