Partners and Paws Fall 2023

Fall 2023

PARTNERS PAWS AND Empowering and transforming the lives of people with disabilities - one dog, one person, one family, one community at time

a winding path Brandon Oaks and Hank Team Brandon Oaks and Hank - dedicated to Marvin and Joy Smith

It has been mere months since Saint Francis Facility Dog Hank started his new role at Brandon Oaks. But, from the moment he first set paw on the grounds of this sprawling community, it was clear that this is exactly where he was meant to be. “It brings energy and joy into the community. I don’t care how old you are, we all need a little joy, and he certainly brings that,” says Ben Burks, Brandon Oaks Executive Director and Hank’s primary handler. Hank, with his friendly face and innate ability to make you feel at ease, is a perfect fit for the big role he has taken on. However, the journey leading him there has been unique, winding down a path filled with love and purpose. In 2022, after more than two years of training with Saint Francis, Hank was expertly matched with Bruce. Hank faithfully served as Bruce’s teammate, until Bruce unexpectedly passed away earlier this year. (continued on pg. 3)

A message from Cabell

It is my favorite event of the year: Saint Francis Graduation! I have been the Executive Director at Saint Francis for twenty years, and Graduation never gets old. I just love it. Hope and joy run in a strong current through the day, with pride and gratitude as the top notes. It’s the best. This Graduation is particularly poignant, because the dogs graduating today began their journey at Saint Francis over two years ago at the height of the pandemic. We were still setting records for numbers of cases in 2021. Obviously, the pandemic impacted all of us in many ways. For Saint Francis, it was impossible to continue puppy classes, training sessions, and candidate classes as we had done in the past. Our staff worked from home or in odd shifts to keep apart. Many veterinary offices closed unless it was an emergency. Many dog breeders took a pause in breeding puppies, due to supply chain worries and lack of quick access to medical care. For many of our partners, COVID exposure was especially dangerous due to underlying conditions. Thanks to all of you, we were able to meet the challenge. With the support of our board of directors and key donors, we were able to construct a pavilion debt-free, where we could safely hold puppy classes, training sessions, and matching interviews. The men of our Prison Pup Program stepped up, led their own classes, and helped each other raise their dogs when we were unable to go

into prison due to COVID lockdowns. Our candidates enthusiastically participated in Zoom classes and trainings, despite it being new to many of us. Our staff found new ways to operate, including building entirely new programs to keep our training pipeline open. I know it’s nice to think of those times as long passed. But for us, this graduating class, which got their start right in the nitty gritty of it, is truly a testament to the resiliency of our dogs, partners, programs, staff, volunteers, and supporters, who stuck by us through it all. We could not be more thrilled or proud to be here on the other side with these teams, and with all we learned from the experience building us to an even brighter future…together. Through a journey that challenged all of us, these dog have found their forever people, families, and purpose. None of it could have happened without the more than one thousand people who gave of themselves to enable us to produce these kind, gentle, smart and healthy dogs. From puppy raisers, sitters, dog walkers, and professional trainers, to donors, corporate partners, and grantors, we cannot do what we do without you. Because of you, we are able to provide these incredible animals, along with training and lifetime support to our partners at no cost to them. It is an amazing privilege to be the stewards of your generosity, and I can’t wait for you to read on and meet the extraordinary people and the exceptional dogs that you allow us to serve.

“We could not be more thrilled or proud to be on the other side with these teams... and building a brighter future together.”

Executive Director


Bruce and Hank

Brandon Oaks and Hank (cont. from cover)

Bruce’s family made the gracious decision to return Hank to Saint Francis, so that he could continue the work they believed he was meant to do. Our team is committed to always finding the best possible place for each dog in our program, so when Hank returned to us, we took extra care to make sure he was prepared to be placed once again. After the time he needed to re-adjust and for our trainers to ensure he was able to continue his work, the matching process began again. “ He is just so friendly and so gentle. That was evident very quickly. I knew that would resonate very well with the staff and residents here at Brandon Oaks,” says Burks. As we considered Hank’s next step, it seemed that stepping into the job of facility dog would suit him well. Brandon Oaks is home to many residents that need various levels of care, including assisted living, long term care, and memory care. Through his expert training, Hank has mastered more than 40 highly specialized tasks and skills that have been easily integrated in the many activities that benefit the people living in the Brandon Oaks community. “We play bowling with him, we play cornhole, any fetching, or just taking him on walks with residents. That is a really nice way to get them out of their room and do some exercise,” says Mallory Maycock,

Brandon Oaks Assisted Living Activities Coordinator.

