Expressions Winter 2022

Give a Gift from the Heart this Holiday Season There is more work in the coming year and many more in need of hope and belonging. With you by our side, we are ready. Your year-end gift will make the difference in accomplishing incredible things in 2023. Here are examples, taken from real Bridge to Hope requests, of how your donation could make a lasting impact: ❤ $50 could provide gear needed to begin karate lessons for a young child who is struggling with confidence in her new foster home and new school.

❤ $75 could provide an assistive drinking device for an individual with a disability to help them drink safely. ❤ $100 could provide groceries to grandparents struggling to feed themselves and their grandchildren.

❤ $500 could provide life-saving therapy for a teenager who feels alone, unwanted, and has expressed suicidal thoughts to his foster parents. Our work remains possible because you believe in what we do. May you be blessed in 2023 with love, opportunity, and health. To make an impactful year-end gift, please find the envelope enclosed, scan the QR code below, or visit

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