Saint Francis Service Dogs 2022 Annual Report

Tribute GIFTS October 1 - December 31

In Memory Of: Abbi Ms. Lisa Kirchner Abby Mrs. Ann Finch Addie Mr. and Mrs. Kemp Savage Annie Ms. Gail Brumberg Annie Ms. Rebecca Perdue Austin Mr. and Mrs. Rand Garrett Axl Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Shearer Bailey, Mylow, Memee and Tilly Ms. Laura Evans Bailey and Kailey Ms. Kathleen Robertson Bear Mr. and Mrs. Gary Koogler Ben Mrs. Jan Barnett Mrs. Nancy Cunningham Bently Mr. and Mrs. W. Churchill Robison Madge Bounds Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Willson Tom Burgum Mr. and Mrs. R.J. Godlewski Buster Mr. Harry Schweizer Buttonnose Ms. Joanne Bebel Sharon Carson Dr. and Mrs. Michael Gauthier Champ and Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Steven Bodley Champ Mr. and Mrs. David Derr Chardonnay Ms. Rochelle Chase Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dugan Chivas, Holly & Jackson Terri Moss Choco, Oakley, Mattie, Honey, Jettie, & Bailey Ms. Kathryn Hull and Ms. Carroll LaHaye Ellen F. Clapsaddle Ms. Laura MacDermeid Rangler Clark Mr. and Mrs. Brian Sullivan Cody Mr. Ray Smoot Caroline Frances Cordle Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lee Laura Elizabeth Crigger Mr. and Mrs. David Safewright

Lucy Curbow Ms. Shelby Curbow Diane Evans & Bob DeBlaiso Mrs. Barbara Shands Annie and Sadie DeLong Mr. and Mrs. James Caudill Robert Dempsey Mr. and Mrs. Todd Hendrickson Dixie Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jackson Ted Dodd Mr. and Mrs. R.J. Godlewski Ellie Ms. Linda Perdue Ralph “Buddy” Firebaugh Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Schoenberg Bill Foreman Mr. and Mrs. Sam Craver Fred Mr. and Mrs. Vince Snidow Cody Frye Mr. and Mrs. Guy Ellett Mr. and Mrs. Robert Frye Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hasey Mr. and Mrs. William Ray Mango Garst Mr. and Mrs. Eric Buchanan Gatsby Ms. Beth Surmont Elizabeth Gilbert Mr. Richard Lewis Griffin Mr. and Mrs. Steven Scriven Harper Mr. and Mrs. Steven Scriven Darlene Haymond Mr. and Mrs. Michael Michalski Susan and Barkley Hill Mr. and Mrs. Randall Hill Mr. and Mrs. William Hill Katie and Hubble Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hopkins Jack Ed & Karen Verdelotti Jed Dr. and Mrs. Leroy Roemer Jerry Lee the Wonder Dog Mr. and Mrs. Terry Board Tim Jones Ms. Shari Henry Kappa, Middy, Dusty, and Brandy Dr. and Mrs. Donald Smith

Gordon L. King Mrs. Carol King Junior and Luci Kirk Ms. Martha Boone Kirk Joann Lampros Hon. Lawrence Koontz and Ms. Eberle Smith Amy Lauth Mrs. Nancy Gillespie Ellen Hawks Lawrence Mr. and Mrs. Mark Lawrence Lee Mr. Jeffrey Cox Abby and Lilly Ms. Catherine Caddy Lucy Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rayburn Luke Mr. James North Luna Ms. Lois Sumpter Louise Lutins Dr. and Mrs. Robert Pooley Max and Maddie Mr. and Mrs. Richard Chriss Madison Mr. and Mrs. Gary Kappesser Patricia Mailand Mr. Michael Mailand Lily Mason Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Gilbert Maxwell Mr. and Mrs. Rand Garrett Stephen Mayer Mr. and Mrs. James Childress Harry McConnell Mr. Ben Cooper and Ms. Polly Gault

Otter Ms. Debra Bickford Paco Ms. Sandra Reed Parker

Melvin Smith Mr. and Mrs. Gary Smith Chuck Snyder Mrs. Karen Snyder Spike Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rayfield June Straub Ms. Brenda Straub Phillip Taliaferro Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Sorrells Tam, Nikki, and Frannie Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Polinski George Terry Ms. Jennifer Dickerson Tika Mr. and Mrs. Steve Suttmiller Greg Tolzmann Mr. and Mrs. Charles Souter Tommy Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Danielsen Cindy Vickers Mrs. Catherine Vickers Vlad Ms. Patricia Davidson Rita Weaver Mr. David Weaver Beamer, Beckley, Carson, Charlie, Charlie, Coco, Dasher, Hope, Jack, Kasey, Kitty, Levi, Lillie, Luna, Maggie, Millie, Pippa, Brandi and Pippy, Ren,

Ms. Rebecca Perdue Pepper and Beamer Mr. Clifford Murray Potus Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Jacus Valerie Rasnake Lori Glovier Barbara Rea Preddys Creek Baptist Church Missy Read Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Long Fred Rector Mrs. Hope Rector Opal Reed Ms. Jennifer Dickerson Ms. Narlene Dulaney Remi Mr. and Mrs. Karen Jones Patty Revels Mr. and Mrs. Robert Price Thomas E. Reynolds Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John Cowlbeck Aminee Jones Roberts Mr. and Mrs. William Benton Mr. and Mrs. William Hackett Mr. William Roberts Laurel Smith Otha & Hazel Robertson Mr. and Mrs. Wes Gordon Rosie Ms. Debra Bickford Sara B. Ruona Mr. Lloyd Ruona Sadie Ms. Nancy Jacobs Sammy Ms. Alexandria Davidson Sammy Ms. Rebecca Perdue Samson Ms. Sally English Scout Mr. Richard Bejtlich Shadow Patricia Innocenti Landon Shaff Mr. and Mrs. John Martin Kathryn Martin Andrew Shirley Mr. and Mrs. James Whitney

Rileigh, Riley, Scout Dr. Courtney Wiegard Claire T. Willey Mr. James Tupper and Catherine Dillon Carol Willoughby Ms. Trinette Kirkman Janet Wyrick Mr. Herbert Wyrick Zucker and Bibi Mr. and Mrs. Jim Purdy

Kevin McMahon, Jr. Mrs. Tricia McMahon Mary Elyn McNichols Ms. Lucy Burke Brittney Miller Ms. Jessica Droste Brittney Miller Mr. and Mrs. Ken and

Mary Dunker William Moles

Mrs. Linda Moles Lance C. Moore Mrs. Sarah Foltz Helene Morisseau Ms. Jeanette Mistele Fred Newcomb and Bear Ms. Sheryl Newcomb Cindy Oneto Mr. Tom Oneto Onyx Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wakeford

Eldon and Sue Karr Ms. Bonnie Johnson Katie Mr. Mark Journell Gregory Kaylor Mr. Richard Boswell Ms. Janet Rosensteel The Horse Soldier

Laura A. Shaw Patricia Meyer Frank Sheddler AnR Career Solutions Ms. Nicole Laroche Sky Ms. Candy Lawhorne


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