Impact on Student Learning Virginia State University health and physical education teacher candidates are learning to write descriptive lesson plans and implement progressive instruction for middle and high school students each week. This program allows students to have real teaching experience and provide impactful learning activities for students in need, at no cost to the school. Author Bell Hooks describes education as collaborative engagement. Both students and teachers learn from each other as the educational process develops. The students enrolled in Blandford’s alternative education program are working through the adversity in their lives to complete their education. They were not expecting physical education in their program but were extremely glad to have this additional instruction. One of the Blandford faculty members shared that he had not seen these students so excited and engaged in school.

Perhaps one of the most rewarding conversations came about during the field trip to Swader’s Sports Park. One of the students, only 2 semesters from graduation, shared with Dr. Kanary her excitement over the program. She said “I really learned a lot from you all this semester. I really appreciate you coming over to the school. You didn’t have to and sometimes people forget us over there.” Further, she expressed that she would be submitting an application at Virginia State University in the fall after graduation. Virginia State University HPER students learned a lot about instruction, planning, and delivery. Blandford students practiced skills, interaction, vocabulary, and comradie. Everyone grew during the educational process. Students will continue this program in the future and we are considering other non-traditional lifetime sports such as pickleball, ping pong, and cornhole for instruction.


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