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• Maryland employees: Medical providers can be selected by the injured worker; however, if you need assistance in finding providers in your area speak with the Business Office Manager or contact the workersÊ compensation carrier. The community also has posted a list of local medical providers who accept workersÊ compensation. All employees who have an on-the-job injury that requires medical treatment must undergo an immediate drug and alcohol screening test. If you fail to report accidents and/or injuries promptly and/or refuse to use the panel of physicians and services provided, the WorkersÊ Compensation carrier may question and/or deny your claim. If you are hurt on the job, no matter how slight the injury, please follow these procedures: 1. Report the injury to your supervisor immediately, do not wait until the end of your shift. 2. Complete an Incident Report, identify date/time of injury, position, witness(es) to accident, etc. Completed forms are to be given promptly to the Business Office Manager or the Executive Director. 3. You must get prior approval from a supervisor or the Executive Director for any medical treatment or examination for all work-related injuries. If you fail to get prior approval, you may be held personally responsible for the bill. 4. You will be directed to submit to a drug and alcohol screening test, regardless of severity, if you require medical treatment. 5. Medical documentation will be required to be delivered to the community, by you, after every visit to the physician. Keep your supervisor informed as to the status of your injury. 6. Should you lose work time of one or more days, you must have a signed release from a physician in order to return to work. 7. You may be requested to attend a conference with the Executive Director and/or safety committee. If your injury was caused by your failure to follow safety rules, you may be subject to discipline up to and including dismissal. You are expected to follow these instructions. Employees who fail to immediately report a work-related injury or illness may jeopardize both their own health and their eligibility for workersÊ compensation benefits. We encourage you to ask questions regarding workersÊ compensation procedures, eligibility, and benefits. ACCIDENTS AND INCIDENTS


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