Saint Francis Service Dogs 2022 Annual Report

In Honor Of: 2022 Graduates Mrs. Mary Ellen Barb Lynda C. Adkins Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Tucker Diana Allen Mr. and Mrs. Ed Allen Jeremy and Angela Allen

Sally and Sam Craver Mr. Stephen Craver Dr. Randall Rhea

Bill and Charlotte Kagey Ms. Stephanie McNeill Kaia Ms. Judy Bates Michelle Karim Mrs. Helen Carty Mary King Ms. Sandi Adkins Sharon and David Kitchens Selena Kitchens Chris and Lisa Kliefoth Dr. and Mrs. Hugh Hagan Carrie F. Knopf Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Knopf The Kreiners Mr. and Mrs. Terry Board Bob Lee Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jones Mrs. Bonnie Lee Linda and Steve Lemery Ms. Betty Jean Steele Donna Lovern Ms. Janet Riddlebarger Willie Mae Mrs. Nancy Revercomb Mike Manning Mr. and Mrs. Abney Boxley Kathy Marr Mr. and Mrs. Roger Henderson Bonnie Martin Mr. and Mrs. Charles Palmer Janice and Terry Martin Mr. and Mrs. Charles Youell Stephanie McNeill Dr. and Mrs. William Kagey Paul Melvin Sharon Wormington Pete & Kathleen Milward Ms. Lavonia Welfare Cricket O’Keeffe Mr. and Mrs. Jay O’Keeffe Nancy Ruth Patterson Ms. Catherine Hurst Linda Perdue Mr. Stan Byrd Grayson and Kit Prillaman Ms. Lavonia Welfare Ryan Read Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hoggan Katie Read Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Read Renick Family Christmas Kathryn Overacker Jane Riegel Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Pilarski Riley Ms. Jan Waldron

Gracie and Maggie Risi Mr. and Mrs. David Risi Beth Ann and Steve Rossi Ms. Paula Wyche Gale and Frank Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Alan Follett The SFSD Staff Mark and Kathy Baske Young Mr. and Mrs. Steven Strauss The Schoenberg Girls - Eva, Heidi, Lesl, Anika, and Krista Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Schoenberg The Sumpter Scotties Ms. Anne Sumpter G. Leonard Shank Mrs. Nancy Bowser Barbara & GL Shank Mr. Timothy Shank and Ms. Amy Whichello Mr. and Mrs. James Thurston Cindy Sharpe Ann Wilkes Leigh and James Simpson Mr. and Mrs Charles Jordan Krista H. Sinnott Mrs. Bob and Sandy Holt Howard and Trish Skelton Mr. and Mrs. Michael Connor Jim and Dreama Thurston Mr. and Mrs. James Thurston Matthew Underwood Mr. and Mrs. Lee Underwood Mr. and Mrs. Al Vick Ms. Mary Marshall Fred Webb Brianna Groleau Westlake Veterinary Medical Center Mr. and Mrs. Terry Board Mrs. Wanda Wetherall and Family Ms. Betty Jean Steele Elizabeth Williams Mr. and Mrs. David Charlton Marilyn Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Edward Smith Winston Mr. and Mrs. Vince Snidow Wiskee Larry and Patricia Rakes Kim and Gloria Woodward Mrs. Leslie Frusco Linda Sue Smith Ms. Sandi Adkins Steve and Lori Strauss Mr. and Mrs. Greg Haley Steven Strauss Ms. Lesleigh Strauss

Lynn Woodward Mrs. Leslie Frusco Martha Worrell Mr. and Mrs. Ed Allen Janet Wynot Ms. Gloriadene Lancaster Cabell Youell River Birch Wealth Management Ms. Nicole Wagner

Mr. and Mrs. James Wilbourne Nancy and Ray Cunningham Bill and Alice Hess Cindy Danieley Ms. Faye Becker Lucy Davis Ms. Pamela Hanks Wendy Day Mrs. Leslie Frusco Mattie DeLong Mr. and Mrs. James Caudill Dixie Ms. Fran Young Carol Downey Mr. and Mrs. Larry Pope Elena and Daniel Ms. Lavonia Welfare Eric and Whitney Eversole Ms. Lavonia Welfare Dr. Mark Finkler Mr. and Mrs. Scott Bauman Ms. Sandra Kelly Art and Marion Kunkle Anonymous Vic and Sue Foti Mr. and Mrs. David Boyd Mr. and Mrs. Barton Wilner Linda Frece Ms. Faye Becker Abbey Frost and JoJo Ms. Shirley Perdue Whitt Bromm, Adele Carliss, Rosie and Cash, Cory and Sarah, David Charles and Charles, Marilyn Fleming, John and Maria Garland, Ali Greenberg, Hannah and Ward, Ann and Bill Hopkins, James and Annie, Barry and Becky Marsh, Terry McGuire, Rebecca Talbot, and Dian Tapscott Mr. and Mrs. Brad and Cathy Greenberg Nancy Hack Valorie Drinkwine Hansen Ms. Christine Merriman Bev and Roger Henderson Ms. Kathie Childers Diana & John Holman Mrs. Leslie Frusco Allen and Jean Ingram Mr. and Mrs Charles Jordan Islay Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Dickinson Frank and Susan Jack Ms. Heidi Jack

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Allen Ed and Becky Allen Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Armstrong Allen and Jean, Leigh and James Mr. and Mrs. William King Porter Anderson Dr. and Mrs. Barbara Porter Riley Ann Colleen Butcher Jeff and Nancy Armstrong Mr. and Mrs. Ed Allen Atlas Ms. Sheila Segal Jessica Thompson Baldwin Ms. Levinia Thompson Judy Bates and Kaia Mr. and Mrs. Kim and Alan Turner The Beat Goes On Wendy Boldman The Davis Family John and Matilda Bradshaw Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ellett Ray and Jane Brill Mr. and Mrs. Alan Follett Brian W. Britt Mrs. Donna Britt Mr. and Mrs. Clint Hopkins Carole and Bandit Mr. and Mrs. Nick Thomas Rebecca Cheatham, Mr. and Mrs. S. Leard Huggins, Mr. Herman Friedman and Family, Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Ford, Mr. and Mrs. Ken Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Todd Livingood and Family, Mr. and Mrs. George Salley Ms. Alice Dugger Kathie Childers Mr. and Mrs. Roger Henderson Charlotte Childers Ms. Kristie Ward Sandra Chisholm Mrs. Nancy Bowser Lesleigh Cook Mr. and Mrs. Danny Templeton Sam, Sally, Emma, and Darby Craver Ms. Elizabeth Carter (Vinton Line Dancers) Ms. Patricia Davidson

In Recognition Of: Charlotte Mr. and Mrs. Bob Herskovitz

Cory, Sam, and Pete Mrs. Betsy Hatfield Lillian Dorathy Mr. Tom Dorathy Hershey Ms. Janet West Mi’chael

Ms. Sue Morrow Marlene North Mr. Mark Hinton Irene L. Parmenter Mr. Mark Hinton Jerry Peck Mr. and Mrs. David Mumford Sunshine Mr. and Mrs. John Bradshaw

Richard Jack The Jeromes Mr. and Mrs. Terry Board


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