Convention Booklet 2024 FINAL (01-22-2024)

105th Annual Convention

Thomas Copenhaver, St. Paul’s, Salem What an immense responsibility this position entails; working to discern an outcome where all interests are protected under Church Canons. It would be an honor to serve the DIOSWVA. We all hope, never to be involved in the convening of a disciplinary board. However, were a case to arise, as a retired Navy Captain who served as a career Judge Advocate; I have a background that has prepared me well to handle the complexities that occur during disciplinary matters. Having processed many sensitive personnel matters, I have ensured the cases were handled with respect for all involved. I am currently serving as Parish Treasurer, Historian, and Endowment Board Member. Additionally, as Salem Museum Board Director, Glenvar Rotary Club Treasurer, and Vice Chairman, Salem Board of Zoning Appeals. Completed undergraduate work at W&M and a law degree at Richmond. My wife Cathy and I live in the old St. Paul’s Rectory. Fr. Bob is my father.

Disciplinary Board, Clergy Member

The Rev. Emily Edmundson, The Appalachian Alliance I have had the privilege of serving Christ, Marion since 2012. In 2024 I will be assisting the Appalachian Alliance with services to four Episcopal Churches in far southwest VA. I currently serve on the Commission on Ministry, and I am on the Boards of the Mountain to Mountain Partnership and Grace House on the Mountain. If elected, I will bring years of Diocesan experience to the Disciplinary Board with a firm commitment to serving God in his church.

The Ven. Brian Hutcherson, Non-Parochial I am not worthy to judge any person. We all make mistakes. But sometimes a person can lose their way and follow the wrong path. Bringing them before the church may be just what they need to wake-up, and realize the road they are taking. The scriptures say, "Never accept any accusation against an elder except on the evidence of two or three witnesses" (1 Timothy 5:19 NRSV). This Board helps us to maintain healthy boundaries and keep our parishes safe. I believe in justice and discipline. But I also believe in restoration and reconciliation. It is by God's grace and mercy that each of us are given another chance. My first term on the Disciplinary Board is coming to an end. I would be glad to give someone else a chance to serve.


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