Oak Hill Academy Policy Manual

Definitions of Disciplinary Action • RESTRICTION (Failure to comply with restriction regulations may result in suspension or expulsion.) o Social Restriction – Social restriction entails no communication with a designated student for a certain length of time. o Dorm Restriction – All social privileges are removed during the period of restriction. This includes such activities as movies, all socials including Sunday afternoon social, ball games, store privileges, or any other school activity scheduled at the time of restriction. o Room Restriction – Confined to the dormitory room except for class attendance. May not visit another student’s room or have visitors in his/her room. One who is on room restriction loses all privileges for off-campus trips or visitation at home on weekends. All social privileges are removed during this period of restriction, including socials, ball games, movies and other activities. Electronic devices will be taken from the room. Student must eat all meals in the dormitory. (The Resident Manager will provide meals.) Student loses all telephone privileges. Student cannot attend club meetings. o Campus Store Restriction – Students may be restricted from the Campus Store. Students may not secure Campus Store items from other students or be present at the Campus Store. • WORK DETAIL – The student is assigned to work wherever there is a need to improve the campus, e.g., clearing brush, cleaning buildings, mucking out the barn, picking up trash, raking leaves or any other work assigned by the supervisor of the Work Detail. The student will have no Campus Store privileges until work detail is completed. • CAMPUSED o Level I – The student cannot leave campus for any purpose during the stated period of time EXCEPT for an academic trip or participation on an interscholastic sports team. o Level II – The student cannot leave campus for any purpose during the stated period of time. • DETENTION – Each teacher has a published set of classroom rules and regulations. When a student disrupts learning by chronically disobeying or egregiously violating a classroom rule they are subject to an after school detention. Students who are sent out of class are automatically eligible for detention. Detention is a 45 minute reflection penalty served after the school day is over. Students will write some form of reflective work to explain their action and describe how they will prevent another incident. A teacher may elect to hold the student after school in the classroom rather than take official disciplinary action. • IN-SCHOOL SUSPENSION – A student may be placed on “in-school suspension” by an administrator. During any such designated time, the suspended student will have no contact with other students during the school day. Assignments will be carried out under the direction of the Principal or someone designated by the Principal.


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