Beyond the physical support and assistance Hank provides, just his sheer presence has already made a big impact. In the short time he has been there, the team at

Brandon Oaks says they have seen so many beautiful moments that are a testament to Hank’s ability to encourage connection and independence.

“There was a resident in memory care who loved her dog and had to give her dog up because of the changes in her condition. She communicated and came out when Hank was around and just beamed. Those moments are powerful,” Burk s says.

Joan, a resident in Assisted Living, has simply nicknamed Hank “my happiness”, and like so many other residents, now looks forward to the mornings he greets her. “Everyone just lights up when they see Hank. It is really nice to see the joy on their faces when we knock on the door and say that Hank is here,” says Maycock. As this partnership grows, we can’t wait to see how many more lives Hank touches on the winding path that brought him to the place he is now meant to be.


Thank you! THE CLASS

Radford Public Library and Oliver “By being part of the every day, he makes it very special here. He increases these opportunities for socialization and connectivity between the patrons and between the staff and the patrons, and he does it so effortlessly.”- Elizabeth Sensabaugh, Oliver’s Handler

Emily and Gertti

“One of the biggest benefits of having Gertti is Emily’s

communication has increased. It just makes Emily very visible, instead of invisible. It is like having a constant. I think that is very important.” -Kim, Emily’s mom


These graduates are the reason for everything we do. They are why our beautiful dogs are cherished, lovingly raised, and taught for over two years by people who will ultimately say goodbye to them. They are why our volunteers work tirelessly. They are why our donors give generously.

These five new placements in our Saint Francis Family - the Class of 2023 - exist because of you.

To our puppy raisers, trainers, volunteers, and supporters - thank you from the bottom of our hearts. OF 2023!


ZuZu into the Saint Francis Breeding Program

Beatrice into the Saint Francis Breeding Program “She was very special from the get-go. To see her having the opportunity to pass those traits along to the next generation of service dogs is so rewarding.“ -Tonya, Beatrice’s whelper

Brandon Oaks and Hank

“It is really nice to see the joy on their faces when we knock on the door and say that Hank is here. Especially for the ones that maybe don’t get out very often or have many visitors.” -Mallory Maycock, Hank’s handler

“She is a very special animal. I am very proud of her. And I am very proud of Saint Francis that saw the potential in her. “ -Thais, ZuZu’s Puppy Raiser

Watch the entire 2023 Graduation Ceremony at


Creating our Future

At Saint Francis, we are deeply committed to our mission of helping people with disabilities achieve their goals and have greater independence through partnership with our exceptional service and facility dogs. These life-changing partnerships all begin with one crucial element - the highest quality puppies bred with exemplary health and temperament standards. When the COVID-19 pandemic shut the world down, Saint Francis, just like everyone across the globe, felt major effects. We suddenly lost access to those exceptionally bred puppies crucial to fulfilling our mission. We had to innovate. “We were fortunate that during that time, Gibson was bred just in time so that we would have a litter of puppies during the pandemic,” says Kathy Marr, Saint Francis Breeding Program Manager. To fill the overwhelming need, we drew on the collective expertise of our staff and the tireless support of our volunteers. We selected Saint Francis dog in training, Gibson, to produce three litters over the last three years, which put precious puppies back into our program. From those three litters, nineteen puppies began their journey. This made it possible for us to keep our training pipeline open as the world slowly returned to its new normal. Now, two of our sweet Gibson’s girls, ZuZu Petals and Beatrice, are charting new territory in the Saint Francis family, as we officially launch our very own Saint Francis Service Dogs Breeding Program. The Saint Francis Breeding Program

angel tree

Each year, you bring holiday cheer to our puppies and dogs in training by donating toys, treats, and gift cards to our Angel Tree. These items are used throughout the year by dogs at every level of our program. Thank you! Beginning in November Our dogs have been very good boys and girls, and soon, the wishlists they have been working hard on will be available around Roanoke. For a sneak peek of their lists and more information, or to contribute early, visit:

Your support will make their holiday wishes come true and help them on their journey to enable people with disabilities to live richer, fuller lives.


