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X. TERMINATION OF EMPLOYMENT When termination of employment becomes necessary, whether employee or employer initiated, the Company shall follow proper procedures to assure equitable treatment of all parties. There are several categories of termination recognized by the Company.


Voluntary quit




Reduction in force

4. Failure to return after completion of a bona-fide leave of absence

5. Engaging in gainful employment (without Company approval) during a leave of absence 6. Absence without properly notifying the Company is considered a „no call, no show‰ and is classified as a voluntary resignation NOTE: Unless otherwise authorized by the Executive Director, terminated employees are restricted from returning to the Company property or continuing contact with community residents.


Should you decide to terminate your employment, advance written notice is required prior to your separation date, according to the following: 1. Managers (i.e. Executive Director, Business Office Manager, Department Heads, etc.) – at least thirty (30) days written notice

2. All other employees - at least two (2) weeks written notice

This notice is to be submitted, in writing, to your immediate supervisor or Executive Director and will enable us to replace you without undue inconvenience to our residents and your fellow workers. If you leave employment voluntarily and fail to give proper notice, and/or fail to work out your entire resignation notice, you will forfeit all fringe benefits, including vacation. Resignation notice is to be actual time worked; paid vacation and sick time cannot be granted as a substitution for an employeeÊs notice.


In the event a reduction of work force hours becomes necessary due to low resident census, reorganization to improve costs and efficiency, or for some unforeseen reason beyond the control of the community, consideration will be given to such factors as seniority, job performance, qualifications to perform other jobs, job classification and employment status by shift.


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