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FALL 2023 The Arrow

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The Arrow

The Arrow is published by the Advancement Office of Oak Hill Academy and is distributed to alumni and friends of the Academy. Oak Hill Academy 2635 Oak Hill Road Mouth of Wilson, VA 24363 276-579-2619 President Dr. Michael D. Groves Board of Trustees Rev. Robert Bailey Mr. Robert Bajorek – P‘20 Mr. Kenny Bowen – ‘78 Mr. Richard Burke – P‘07

Table of Contents President’s Welcome Welcome from the Office of Advancement Dr. Groves Marks 25 Years of Service Introducing the Warrior Wellness Center Introducing the New Girls’ Gym Alumni Weekend 2023 State of the Academy Report College Acceptances Doug Turnmire Retires Welcome Chris Luper Craig Murray Memorial Scholarship Established

Mr. Bobby Cheeks Rev. Danny Collins Mr. David Davis Mr. Todd Fuller Mr. Dennis Gambill Mrs. Susie Garner Mr. Don Gibson Dr. Wayne Hager

Mr. Rodney Halsey Dr. Thomas Harvey Mr. Joel Jackson – ‘94 Mr. Richard Joyce – ‘02 Mr. Luke Kurtz Mrs. Theresa Lazo Mr. Samuel Longanacre Mr. Brian Rosefield Mr. Tom Saunders Mrs. Jennifer Stenner – P’17 Dr. Charles Stewart Mr. Jim Tapp Ms. Mary Thomas Mr. Marty Parks Mr. Carl Rosberg

Homecoming Weekend Friday, November 10th – Saturday, November 11th Friday, November 10th White Team Game

6:00 pm

Dinner for Alums in OHA Café

6:00-7:00 pm

Red Team Game

7:30 pm 9:00 pm

Alumni S’mores at Hough Dorm Pavilion

w/ Invited Students

Saturday, November 11th Tailgate Mixer and Lunch/Chili in School Breezeway

12:30 pm 3:00 pm 4:30 pm

Red Team Game Gold Team Game

P – Parent of OHA Alumnus

President’s Paragraph

The following is the text of Dr. Groves’ address to the students, staff, and faculty of Oak Hill Academy at convocation, 28 August 2023. Good morning and welcome to the campus of Oak Hill Academy. For 145 years our school has gathered students from around the world here in this tiny place called Mouth of Wilson, Virginia. Of course, we are a school and yet Oak Hill Academy is so much more. We are a community where students are provided a place to become all that God wants them to be; we are a place

where families live among our students … teachers, staff, administrators, their families, pets, and extended families … we all live here together. We dine together, we work together, we rise and fall together. In this the year of our lord 2023, I believe our school, our community, embodies exactly what the world needs at this moment in time. We value work ethic, citizenship, collegiality, respect for one another, and we care for one another. Know that at OHA you are always close to someone who cares. Today is Convocation Day, the starting of a new year on “The Hill.” I love the sense of newness that accompanies the onset of another academic year. A fresh start, goals, ideas … all abound at the start of school. So, capture this moment; seniors, especially, take note of how I shall reference this day and the tolling of the Academy Bell on your Graduation eve. We sound the Academy Bell three times annually. On Graduation eve—once for each graduating senior; during Alumni Days—for graduates who have passed the previous year. And, we chime it today on Convocation … to signal the start of our academic year. Welcome to Oak Hill Academy. May God bless each of you, and may God continue to bless Oak Hill Academy.

Follow Dr. Groves on Twitter @DrGrovesOHA.