“We have so many people on the wait list, it is really wonderful to know that we are starting this, and there is going to be a flow of puppies into the program, because there is such a need,” says Kris Sorensen, Saint Francis Services Coordinator and Beatrice’s Puppy Raiser. This new program would not be possible without our incredible Saint Francis family. The puppies born out of our Breeding Program will be cared for and loved by volunteer W helpers and enter our specialized training program with the guidance of volunteer Puppy Raisers. The support and generosity of our donors will make it possible for this program to grow and flourish, ultimately helping us to raise, train, and place hundreds of service dogs over the next many years to come. The future we are building is bright. We can’t wait for all the journeys ahead as our new puppies grow into life-changing dogs. Stay tuned for some very exciting news as we grow together!

“Hopefully Gibson’s daughters will produce puppies, and from each one of their litters, we’ll look at their daughters and see what kind of puppies we can make for Saint Francis to be good service dogs,” Kathy says. Placing both sweet and strong ZuZu and smart and sassy Beatrice into the roles of our Saint Francis Mama Dogs is an important step for the future of our organization. Establishing the Saint Francis Breeding Program allows us to provide a steady stream of puppies, specifically bred for service work, into our “We will have access to better puppies, and we will have more control over the timing of our puppies,” says Kathy. With our own Breeding Program, we also benefit from the specific selection of our breeding lines, as well as being there from the very beginning of these puppies’ lives. This gives us the opportunity to start right away with socialization and enrichment activities, along with early and frequent health and temperament screenings. All of this will be done with one goal in mind - placing more exceptional dogs with the extraordinary people who are waiting for a service dog of their own. “We will have access to better puppies, and we will have more control over the timing of our puppies.” program, so that we can answer the overwhelming need for these vital teammates.

ZuZu Petals



- Kathy Marr


A PUP’S progress

Hi again! It’s me, Lion, and I have so much to tell you all in this edition of Pup’s Progress! It has been a very busy few months for me at Saint Francis. I can’t believe how much I have learned and all the big, new things still in store for me. But first, I have been doing just a little reminiscing about how much I have overcome to get to where I am today. As some of you may know, I was born with a heart problem called Persistent Aortic Arch. I was lucky enough to have so many people at Saint Francis that loved me and believed in me, so they helped me get the best care possible. I had surgery at a big place called Virginia Tech, and after even more tender, loving care from my Saint Francis family, I was back on my feet. And boy, did I hit the ground running! Now, two years later, I am almost done with my training to become what I know I am meant to be - a SAINT FRANCIS SERVICE DOG! My cool teacher Cortney in Advanced Training says I have done an awesome job learning all my new tasks. One of my favorites is “Refrigerator”. I love running to open the door, grabbing the bag

inside, and running back to my trainer to put it in her lap. This will be very important if my person needs help getting special items like medicine! We also have been spending A LOT of time going on adventures. By being out and about in lots of different places, Cortney knows I will be able to focus with my new partner, NO MATTER WHAT! Now, for the most exciting part of all! After I passed my second big test to make sure I was ready, my friends at Saint Francis set up these really cool meetings called “matching interviews”. I got to meet some amazing people that my trainers thought may be a good match for me. I got to show off all my skills and practice working with them! It makes my heart happy knowing how much effort has gone into my journey to be a Saint Francis Service Dog. I know I am going to make the people who have helped me along the way so proud of what I have accomplished. I plan on sharing all the love that has been given to me with my person. Stay tuned for next time when I hope to introduce you to my new partner!


“I can’t wait to share all the love that has been given to me! ”


To read prior editions of A Pup’s Progress, visit

Join us April 15-21 for our spring fundraiser, Barks ‘n Rec! Earlier this year, so many of you helped make the third annual Barks ‘n Rec a week of fun, contests, prizes, Saint Francis spirit, and an incredible showing of support for our mission. We are excited to announce that Barks ‘n Rec 2024 is coming in April! Make sure you follow us on social media and are subscribed to our email list to be the first to hear about how to join in on the fun this year!

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June 1 - September 30, 2023

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Cyrus Ms. Joanne Hawley Dolly Ms. Carole Edwards

Kramer Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Johnson

Patty Revels and Zeus Anonymous

Agnes Mr. and Mrs. Richard Scott

Marion C. Riggs Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Quesenberry Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Thompson Ms. Joyce Thompson

