Oak Hill Academy Policy Manual

Cell Phone Violations • Late turning in phone or using phone in a restricted area: No phone the next two eligible days • Possessing phone outside prescribed times: o 1 st offense: § 3 days work detail § 3 days table restriction § Loss of cell phone for 5 weeks o 2 nd offense: § Refer to Honor Court Tobacco and Nicotine Products • The consequences for use or possession of tobacco or nicotine products on campus are as follows: Placed on Work Detail List, loss of allowance for one week, designated to a smoking fund used for student enrichment, Level I Campused until work detail is completed. In addition, the following action will be taken: o 1st violation: Letter home to parents and the student will be counseled by the Nurse regarding the health risks involved with this behavior. o 2 nd violation: Conference with the Nurse and respective Dean, including call home to parents.

o 3rd violation: The student will meet with the Nurse to create an intervention plan for cessation. This will be communicated to the Associate Head of School, and the student’s parents. o Any further violations: Referral to the Associate Head of School for further disciplinary action and possible dismissal.

Drugs or Alcohol • If a student uses drugs or alcohol, the following actions will be taken: o Level II Campused o Placed on Work Detail List o Periodically drug tested for the remainder of the school year o May be referred to the Director of Counseling

o Subject to expulsion with any remaining balance owed to the school becoming immediately due and payable. (All grades and transcripts will be held until the entire yearly costs are paid in full.)


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