Spire 2022


Mr. William D. Marrs Mr. Nate Marsh Ms. Katie Marshall Mr. Simone M. Marshall Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Marshall, IV Marshall Miller Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Mike McClanahan Ms. Ashley L. McClanahan Mrs. Betty O. McClanahan Mr. David McClelland Ms. Gail D. McClure Ms. Misty McCollin Mrs. Dorothy G. McComas Ms. Kyla McComas Mr. Samuel C. McCormick Mrs. Rebecca McCoy-Reese McDonald's of Bluefield, Virginia McDonald's of Tazewell, Virginia Mrs. Anne C. McFadden Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McFee Mr. Jeffrey McGinnis Mrs. Melba S. McGlamary Mr. and Mrs. C. Randall McGlothlin Mr. Thomas J. McGlothlin, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. McGraw Mr. D. Grant McGregor Mrs. Shonna McGuire Mr. and Mrs. S. Michael McHaffa Ms. Sharon McKendrick Mr. Chad M. McKenzie Mr. D. Keith McKenzie Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. McKinney McKinney Family Chiropractic Mr. Mark A. McKnight Mr. and Mrs. Camden J. McLaughlin Mr. Dylan M. McLaughlin Mr. and Mrs. William H. McMahan Mr. Vito A. Mcmillan Mr. and Mrs. Ardeth L. McMillion Mrs. Page M. McMullin Dr. Jason D. McNeal Ms. Vickie P. McPeak Mr. James Darrin McReynolds Mrs. Mary H. McWhorter Mr. and Mrs. James A. Meador Ms. Betty L. Meadows Ms. Kayla J. McCroskey Lt. Donald K. McDaniel Mr. and Mrs. Teddy Meadows Mr. and Mrs. Trent Meadows Ms. Norma B. Mears Mechanicsburg Christian Church Mechanicsville Church of Christ

Ms. Mercedes Menendez Merck Company Foundation Mr. Paul Merical Ms. Jan Y. Meriwether Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Merritt, Jr. Mr. Robert H. Messick Mr. and Mrs. Simon J. Mest Ms. Carol S. Metz Michael Kidd Investments, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Michalski Mr. Gary S. Mikula Mr. Kyle Milborn Ms. Melissa A. Milburn Mr. Christopher B. Miles Mr. and Mrs. W. Shelton Miles, III Mr. Billy P. Miller Dr. David S. Miller, II Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Hunter Miller, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth G. Miller Ms. Leona B. Miller Ms. Raeanne L. Miller Ms. Sally K. Miller Mr. Timothy B. Miller Mr. and Mrs. C. Ralph Mills Ms. Linda W. Millsaps Ms. Reba W. Milton Mily Lusk DBA Innovations Mrs. Angela M. Miniter Mr. William A. Minson, Jr. Mr. Harold A. Missimer Ms. Alysia Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Billy H. Mitchell Mrs. Carole B. Mitchell Mr. Dale L. Mitchell Ms. Jennifer E. Mitchell Mr. Lee D. Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Arnold R. Mitchem Mrs. Charlotte N. Moats Dr. and Mrs. John S. Moir Mr. Stephen W. Moles Mr. and Mrs. Wesley R. Monfalcone Ms. Danna Monk Mr. Jessie W. Monroe Mrs. Sandra B. Monroe Ms. Judith A. Monson Mr. Michael A. Monteith Mrs. Dreama J. Montgomery Mr. and Mrs. John Montgomery Ms. Victoria R. Montgomery

Dr. Alfred R. Martin Mr. Antonio R. Martin Ms. Ashlee Martin

Mr. and Mrs. Chad E. Martin Mr. and Mrs. Danny Martin Mr. and Mrs. David Martin Ms. Jeanie C. Martin Mr. Jerry Martin Mr. and Mrs. John E. Martin, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Johnny F. Martin Dr. Mary R. Martin Mrs. Melonie A. Martin Mrs. Patsy W. Martin Rev. Paul K. Martin Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Martin Mr. and Mrs. Roy B. Martin Mr. and Mrs. William H. Martin Mr. William H. Martin, II Mr. and Mrs. Charles Marty Mary Morton Parsons Foundation

Mr. Elbert W. Mask, Jr. Mr. Daniel Eric Mason Mr. Ernest H. Mason

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis E. Mason, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Wayne D. Massey Massey Foundation Mr. James F. Floyd Ms. Amanda Fields Mr. and Mrs. James M. Matthews

Mr. Richard L. Matthews Mrs. Donna H. Maxwell

Mr. Dennis C. May Ms. Sharon S. May Mr. Steven D. May

Mrs. Nancy B. Maynor Ms. Courtney M. Mayo Mr. and Mrs. Howard A. Mayo, IV Ms. Lauren Mayo Mr. Michael A. Mays Mr. Peter A. Mays Mrs. Mary Anne M. Davis Mr. Eugene N. McCall, Jr. Mr. Albert W. McCann Dr. Glenda F. Camp McCann Ms. L. Selby McCash Mr. and Mrs. David J. McChesney


Ms. Elizabeth M. Medvin Ms. Megan L. Meismer Mr. Dean M. Melton Miss Gema K. Mendoza Mr. Jake R. Mendoza

Ms. Vicky L. Moody Moon Dog Brick Oven


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