Welcome from the Associate Head of School for Advancement Serving at a school with a legacy like Oak Hill Academy offers continual opportunity to reflect on the history and groundwork that has led to this, our 145th year. Each day we see names on buildings like Fletcher Chapel, Hough Dorm, English Academic Building, Turner Gymnasium, and Vaughn Administration Building. But Welcome from the Associate Head of School for Advancement Serving at a school with a legacy like Oak Hill Academy offers con9nual opportunity to reflect on the history and groundwork that has led to this, our 145 th year. Each day and see names on buildings like Fletcher Chapel, Hough Dorm, English Academic Building, Turner Gymnasium, and Vaughn Administra9on Building. But rarely do we pause to consider the ones who bore these names, and those many who went before us to clear the path to today. As I learn more about the Academy’s history, I’m increasingly thankful to be here. It’s been a great year on The Hill. The class of 2023 (our 144 th !) graduated in May, and we wish them the best as they make their way in the world. In July we welcomed dozens of students for a month of learning and laughter during summer session. Nearly all of them returned for the 23-24 school year, which is a great outcome. In July we also welcomed many alumni back home to celebrate Alumni Days 2023. What an awesome 9me we had! Our efforts to update our alumni records con9nue, so if you ever aZended school here (even if you didn’t graduate) we ask that you join our alumni network on Wavelength. The link is here: hZps:// We made a few capital improvements this year, including renova9ng both sets of tennis courts (and adding a pickleball court!), construc9ng a girls’ gym in Hough Dorm, crea9ng a wellness center in the academic building, and resurfacing our indoor and outdoor basketball courts. Our next priority is to create a learning lab to provide students addi9onal academic support when needed. Oak Hill Academy has an amazing legacy. But to understand a legacy, you must look behind you. Today I invite you to join us in cas9ng a vision of what Oak Hill Academy will look like in years to come. What new programming will be required? What new courses will be taught? What new buildings may be built? How will the needs of students change, and how will we be prepared? This vision-cas9ng is necessary for our success in an increasingly complicated world where the marketplace is compe99ve and the decision-making that goes into a boarding school enrollment is complicated. Today we stand on the shoulders of those giants and trailblazers who came before us. Will you consider joining them by taking part in our annual fund? It’s our largest and most broadly beneficial fundraiser each year, and I’ve included a QR code below that, when scanned with the camera of your smartphone, will take you directly to the Academy’s giving page. As always, we are thankful for the kindness of our friends, who always help sustain us. rarely do we pause to consider the ones who bore these names, and those many who went before us to clear the path to today. As I learn more about the Academy’s history, I’m increasingly thankful to be here. It’s been a great year on The Hill. The class of 2023 (our 144th!) graduated in May, and we wish them the best as they make their way in the world. In July we welcomed dozens of students for a month of learning and laughter during summer session. Nearly all of them returned for the 23-24 school year, which is a great outcome. In July we also welcomed many alumni back home to celebrate Alumni Days 2023. What an awesome time we had! Our efforts to update our alumni records continue, so if you ever attended school here (even if you didn’t graduate) we ask that you join our alumni network on Wavelength. The link is here: We made a few capital improvements this year, including renovating both sets of tennis courts (and adding a pickleball court!), constructing a girls’ gym in Hough Dorm, creating a wellness center in the academic building, and resurfacing our indoor and outdoor basketball courts. Our next priority is to create a learning lab to provide students additional academic support when needed. Oak Hill Academy has an amazing legacy. But to understand a legacy, you must look behind you. Today I invite you to join us in casting a vision of what Oak Hill Academy will look like in years to come. What new programming will be required? What new courses will be taught? What new buildings may be built? How will the needs of students change, and how will we be prepared? This vision-casting is necessary for our success in an increasingly complicated world where the marketplace is competitive and the decision making that goes into a boarding school enrollment is complicated. Today we stand on the shoulders of those giants and trailblazers who came before us. Will you consider joining them by taking part in our annual fund? It’s our largest and most broadly beneficial fundraiser each year, and I’ve included a QR code below that, when scanned with the camera of your smartphone, will take you directly to the Academy’s giving page. As always, we are thankful for the kindness of our friends, who always help sustain us.

May God bless you, and may God bless Oak Hill Academy. GO WARRIORS! May God bless you, and may God bless Oak Hill Academy. GO WARRIORS!

Dr. Michael Groves Marks 25 Years of Service Mr. Aaron Butt’s (Associate Head of School) remarks when recognizing Dr. Groves for 25 years of service to OHA. under him from feeling overly stressed or burdened. He has sacrificed a lot over the years for the school, passed up opportunities to move to a larger, more urban, more “elite” school, but has chosen

