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8. Falsification or unauthorized possession of community records or employment records, including HIPAA violations.


Refusal to perform assigned duties.

10. Insubordination.

11. Immoral or indecent conduct while on community property or during working time. 12. Punching another employee's time card, filling out another employee's time sheet, or having a time card punched by another employee.

13. Divulging employee, resident, or company confidential information.

14. Destruction of community property, vendor property, or property of another employee, visitor, or resident. 15. Losing, diverting, pocketing, or otherwise failing to properly administer residentsÊ medication.

16. Sleeping on the job.

17. Gambling on the premises.

18. Leaving work area/community during normally scheduled work hours without authorization; walking off the job. 19. Accepting employment or working at another job while on a leave of absence. 20. Acts of prejudice or discrimination, physical contact/harassment of other employees.

21. Failure to perform job as dictated by state/federal agencies.

22. Conviction of a felony that makes the employee unfit for his/her job or causes the employee to be a threat to the safety and well being of our residents, employees or the Company in any way.

23. Violation of Company conflict-of-interest policy.

24. Other violations of established policies and procedures, judged to be major in nature. Employment with the Company is at the mutual consent of the Company and the employee, and either party may terminate that relationship at any time, with or without cause, and with or without advance notice. It is understood that the list of major and minor examples are listed for illustrative purposes and will not restrict the Company from taking corrective measures for other actions judged not to be in the best interests of the community, residents or employees. The Company has the right to exercise its rights to terminate the employment relationship at any time without cause.


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