Partners and Paws Fall 2023

A PUP’S progress

Hi again! It’s me, Lion, and I have so much to tell you all in this edition of Pup’s Progress! It has been a very busy few months for me at Saint Francis. I can’t believe how much I have learned and all the big, new things still in store for me. But first, I have been doing just a little reminiscing about how much I have overcome to get to where I am today. As some of you may know, I was born with a heart problem called Persistent Aortic Arch. I was lucky enough to have so many people at Saint Francis that loved me and believed in me, so they helped me get the best care possible. I had surgery at a big place called Virginia Tech, and after even more tender, loving care from my Saint Francis family, I was back on my feet. And boy, did I hit the ground running! Now, two years later, I am almost done with my training to become what I know I am meant to be - a SAINT FRANCIS SERVICE DOG! My cool teacher Cortney in Advanced Training says I have done an awesome job learning all my new tasks. One of my favorites is “Refrigerator”. I love running to open the door, grabbing the bag

inside, and running back to my trainer to put it in her lap. This will be very important if my person needs help getting special items like medicine! We also have been spending A LOT of time going on adventures. By being out and about in lots of different places, Cortney knows I will be able to focus with my new partner, NO MATTER WHAT! Now, for the most exciting part of all! After I passed my second big test to make sure I was ready, my friends at Saint Francis set up these really cool meetings called “matching interviews”. I got to meet some amazing people that my trainers thought may be a good match for me. I got to show off all my skills and practice working with them! It makes my heart happy knowing how much effort has gone into my journey to be a Saint Francis Service Dog. I know I am going to make the people who have helped me along the way so proud of what I have accomplished. I plan on sharing all the love that has been given to me with my person. Stay tuned for next time when I hope to introduce you to my new partner!


“I can’t wait to share all the love that has been given to me! ”


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