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It is a priority of HHHunt to provide its employees with a variety of educational and developmental opportunities to acquire and maintain the necessary skills and information to perform at their highest potential. Opportunities will be available onsite, online and in some instances offsite. Sessions are provided regularly at the community by the Executive Director, Resident Care Coordinator and others as needed. It is the employeeÊs responsibility to participate in the required educational sessions to meet state licensing standards or he/she may be suspended until such education is completed. Suggestions for educational topics are always welcome. Records will be maintained at the community, but each employee is encouraged to maintain their own records. HHHunt recognizes the fact that from time to time employees will encounter problems or have questions concerning their employment. It is the policy of the Company that any employee, regardless of position, can go directly to their supervisor or to any supervisor or manager at any time to discuss any subject which they feel is important. It is crucial that all employees are aware of this privilege and that they feel comfortable in discussing important issues with the appropriate management personnel. In fact, it is each employeeÊs duty to report any form of discrimination or harassment you either witness or you believe you have been subjected to. Only through open dialogue can we work together successfully to achieve the goals of the Company and its employees. For this reason, all employees are strongly encouraged to discuss problems openly and frankly with members of management at the community without fear of reprisal. HHHunt prides itself in dealing with employees' problems on a direct and personal basis. If you should have a problem at the community, or questions about HHHunt policies, procedures, wages, benefits, etc., please use the procedure outlined in the following section in an effort to resolve your concern or to answer your question. THE LINES OF COMMUNICATION ARE OPEN Step 1 - Your Department Manager: An employee should first discuss any problems with his or her Department Manager. It is one of the Department ManagerÊs responsibilities to settle misunderstandings among his/her employees. Step 2 - Your Executive Director: If you find you still have questions after meeting with your Department Manager, or if you would like further clarification on a matter, you may request a meeting with the Executive Director. He/she will review the issues and meet with you to discuss possible solutions. Step 3 - Your Regional or Area Director: If the situation is not resolved, you may request a meeting with the Regional or Area Director. The Regional or Area Director will discuss your problem in conjunction with the Executive Director. PROBLEM SOLVING PROCEDURES


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