Dr. Michael Groves, along with his wife Joy and two young sons, Matthew and Aaron, arrived on the campus of Oak Hill Academy a quarter century ago. They moved into the West Hough Dorm basement apartment, and he began as an instructor that fall teaching Social Studies and serving as an assistant soccer coach. Over time he took on more responsibilities, first assuming the role of Dean of Students, then Director of Admission, and finally when Dr. Patton retired in 2002 he was appointed President. He has been in that role ever since, for more than 21 years. It’s hard to describe Dr. Groves’ (and his family’s) impact on Oak Hill Academy over these past 25 years. He’s overseen the construction of at least 6 new buildings including Williams-Berry Dormitory, Speeks Dormitory, Dixon Dormitory, the Patton Triplex, the Collins Triplex, and the Lenore Equestrian Center. He led the renovation of Fields Dormitory and the Alumni Campus Store. And he had the vision to create an amphitheater, which is used regularly by the campus community. He’s raised more than 10 million dollars for the school and significantly increased our endowment. He’s kept the school out of any debt, created significant savings for rainy days, navigated and led the school through national disasters like 9-11, the economic upheaval of 2008, political turmoil, and a worldwide pandemic. And he’s even planted more than 50 oak trees on campus. All of this has been done with steadfast grace and compassion. It is no exaggeration to say that he has given his life for this school, poured into it his time, talents, and treasure. Because it is his calling, his mission. A mission that is not about a brick and mortar campus, but about changing young lives, creating a space for teens to be mentored, loved, nudged – as he says, a place to “grow where you are planted.” Thousands of young people have directly and indirectly been changed by his leadership, his words, his actions, and his unfailing commitment. The thing that drives his decision making more than anything else is first to “do the right thing,” to be fair, honest, and true – to students, employees, parents. He shoulders a heavy weight, the responsibility for our school, and it’s future – but he wears it well, and largely shelters those

to remain here, in Mouth of Wilson, pouring his life into Oak Hill and it’s mission. Dr. Groves is incredibly attentive to detail, and will spot a piece of trash across campus, a broken limb, a wall that needs painting, a cooler left on a porch. But he’s also able to see the big picture, anticipate needed change, and is regularly prophetic. He stays connected to students, knows them by name, calls them into his office for a quick word, joke, or to give a piece of advice. After 25 years, he has vast institutional knowledge, and has his hand in almost every aspect of the campus – from sewer lines to strategic planning, from hedge trimming to health benefits. On any given day you might find him on a call with the board chair, unclogging a toilet in the cafeteria, developing goals for our reaccreditation visit, watching a basketball practice, popping in on a classroom, writing letters to donors, checking the water levels at the pump house, touring a prospective student, preparing a homeroom devotion, picking up sticks outside the campus store. He leads by example, and he empowers his staff to lead, to make decisions, to grow. Congratulations and thank you, Dr. Groves, for all that you have done for Oak Hill Academy these past 25 years.

Introducing the Warrior Wellness Center

This year Oak Hill Academy created a physical space dedicated solely to our students’ wellness needs. We’re calling it the Warrior Wellness Center , and it’s right in the heart of our academic building. Why did we do this? Well, as a boarding school where life continues in community after the final class bell, the Academy has always attended to the holistic wellness of our students. You can see how seriously we focus on adolescent health by examining the lifestyle programming we provide. We begin by forming meaningful relationships with our students, which allows us to know them individually, and understand their backgrounds, strengths, needs, and dreams. We serve healthy, fresh food. We allow for plenty of sleep in our daily schedules. We enable appropriate social interaction. We offer wholesome outdoor after-school activities daily. We maintain reasonable limits on technology – particularly mobile phone use. All of these measures promote wellness. Beyond these daily emphases on wellness, we chose “Wellness” as our annual theme for the 2021-2022 school year. This meant that during that year, numerous special events and our entire year-long advisory curriculum were connected to the concept of wellness. With so much of our programming already being focused on adolescent wellness, it made perfect sense to create a space dedicated to it. We’ve defined the scope of wellness as having 5 primary domains: physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. All of these elements intersect and interact with one another continuously, so a mainstay in the design of the Warrior Wellness Center is that it will contain design features that touch on each wellness domain. The space is welcoming and comfortable and will support a diverse range of wellness activities. We’ll have a coffee shop area for youth group meetings. We’ll teach yoga class on the big-screen TV. Peer tutoring and ping pong tournaments will coexist in the space. We’ll have bean bag chairs so you can sit and read and think. We’ll host movie nights, conduct first-aid training, and provide counseling space. We even intend to use the space for guest speakers on wellness-related topics.

Our students’ wellness is vitally important to us, and we’ve found that if a student is well, growth can occur. And that’s what we all want – a campus full of growing, thriving students. We invite you to come see it for yourself.