Mickey Layne Ms. Melanie Bowles

Carol Sue Anthony Stuart Jones

My parents and special cousin, Shirley Durrant Ms. Doris Simpson

Jackson B. Love Ms. Lucy Davis

Boo Mrs. Nancy Cunningham

Elfleda Ring Ms. Mery Claire Butler

Eldor Mr. Daniel Lynn

Lucy Mr. and Mrs. Humes Franklin

Bobbi Brabant Mr. Joseph Brabant

Mimosa Robinson Whitney Eversole

and Ms. Rosemary Mitchell

MacDuff Yvonne Olson

Brandy Ms. Janet West

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Dr. LeRoy Stanwood Roemer Karen Carl Mr. and Mrs. Allen Fuzi Nancy Miller

and Ms. Rosemary Mitchell

Michael James Manning Mr. and Mrs. Abney Boxley Judith Gilbert Martin Ms. Nancy Ruth Patterson

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Emily Mr. and Mrs. Rand Garrett

Glenn Roemer Ms. Ellen Weil

Finley Ms. Rebecca Perdue

Bruce Rollins Mrs. Kelly Rollins

Hunter McCray Kimberly McCray William Moles Mrs. Linda Moles Nicholas Ms. Starr Shank

Finn Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Johnson Frazier Mr. and Mrs. Rand Garrett

Richard “Dick” Saacke Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Caceci Ronnie Scott Mr. and Mrs. John Bradshaw Conrad Shad Ms. Lisa Faist and Mr. Bill Nash

Jackson Brown Ms. Pamela Hanks Bud Ms. Karen McLaurin

Cody Frye Mr. and Mrs. William Ray

Matthew Ogle Ms. Jean Evans

Callie Mr. and Mrs. Dale Rucker

Ginger Ms. Barbara Neal

Landon Shaff Ms. Jacquelyn McCurdy Otha Herbert Shelton Mr. and Mrs. Jim Miller Sherrill Smith Ms. Dorothy Richardson

Joseph M. Paoletti Dr. and Mrs. J. Bruce Hauser Peggy Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rencsok

Cary Hon. and Mrs. Charles McCormick Charlie, Sugar, Maggie, Chloe, Mya, Parker, Gabby, Chang, Violet, Jeb, Toby, Suzi, Nora, Ruby, Tucker, Bandit, Onyx, Max, Max, Sammy, Trixie, Kitt, Lyla, Dakota, Steven, Canela, Carolina, Milly Dr. Courtney and Mr. Spencer Wiegard

Hecate Yvonne Olson

Ann Helper Mrs. Barbara Honeycutt Ascension S. Horchler Ms. Sandi Adkins Indie Mr. and Mrs. Rand Garrett

Doug Proffit Ms. Sheila Proffit

Sofie Mrs. Jan Barnett

Valerie Rasnake Melinda and Jean Mays Charles Rehnborg Corey Tucker Opal Reed Ms. Jennifer Dickerson

Solomon Mrs. and Mr. Jane and Bill Confroy

Kitt Curbow Mark and Cynthia Curbow

Gordon L. King Mrs. Carol King


In Memory Of: (cont.) Racine Sayer Stefancic Mr. and Mrs. Russ Cassidy Mr. and Mrs. Charles Farley Mercer-Tazewell Co. Ms. Glenda Meyers Tina Mills Stephanie Musick Leigh Owens Mr. and Mrs. Jim Wood WV Alpha Mu Jean Hogan Stover Mr. and Mrs. David Kapp Teddy Mr. and Mrs. Rand Garrett Mr. Paul Hodges Ms. Elizabeth Lilly

Stephen J. Aukward Ms. Judith Conley Kellie Bock Jane Banister Cynthia Fox Matthew Sampson Ray and Jane Brill Mr. and Mrs. Alan Follett

Haley McCormick and Charlie Mrs. Maude Coggin

Ms. Jane Nolan Ms. Salle Ann Gill

Thank you to our cherished group of monthly donors. Ms. Sandi Adkins Mr. and Mrs. Ed Allen Jourdan Alvarado Cat Ayers Mr. Ralph Baker Mr. and Mrs. Abney Boxley Mrs. Mary Branch Chris Brown Mr. and Mrs. John Carlin Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Cody Mr. William Corey

Partners At Bland Correctional Center Terrie Sternberg Riley Ms. Gene Smallwood Kris Sorensen Mr. Richard Sorensen Susan Tabor Mr. and Mrs. Steve Davis Tandem’s Recertification Mr. and Mrs. Mike Russin Wiskee Larry and Patricia Rakes

Brian W. Britt Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Coppage

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Brutus Mrs. Brian & Nadia Summo

