Spire 2022


Mr. Dwight D. Moore Rev. and Mrs. Garry Moore Mrs. Joan E. Moore

Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Norman Ms. Deborah E. Norris

Mrs. Laura M. Mutter Mr. Mark Mutter Mrs. Shirley E. Mutter Mutter Insurance Agency, Inc. Mr. Colt Myers Mr. Corey D. Myers Ms. Karissa Myers Mrs. Sandra D. Myrick Nancy's Downtown Boutique Mrs. Carol C. Nash Mr. Paul S. Nash National Christian Foundation Nationwide Insurance Foundation Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company Mr. and Mrs. Hans E. Naumann Ms. Christina Neal Dr. Patricia W. Neely Ms. Deborah Neidig Mr. and Mrs. John W. Nelson, Jr. Mr. Zachary C. Nester Nettie Baptist Church Nettleton Foundation New Covenant Church of Sparta New Graham Pharmacy New Opportunity School Foundation New Peoples Bank New Peoples Bank of Bluefield, VA New River Valley Pizza, LLC New York Life Insurance Ms. Cameron Newby Mr. Joseph L. Nelson, lll Mr. and Mrs. Scott Nelson Ms. Claire Neme Ms. Tonia Newman Ms. Atasha Newton Mrs. Wilma T. Newton Newton Fund - Central Florida Foundation, Inc. Mr. Henry E. Nicholas, Jr. Ms. Karen Nickel Dr. Julia H. Nixon Ms. Glenda Noble Ms. Zada M. Norfleet Norfolk Southern Foundation Norfolk Tides Ms. Allison Nichols Ms. Susan Nichols Rev. James D. Newman Ms. Joanie H. Newman Mr. Kenneth I. Newman Mrs. Rita L. Newman

Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Norris Mr. Nicholas Lee Norris Ms. Terri Norris

Mrs. Margaret P. Moore Mr. Matthew A. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Paul Moore Dr. Richard H. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Moore, II Mr. Ryan B. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Richard Morgan Mr. and Mrs. Hunter Morhous Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Morhous Mr. David S. Morris Mr. Kevin J. Morris Mr. N. Lewis Morris Rev. and Mrs. Orrin D. Morris Mr. Roy D. Morris Mr. and Mrs. Justin E. Morton Ms. Jennifer Moss Mr. John Lawson Moss Mr. Robert L. Moss Mr. and Mrs. David B. Moulder Mount Hermon Missionary Baptist Church Mountain Top Sports Mountaineer Bowling Lanes, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Assaad M. Mounzer Mr. and Mrs. David L. Mowry Mr. and Mrs. Bryant L. Moxley Rev. John Dean and Dr. Pearl Moyers Dean Mr. and Mrs. Roger D. Mulkey Mr. and Mrs. Ronald H. Mullennex Mr. Casey Mullins Mr. and Mrs. Corey E. Mullins Ms. Lindsey A. Mullins Mr. Matthew J. Mullins Mr. and Mrs. Roger Mullins Mr. James B. Muncy, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Terry A. Muncy, Sr. Mrs. Jennie Sue Murdock Mrs. Kathy A. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Kim C. Murphy Mr. Michael A. Murphy Mrs. Wanda H. Moore Ms. Barbara E. Morgan

Ms. Kristina L. Johnston North Zone Fallers, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. G. Burton Northam Mr. Peter Novak Ms. Jenilice Novoa-Miralles Dr. and Mrs. Charles B. Nunn, Jr. Mr. John D. Nyquist Mr. James G. O'Bryant Mr. and Mrs. Wilson G. O'Dell O'Keeffe Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Joseph O'Neill Ms. Sue M. O'Quinn Rev. Anthony L. Oakley Ocean View Golf Course Mr. Bernard F. Odasz Mr. and Mrs. Roger S. Odom Mrs. Tommie Y. Oetting Dr. and Mrs. Martin F. Offield Mr. Thomas M. Ogles, Jr. Mr. and James A. Okes Oklahoma City Community Foundation Dr. and Mrs. David W. Olive Dr. Howard G. Olive Ms. Amy H. Oliver Mr. and Mrs. Joshua P. Oliver Mrs. Christie S. Olsen Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Olszewski Ms. Priscilla Omdal Ms. Klara L. Omdal Lundgren

Mr. Armand M. Opitz Mr. Guadalupe F. Ortiz Ms. Lupe Ortiz Ms. Celia H. Osborne Mr. Charles Osborne Mr. James W. Osborne

Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Osegueda Mr. and Mrs. John B. Osteen Ms. Wanda E. Ostwalt Mr. John Van Oudenaren Mr. Michael D. Overstreet


Mrs. Bronwyn E. Owen Mr. Matthew J. Owen Mr. Randy A. Owen Mrs. Rhonda M. Owen Mr. Carleek L. Owens Mrs. Hannah S. Owens Mrs. Pamela S. Owens

Ms. Mary R. Musick Mr. Philip E. Musick

Mrs. Stephanie D. Musick Mrs. Janet Lee Musselwhite

Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah E. Musser Mr. and Mrs. Larry A. Mustard


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