Oak Hill Academy Creates New Girls’ Gym Facility in Hough Dorm As a boarding school, our commitment to educating the whole student extends well beyond the classroom. Thanks to the great work of our Residential Life program, Oak Hill Academy creates an environment in which students can grow and flourish in all aspects of their lives, around the clock. That’s the great value of a boarding school—everything we do is part of the curriculum! This year, our administrators have dedicated additional resources to meeting the needs of our female students. We formed a working group to discuss these needs and to connect with our Lady Warriors themselves—to hear firsthand what types of resources they could use on campus. It soon became crystal clear to our working group that dedicated athletic and workout facilities would be much appreciated by our female students—something designed for girls and by girls. We quickly identified that the rarely used basement room of Hough Dormitory would be an ideal space for a new and modern girls’ workout facility. Thanks to two timely and unrestricted gifts to Oak Hill, we got to work revamping the

basement space right away. The team first met with a professional who designs and equips gym spaces and then contacted a local health facility for additional tips and advice, before ordering fitness equipment. Work on the new gym is now complete, and it is thanks in part to the hard work of our female students. They led the way in redesigning the space, from choosing the paint color to getting their hands dirty and painting the walls themselves! Now our female students have access to the gym, which is fully equipped with ellipticals, yoga mats, Airdyne bikes, BOSU

balance balls, jump ropes, resistance bands, dumb bells, medicine balls, kettle bells, smart TV’s, and speed ropes. Oak Hill places immense value on the overall health and well-being of our students. Responding to student needs and providing additional resources to make it possible for them to thrive comes naturally and is just one reason why our students call Oak Hill their home away from home.

ALUMNI Weekend 2023

This past July, we were pleased to welcome scores of Oak Hill Alumni back to their campus for a special Alumni gathering on The Hill. It was an especially enjoyable event, as we honored the 50th reunion of the class of 1973. This year we changed things a bit and added a Friday night dinner to the festivities. We saw dozens of alums come back and enjoy a meal on the café patio as they got to know some of our summer school students. It was a great night. Saturday morning began with our gathering in the Ussery Archives, where alums and their families checked in with the Academy event planners, received a small token of our appreciation for them, and got the chance to catch up with each other in the cool comfort of the Archives. Light refreshments were available, and after some time visiting we moved as a group to the Fletcher Chapel for Dr. Groves’ annual “State of the School” address. Dr. Groves offered us a comprehensive report, then the summer school students joined us and we stood together – older Warriors and new – and paid homage together to those who had passed since we last gathered. The Academy bell tolled one time for each departed alumnus, reminding us that life is fleeting, and that we should take every opportunity to keep in touch with family and friends. After a brief Q & A, we all transitioned to our lakeside Noonkester Park for a great barbecue and family meal. We recognized a few alums, handed out a few door-prizes, took class pictures, and broke bread together. It was so great to enjoy an afternoon of fellowship. Long after the buffet had been cleaned up, old classmates and friends remained together at the pavilion talking over old times and planning evening get-togethers. On

Saturday evening we transitioned to the Hough Dorm Picnic Shelter for our traditional weenie-roast and s’mores. Afterward we sat and enjoyed time together. Finally, on Sunday morning nearly a dozen alumni attended worship services together at Young’s Chapel Baptist Church followed by a wonderful lunch in the Oak Hill Café. It seemed like no one wanted to leave The Hill. At alumni weekend this year, friendships were created and renewed, memories were shared, and a few tears were shed. For a number of alumni this event was the first time back to campus in many years. Alumni – we want to keep in touch with you. You spent a very formative time of your life here on this campus growing up, so if you haven’t already done so, please help us update your records by following this link: And please mark your calendar for November 10 th and 11 th , when our annual Homecoming will take place. We’ll begin the festivities with dinner that Friday night. We hope we’ll see you there. Please visit the “Alumni” page of the OHA website to RSVP for Homecoming.

In Memoriam: Ina Corder Stephenson – ‘43 Geri Golliher Hancock – ‘52 Nancy Brown Jackson – ‘57 Kate Rutherford Moore – ’57 Joe Phipps – ‘60 Patricia Anderson Sexton – ‘61 Grover Holder – ‘62 Glenn Gunter – ‘63 Flora Marshall Perkinsin – ‘65 Glenn Gardner – ‘75 Glenn Mayers – ‘80 Marvin Manley – ‘83 Hosam “Sam” Moustafa – ‘97

State of the Academy 2022-2023 DONATIONS June 1, 2022 – May 31, 2023 GIVING CLUBS

