HHHunt Senior Living Employee Handbook


All employees will receive an annual performance evaluation. Performance evaluations will be conducted by your supervisor. Special emphasis will be given in the following areas: attendance, quality of work, quantity of work, ability to work with others and to follow instructions, past disciplinary record, if any, and other work-related factors. Receiving a performance evaluation or receiving a particular rating on a performance evaluation will not automatically generate an increase in pay. Performance evaluations will become a part of your permanent personnel record. Outstanding work performance can lead to greater opportunities for you as employees are promoted on the basis of merit. Consideration for advancement is given for such factors as qualifications for the job, length of service, work performance, attitude, and other pertinent factors to fulfill the requirements and specifications of the job. When circumstances permit, transfers to other HHHunt communities may be arranged at the employee's and/or Company's request. Employees requesting transfer should submit their request to his or her immediate supervisor in writing, who will refer the request to the Executive Director. The Executive Director will forward the request, along with a copy of your personnel records, to the Executive Director of the community where you would like to transfer. If your transfer is approved by the Company, employment matters such as length of service, benefits, and pay will be discussed with you by your new Executive Director. If you transfer to another HHHunt community within thirty (30) days of leaving the original community, you will receive credit for past service with the Company. However, wage structures may vary from community to community, based on geographic or economic conditions in the new location. All HHHunt Senior Living employees are expected at all times to present a professional, businesslike image to residents, customers, prospects, and the public. Acceptable personal appearance is an ongoing expectation of employment with HHHunt. Supervising managers are expected to administer this policy in a fair and equitable manner and to advise employees upon hire of any special dress, grooming, or hygiene standards at their community. Employees will be provided with guidelines on dress, grooming, and personal hygiene appropriate to their work situation that will portray a professional impression of all HHHunt employees. Radical departures from conventional dress or personal grooming and hygiene standards are not permitted. DRESS CODE POLICY PROMOTIONS/TRANSFERS


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