HHHunt Senior Living Employee Handbook

Employees must comply with the following personal appearance standards:

1. Administrative employees and employees that have consistent contact with the public and residents are expected to dress in a manner that is normally acceptable in similar business establishments. Employees may not wear suggestive attire, jeans, athletic clothing, t-shirts, novelty buttons, hats, headwear, and similar items of casual attire that do not present a businesslike appearance. 2. Hair should be clean, combed, and neatly trimmed or arranged. Shaggy unkempt hair is not permissible regardless of the length. 4. Tattoos that allude to or otherwise depict images or words of obscenity, hate, violence, alcohol, tobacco, drugs or sex may not be visible during work hours. 5. Body piercings and jewelry or other items used with body piercings (other than regular earrings, limited to two pairs) may not be visible or used during work hours. This restriction specifically applies to items such as gauges and bars used with body piercings. 6. For safety reasons, employees working in service oriented situations are required to wear enclosed footwear with non-skid soles. Open footwear, such as sandals, and flip-flops, must not be worn if employed in direct resident service areas and food service areas. 7. Employees must limit cosmetics, jewelry, and length of fingernails not only for safety and hygiene purposes, but also in consideration of residents. 8. Direct care staff are to wear a community designated top with color coordinated pants. Food service, housekeeping, and maintenance are to wear the Company designated clothing. No blue jean material or sweat pants allowed unless approved by management. 9. All employees are required to wear name tags. If lost, employees may be charged a replacement fee. 10. At its discretion, HHHunt may allow employees to occasionally dress in a more casual fashion than is normally required. On these occasions, employees are still expected to present a neat, professional, businesslike image. HHHunt is confident that employees will use their best judgment in following this policy. Your community may have additional dress code guidelines. Failure to abide by the guidelines of this policy or your communityƊs guidelines may lead to corrective action, up to and including termination. 3. Sideburns, mustaches, and beards should be neatly trimmed.


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