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and Ms. Kathy Umbdenstock Ms. Lee Cox Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Crist Ms. Kathy Cvizic Ms. Carole Denney Mrs. Brandy Disbennett-Albrecht Ms. Deborah Duerk Mrs. Kay Early Ms. Carole Edwards Ms. Charlene Fay Ms. Margaret Finn Mark Fisher Mr. and Mrs. David Fretwell Mr. and Mrs. Nathan and Kari Grim Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hack Ms. Cathie Havrilesky

Cooper Ms. Gene Smallwood

Greg Tolzmann Mr. and Mrs. Charles Souter

Cabell Youell Mr. Lloyd Ruona

Beck and Lucy Gilmore Anonymous

Wassie Mr. and Mrs. Patricia Edwards Mr. and Mrs. Rand Garrett Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McDonald Ms. Kathy Morck

Alex Zammit Ms. Lindsay Taylor

Mrs. Gladys Greene and Sadie Dr. and Mrs. Nelson Greene Tyler Hatcher and Palmer Mrs. Susan Randall Islay Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Dickinson

In Recognition Of: Luke Ms. Mary Ryan

David and Rita Weaver Ms. Sara Weaver

Larry Wright Dr. Janice Buss

Sasha Ms. Fran Young

Michelle Gereaux Karim Mrs. Helen Carty

Mr. David Hudson Ms. Christy Izard Mr. and Mrs. David Kapp Mrs. Jackie Lantz Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lash Ms. Angela Laug Mr. John Lawrence Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Love Ms. Cynthia Martin Mr. Tim Masick

In Honor Of: 2023 Graduates Ms. Linda Ives and Mr. Steve Lucado Andre Mr. and Mrs. Brian & Nadia Summo

Tina Kurt Ms. Mary Marshall Bob Lee Ms. Patricia Meyer

and Ms. Elizabeth Adams

Pat and Kevin Magee Mr. Thomas Oneto

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Mr. and Mrs. Karl McNeece Mr. and Mrs. Mark Milberger Ms. Erin Morris Mr. and Mrs. David Nickell Mrs. Susan Paganelli Mr. and Mrs. Demetrio Perez Asad I Quasem Mr. and Mrs. Katie and Ryan Read Ms. Elizabeth Sensabaugh Mrs. Drusilla Sexton Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Krista Sinnott Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Smith Ms. Nancy Smith Ms. Kris Sorensen Mr. Bodo Stock Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Sulka Mr. and Mrs. Brian & Nadia Summo Mr. and Mrs. Barry Vann Mr. and Mrs. Bob Villamil Ms. Jackie Werb Dr. and Mrs. Edward White Dr. Courtney and Mr. Spencer Wiegard Mr. Ronald Winter Mr. and Mrs. Jim Wisser Matthew Witting Mr. and Mrs. Ann Marie and Reggie Wood Mr. Draper Woody To join the Saint Francis Friends Club as a faithful monthly donor, visit:

Our Saint Francis Big Dogs Mr. and Mrs. Jake Allison Kenneth “Andy” Anderson and Dr. Marti Anderson Mike and Carol Anderson Dr. Tim Andriano Mr. and Mrs. Michael Brunette Mr. and Mrs. Sam and Sally Craver Jo Lynn Draper Duffy Family Foundation Mr. Peter Emch

Membership in this leadership group is reserved for those who give generously to our vital Prison Pup Program at Bland Correctional Center. Our Big Dogs Prison Pup Partners are essential in sustaining our mission and placing service dogs with those who need them.

Dr. and Mrs. Mark Finkler First Four Petroleum LLC Linda and Frank Foti Foti, Flynn, Lowen & Co. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Foti Dr. and Mrs. Paul Frantz Mr. Ed Hall

Happy Endings Bar and Grill Mr. and Mrs. Peter Milward Ms. Mary Anne Mullins and Mr. Christopher Robinson Ms. Yvonne Olson

Mr. and Mrs. John Olver Mr. and Mrs. Jim Petrine

Ms. Elizabeth Parsons Mrs. Emily Reynolds Mike and Krista Sinnott Mrs. Joy Davis Smith Mr. Marvin Smith Mr. and Mrs. Steve Strauss Mr. Maury Strauss Jr. Suzanne Thorniley Varsity Landscaping and Grounds Karen and Chuck Wakeford Mr. and Mrs. Barton Wilner Ann Marie and Reggie Wood Ms. Dianne Woody

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Saint Francis Service Dogs is a secular, nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization, whose mission is to help people with disabilities achieve their goals and have greater independence through partnership with exceptional service and facility dogs. An envelope is enclosed for your convenience, if you would like to make a tax-deductible contribution to support the mission of Saint Francis Service Dogs.

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