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The health and welfare of all our employees is a top priority of our organization. Our return to work policy is to return an employee to employment at the earliest possible date following an injury or illness. The Company defines transitional work as temporary, modified work assignments within the employeeƊs physical abilities, knowledge and skills. Where possible, transitional positions will be made available to injured employees to minimize or eliminate time lost, and to promote a smooth and timely transition from an injured state to a state of wellness and regained ability to perform regular job duties.


You should become familiar with the community policy on fires and the location of fire extinguishers and emergency exits, so that you will be prepared in the event of a fire. Please acquaint yourself with the physical layout of the community. Should you suspect or discover a fire, IMMEDIATELY TAKE THE APPROPRIATE ACTION.


By keeping your work area clean and neat, you show that you are proud of your community and the work you do. To help keep your community clean, trash cans have been located throughout the community. Please discard food containers and wrappers in these cans. Separate cans are provided for discarding smoking materials. It is everyone's responsibility to help keep the community clean. To protect the health of our employees and residents, we adhere to a strict policy of infection control. Employees are requested to report any observation of possible infection or inappropriate infection control practices to their immediate supervisor. Absences due to illness may be investigated as to the nature of the illness and its relationship to infection control. Our first and foremost means to preventing the spread of infection is cleanliness, good hand washing practices, and good health habits. OSHA policies for Bloodborne Pathogens will be strictly observed. The protection of employees, residents, visitors, the community, and its contents is everyone's responsibility. From time to time, you may be requested to properly identify yourself and to make available for inspection any package(s) or other containers carried by you when entering or leaving the community. Failure to comply with such inspection may be considered as your unwillingness to cooperate with community management, policy, and procedures. INFECTION CONTROL SECURITY


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