potential and help them dream bigger dreams. • Give themsignificant opportunities to lead in the context of your organization. Give them stretch assignments. Give them specific roles that will equip them for a great future in leadership. Give them assignments you wish someone had given you when you were their age. • Provide constructive feedback that will expand their leadership capacity. Don’t practice false kindness and avoid the essential feedback that will help them maximize their potential. Point out the critical areas they need to grow, while at the same time demonstrating your confidence in them. • Expose them to great books, great leaders and great environments that will expand their thinking. When young leaders are kept in one environment, they fail to develop a depth and dimension they will need to lead when they face new or different contexts. • Challenge them to live with integrity and dream with audacity. What if we could challenge the next generation of

leaders to see further than we saw, believe bigger than we believed, or trust God for a movement of revival the likes of which the world has never seen? Why wouldn’t we champion, challenge and resource next generation leaders this way? There are only three answers to this question: busyness, laziness or selfishness. In other words, there is no good reason not to champion next-generation leaders. Underneath the many possible excuses, I believe there is one deep-seated reason: fear. People avoid that which they are afraid of. So could it be that your leaders avoid the investment in others because of the fear of failure? Fear of not knowing how? Fear of being replaced? Or fear of someone’s doing the job better? To leverage your leaders’ impact and see an exponential emergence of new and better leaders, your task is to identify and confront the fear. As you discover the real reasons behind their fear, you can begin to reconstruct their confidence as a developer by simply

encouraging, coaching, and challenging them along the journey. Your greatest success will be seeing them confidently succeed in the reproduction of new leaders. So many times we lock ourselves into a position. We say, “Oh, this is my passion. I love it here. I love this organization. I love this position. I love what I’m doing.” And we never develop anybody to do what we’re doing. It never occurs to us to get somebody else to teach and to build a team, because this is our job. Find somebody, two or three people that you can reproduce yourself in, and teach them to do what you’re doing. When you have a mindset of succession, you will have a regular practice of multiplication. By doing so, you leave a legacy in your organization – because you never know when you’re going be gone. Mac Lake is the Visionary Architect for The Launch Network, a church planting network based out of Atlanta, Georgia. He feels a sense of urgency for developing leaders who produce leaders. www.maclakeonline.com

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