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The employee must be the one to make the call unless you are unable to call or come to work due to circumstances beyond your control. If continued absence is necessary, you are expected to contact your supervisor on a daily basis. If you are out of work due to illness for more than three (3) consecutive days, you must present a medical practitionerÊs certification to your supervisor upon your return to work. For shorter unscheduled absences due to illness, the community may require a physicianÊs certificate. When calling out, your supervisor may require you to arrange coverage for the shift you will miss. Excessive Unscheduled Absences: Excessive unscheduled absenteeism will not be tolerated. Disciplinary action will be taken up to and including termination. Please understand, even with a physicianÊs note, your history of unscheduled absences and attendance can result in disciplinary action. Multi-day unscheduled absences count as one episode. Episodes expire 12 months from the date of incident. Although occurrences will roll off an employeeÊs record after 12 months, habitual offenders (those who have established a pattern of unscheduled absences or routinely calling off on Mondays, Fridays or weekends) may trigger discipline even though old infractions have fallen off. Weekend Absences: Due to reduced staff in the community on weekends, weekend absences are discouraged. If you have an absence on your scheduled weekend you may be required to work the following weekend. Tardiness: Failure to clock in or sign in by the start of your shift will be considered tardiness. Three tardies in a rolling 30 day period may result in disciplinary action. Family and Medical Leave Act: Absences due to qualified leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) will not be counted against an employeeÊs attendance record. Medical documentation within the guidelines of the FMLA may be required. No Call/No Show: A no-call, no-show will be considered a voluntary resignation unless you were unable to call or come to work due to circumstances beyond your control. 2 episodes in a rolling 12 month period 3 episodes in a rolling 12 month period 5 episodes in a rolling 12 month period 6 episodes in a rolling 12 month period Verbal Warning Written Warning Final Warning Termination


The nature of our business and mission requires that all staff members report to work regardless of weather, natural disaster, or other emergencies. Resident care cannot suffer, so we must have the staff working as scheduled to ensure that care is provided. To that end, all staff members are considered essential personnel unless otherwise notified and must follow this policy.


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