DePaul Community Resources Annual Report 2023

Finding Her Confidence Story by Alison Wickline-Burns | Photos by Adria Michelle Photography

Nina knew she was struggling. She was a senior in high school, work ing on college applications and trying to plan out her future. It was a difficult time for her, full of expectations and big questions. She needed someone to talk to, somewhere safe to turn. She found DePaul’s counseling services. “I was kind of a mess when I started,” said Nina.

“I think one of the most important things that she has done for me is that she has given me a lot of confi dence to do things that I was unsure about,” said Nina. Nina is grateful for the impact

“If I hadn’t gotten counseling, I might have given into pressure from people around me instead of following my own path.”

DePaul’s counseling services have had on her life. She remembers a time early on in her journey when she thought those services would be lost due to insurance coverage issues. At that time, when Nina saw her chance at help slipping away, a generous DePaul donor answered the call. “It was clear how beneficial continuing services would be to Nina so she could keep improving and heal ing,” said Angela. Funds from the Hughes Philanthropic Society allowed Nina’s counseling to continue uninterrupted, giving her the time she needed to continue growing, learning, and changing her life. “If I hadn’t gotten counseling, I might have given into pressure from people around me instead of following my own path,” said Nina.


As soon as Nina’s virtual sessions with her therapist Angela began, she felt a difference. She felt relief from all the pressure that had been building and the weight of the responsibilities she was carrying. “It can really help just to have someone there to talk to,” said Nina. “I was able to tell her stuff about school and family. It was nice to have someone to listen because before I didn’t feel like I had someone to confide in.” Through her work with Angela and DePaul, Nina was able to improve her mental health. She felt ready to start on those college applications and future plans again because this time she knew she had someone in her corner encouraging her and believing in her.

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