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Based on the facts of your specific situation, the Regional or Area Director will make a final determination or if needed, involve the Sr. Vice President of Senior Living. Step 4 – The Sr. Vice President of Senior Living: If the situation is not resolved, you may request a meeting with the Sr. Vice President. The Sr. Vice President will discuss your problem in conjunction with the Executive Director and Regional or Area Director. Based on the facts of your specific situation, the Sr. Vice President will make a final determination. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding these procedures, or have a legitimate reason to bypass or skip these Steps, you must contact Human Resources. Your suggestions and comments, on any subject, are important to us, so we encourage you to take every opportunity to discuss them with us. Your job will not be adversely affected in any way if you choose to use this procedure. As a condition of hire or continued employment, all new employees are required to meet certain criteria mandated by Company policy and/or requirements of state/federal agencies. Such requirements may include, but are not limited to, the following: 1. Accurately completed employment application 2. Satisfactory work references 3. Satisfactory condition of health, including annual TB screenings and required vaccines 4. Proof of current license, registration or certification, if applicable 5. Satisfactory criminal background check 6. Proof of eligibility of employment in the United States (I-9 form required documents) and Department of Homeland Security E-verify check 7. Social Security Card for W-4 verification 8. Signed acknowledgement of this Employee Handbook 9. Signed copy of any other required policies of the Company or community 10. Successful completion of new employee orientation 11. Satisfactory drug testing results 12. Satisfactory Motor Vehicle Record, if applicable 13. Attendance at required in-service trainings and mandatory staff meetings Employment Application: All employees must complete an Employment Application. The Employment Application contains personal information about the prospective employee, including education, work experience, other job-related qualifications, and references. By signing the Employment Application, the job applicant agrees that all items contained in the Employment Application are subject to investigation and the applicant consents to the release of necessary information from former employers, educational institutions, law enforcement agencies, and others. The EMPLOYMENT REQUIREMENTS


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