The Oak Club...................................................$10,000+ The Founders Club..................................$5,000 – $9,999 The President’s Club................................$1,000 – $4,999 The Red and Gold Club.................................$500 – $999 The Friends Club............................................up to $499

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Total Endowment March 31, 2023 - $3,762,724 Total Endowment March 31, 2023 - $4,431,286

One of the most important needs for Oak Hill Academy is in the area of endowment. The future of our mission to girls and boys can be assured only if endowment exists. Would you consider creating an endowment to provide ongoing support for the Academy? A gift of $10,000 or more will establish a named endowment by the donor. The endowment could be used in whatever area the donor chooses. If you wish to establish an endowment at Oak Hill Academy, please contact Mr. Todd Giszack, Associate Head of School for Advancement, at 276-579-2619. The President’s Office of Oak Hill Academy has made every effort to list all individuals, corporations, churches, and other organizations that were Oak Hill supporters from June 1, 2022 to May 31, 2023 . If your name has been omitted or listed incorrectly, please contact our office so that we may correct our records. Thank you for your support! TOTALS Annual Fund $ 306,840.96 Endowed Funds $ 80,358.66 Scholarship $ 168,200.00 Estate Gift $ 36,500.00 Hough Dorm Fitness Room $ 10,000.00 Other $ 43,222.40 Virginia Baptist Mission Board $ 17,596.00 TOTAL OF ALL CASH GIFTS $662,718.02


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The enduring connection between Oak Hill Academy and Young’s Cha pel Baptist Church dates to the very founding of the school. The idea of the Academy was first proposed by the YCBC congregation, and af ter working for several years to bring the idea to life, the school doors opened in the fall of 1878. Since then, the church and the Academy have enjoyed a seamless relationship of amazing depth. The human bridge connecting these two historic institutions is the Church Pastor, who also serves as the Campus Minister. This dual calling is not an easy one to answer. It takes a special person to feed the spiritual appe tite and meet the ministerial needs of both a relatively transient high school student body and a deeply rooted church congregation. Doug Turnmire served in this capacity for 30 years with amazing grace and skill, and in the process touched thousands of lives around the world. He retired at the end of the 2022-2023 school year. Reverend Doug Turnmire; A Faithful and Solid Servant for 30 Years Doug was born and raised in the farmlands of North Carolina and no stranger to hard work from an early age. As the end of high school approached, his plan was to enlist in the Air Force for four years, then join the NC Highway Patrol. And that’s exactly what he did. And things were going well for him. But he was growing increasingly

convinced that God was calling him to full time ministry service. So, at the age of 24 he resigned from the patrol school and enrolled at Gardner-Webb University. It was 1984. To help make ends meet, Doug got a job at a Christian bookstore his junior year and worked there most Friday nights. In November of 1987 a young woman entered the store in search of a replacement accompaniment tape for her upcom ing children’s Christmas choir. As Doug was helping her, he learned that she played the hammer dul cimer at her church’s annual Living Nativity and decided immediately that he would come and see her there. Their first real date was to attend a Sunday evening worship service then go out to eat. The rest is history and before long, Doug and Ruth married. Following his graduation from Gardner-Webb and in answering his call to ministry, Doug enrolled in Southern Baptist Theological Seminary finishing his studies in December of 1991. The following June he and Ruth moved to High Point, NC where Doug began a year-long chaplain residency at Wake Forest Medical Center. In November of 1992 during his residency, he ran into a friend who told him of an opening at Oak Hill Academy that included being a campus minister, a religion teacher, and a church pastor. Intrigued, Doug called Ed Patton, the school President. He was hired later that year and preached his first sermon at YCBC on May 29th, 1993. Doug’s residency hadn’t yet finished, so that sum mer he would drive to Mouth of Wilson on the weekends to preach and return to High Point to work during the week. Doug and Ruth and their new daughter Rebekah (who was just over 2 years old at the time) arrived on campus at the beginning of the 1993-1994 school year, and Doug’s career began. His second daughter Anna was born after their arrival at OHA. As they settled into life on campus, Doug and Ruth had a simple policy. Their home was to be an extension of their lives- an open book. His door was never locked, and everyone knew it. He wanted them to know it. Even when he wasn’t home, people came and went- borrowing tools or dropping things off. And that is one characteristic that Doug became known for. He shared his life openly, did what he said he was going to do, and he was consis tent in his ways. Predictable. Solid. Dependable.

