You give because you care. You give because you have a vision for community impact. You give because you recognize that social benefit organizations bring real social change. You give a drop of water in the ocean so that one dollar, one organization at a time, we can change the world! Our social benefit organizations are struggling due to the lack of funding, disengaged boards, uninterested volunteers, and few skilled leaders leaving the intended impact as a dry streambed. We don’t believe it is acceptable for desperately needed social benefit organizations to stagnate and fail. We believe that with better leadership training, increased collaboration, and focused cultures, a clear vision and the strategy to reach clear objectives will change the world! Enter SynerVision Leadership Foundation. We are a nonprofit organization of successful leaders from a broad

spectrum of industries that all have significant success helping nonprofits grow. SynerVision was created to take those collective successes and “teach our social benefit organizations how to fish better.” Failure is not an option, nor is stagnation. This is why we exist. Visit SynerVisionFoundation.org/donate and give to help us live our mission. Your gift can connect a pastor to a supportive network that understands and encourages growth. Your gift can bless a nonprofit leader with an opportunity to engage thought leaders from across the country in developing better strategy. Your gift provides better research, stronger networks, deeper connections, growing leadership, more engaged memberships, and boards with a capacity to grow organizations. Give today! Collectively we can create a wave.


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