Publishers’ Corner In 2014, we launched Nonprofit Professional Performance 360 Magazine as co-publishers, as an extension of Jeff’s Professional Performance Magazine and Performance 360 brand. Our feedback from readers has been amazing. Every reader points out the relevance of the content and the timeless quality of the infor- mation. As you may notice, there are no dates on the issues or in the content because we create content that has lasting value over time. Leadership values are universal, no matter when or where you lead. This issue focuses on transitions. Here is the statement that guided our content creation for this issue: To everything there is a season…and as seasons change, so do the people, programs, and focus of organiza- tions. In this issue of Nonprofit Performance Magazine , we will focus on the inevitable transitions in the nonprofit world. Our contributors will lay out a road map for managing change in the leadership and governance team, how to find new life after the “death” of a program, and how the conclusion of a grant can actually provide new opportunities for a nonprofit to flourish. Life is a series of transitions. The organizations we lead are constantly in a state of change; in fact, the only thing that doesn’t change is change itself. Things will change. To assist our members, boards, staff, and stakeholders to grasp this concept, it might be helpful to use the word transition, rather than change. Or maybe the word transformation could add energy to move our focus from the past and look ahead in creating a sustainable future. Followers live in the present and leaders live in the future, at least mentally. We make things hap- pen and influence others to follow the vision that we champion.

We are sure that there are articles in this issue that will inspire your own transitions and em- power your own transformation. Leaders are always moving up the scale of continuing im- provement and working on capacity building for the organizations in our care. Enjoy the transitions and be transformed as you inspire transformation.

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