Doug never imagined that he would end up in the pulpit, but he was a skilled pastor and worked dili gently among the flock of YCBC. His ministry wasn’t confined to the four walls of the church, however, and for many years he led a ministry team that accomplished dozens of home repairs in the communi ty. Among these repairs were many ramps for people with ambulatory challenges. Doug and his “Mac cabean Team” became so skilled at ramp building that sometimes they were done in one Saturday, and he often shared pictures of their work with the congregation the following Sunday. He even carried on a prison ministry until COVID in 2020 and spent countless hours with those behind bars.

Though Doug showed himself adept at pas toring and serving his community, his real passion was teaching, and he excelled at it. Whether it be among his adult Sunday School class (which he credits for helping him grow as a Christian), or a group of restless teenag ers, Doug loved teaching and carved out quite a niche for himself as a classroom instructor. Hundreds of students looked forward to his classes over the years. He taught three differ ent courses - Comparative Religion, the Bible as Literature, and Christian Ethics. The latter of these became an extension of Doug’s life long pursuit of living ethically. His aim was to teach his students how to use their intellect and emotions to discern how to live a good life, and how to live with their decisions, both good and bad. Out of his pursuit of ethical living, the Academy’s recycling program was born and thrives to this day. In 2022, Doug and Ruth’s first grandchild was born. Doug knew then that his retirement would be imminent. He sensed that God

had a new season for him and Ruth. Keeping with his lifelong pattern of following through on what he said, Doug announced in the fall of 2022 that his final sermon at YCBC would be May 27th, 2023. And when that beautiful sunny spring day finally arrived, we were all reminded again, as we had been for 30 years, that we were children of God, loved by God, and made in the image of God. And we were further charged with going forth into the world to reflect that love to so many who need to see it. Doug ended every sermon with that timeless reminder. At Doug’s retirement dinner on campus, Dr. Groves uttered these words: “How does one encapsulate thirty years of service, thirty years of Christian servanthood? What few words would be engraved on their retirement capstone? How about this … Doug and Ruth Turn mire, 1993 - 2023: Neighbors, never shirked a task, changed countless lives, dutiful Christian servants throughout.” Thank you, Doug and Ruth Turnmire, for living your lives with us so openly and faithfully. For teaching us patience and kindness and fortitude. And for making a difference in the lives of the congregants of YCBC and the students and staff of Oak Hill Academy. We couldn’t have asked for a more solid bridge. Godspeed.

Reverend Chris Luper Answers the Call at Oak Hill Academy

... Team Luper is so excited to be here. Our family has been so graciously welcomed into the community ...

Imagine trying to find someone qualified and eager to pastor a church, shepherd a community of high school students from around the world, minister to the community around Mouth of Wilson, teach several college preparatory courses, and all of this while raising his family in the midst of campus. Well, as we searched for our new campus minister (who also pastors Young’s Chapel Baptist Church), we knew we needed just the right person to fill these varied roles. Someone who’d fit in. Who’d understand the culture of the church and the school and the community. Someone who liked kids, and who also loved church members and had a clear sense of calling and mission. Well, when we met Chris Luper, we knew we’d found our man. Rev. Chris Luper preached his first sermon as the Pastor of YCBC on August 13, 2023. And we couldn’t be happier. Chris was born and raised locally, and his family has deep roots in the area. In fact, when he was in high school he even worked a summer stint in the school’s maintenance department. There is no doubt that Chris Luper knows the school, the church, and the region. A graduate of Emory and Henry College where he earned his B.A. in Religion and Psychology, Chris went on to earn his M. A in Youth Ministry from Asbury Theological Seminary. He then spent the next 10 years leading youth ministry in various congregations in Virgina and North Carolina. He has led numerous domestic and international mission trips, and brings a wealth of experience and passion to his new role. When the Luper’s arrived on campus earlier this summer, all of us were instantly smitten

by his beautiful family, which consists of his wife Libby, and four daughters Teaghyn (9), Anistyn (7), Hollyn (3), and Strattyn (8 months). Together, they comprise “Team Luper”. In preparation for this article, Chris said “being called to serve as the Pastor of Young’s Chapel Baptist Church and Campus Chaplain for Oak Hill Academy is one of the greatest honors of my life. I am truly humbled by the opportunity and excited for the Kingdom work that will transpire on the Hill. Team Luper is so excited to be here. Our family has been so graciously welcomed into the community and we look forward to becoming more involved.” Our school and church community is thankful for the arrival of Team Luper, and we look forward to many years of ministry with them.

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