Boys & Girls Clubs of SWVA 2023 Impact Report

A COMMITMENT to Community Philanthropy

We recognize the below donors for their gifts up to $250 Anonymous (5) Adrienne and James Bunch Alison Breene Alyce and S. David Dantzler, III Amanda O'Dell AmazonSmile Foundation Amy and Joseph Dupuis Andrea and Robbie Hebert Angie Baughman Anna Goltz Anne Stuart Beckett Anthony Varrati AT&T Network Operations Barry Trent Benjamin Bradley Bethany Elza Betty Hess Bill Jones Bonnie Davis Brandi Dawson Brenda and Sam Richardson Brent Carter Briana Apgar Brittny McGraw Building Specialist Inc. Calvin Webb Carey Weatherspoon Carie and Timothy Kingery^ Carl Ratcliff Carolyn and E. Wayne Harris

Bailey Jenkins^ Bank of America Private Bank Bob Kristofak# Bobbi and Dyke Davies# Catherine and William N. Powell Chadwick Fisher Christina Morris Cindy and Chris Appel^ Donald Graul Emily and Brad Pinkerton^ Gamma Delta Sigma Integer Ioana and Sam Farthing Janet and Chad McIntosh# Jennifer Coburn Jessie and Clifford Derey Justin Rhoads Katherine and Bradley Knopf# Kiwanis Club of Montgomery County-Blacksburg# Lana Moore Laura A Few Old Goats Brewing Marcia and Lewis Johnson Mary P. Craft Matt Scott^ Melinda and David Cohan Merrill Lynch Michelle Davis^ Jill Schroeder and Alan Criss^ R. Webb Burns Rebekah and Cole Cox Rebekah and Tyler Meadows Robert Turner# Scott Vaught St. Phillip Lutheran Church Stacey and Russell Danstrom Stacy James

Christina Harris Christine Dideon Christy Huffman Cindy and Steve Pasternak Connie and Tim Hash Cynthia Gibson Cynthia and Mark Lawrence Dabney Ward Damon Williams Dave Whittaker Dea Adams Debby Martin Deborah Dobbins Denise Gaulin Destiny Barnett Diane and Arnold Speaks, Sr. Dianne Marshall Donna Jackson Doris Ennis Dr. Cathy Ford and James McClung# Edie and Carl York Edwin Hall Elaine and Dennis Cronk# Elevance Health Elizabeth and Mark Jamison Emily Moore Frank Seamster Gap Foundation GE Foundation Gerald Tuck Gina Jenrette Givinga Foundation Gloria Rucker HCA Healthcare Foundation Heather Bowman Heather Butterworth Hoye and John Duckworth Ilsa Saavedra-Rogan and Frank Rogan J. D. Springer

J. John O'Connor Jamee Tyree James Largen James Ramey Jason Doolan Jason Storey Jeff Lewis Jennifer Arthur Jennifer Williamson Jennifer McFarling Jennifer Slater Jermaine Arrington^ Jermaine Peeks, Sr.

Jerry Moreno Jessica Geyer

Jessica Prince^ Jessika Holder^ John Frederick John P. Whittle John Page Johnson Controls Julie Beth Vipperman^ Julie Hamilton Kaela Avis Kailynn Sprinkle# Kaleb Hewitt Kamala Bauers Karie Geiss Karrie Moses Kathy and Steve Claytor# Katie Bredenkamp Katie Conner Kay and Wayne Strickland Kelly Kuykendall

Kenny Haynes Kim Armstrong Kimberly and Jeremy Butterfield Kiwanis Club of Roanoke Kris and Larry Levy# Kristie Dilcher^# Kroger Mid-Atlantic

Catherine Burton Catherine Moore# Catherine Turner Warren Cathy Underwood

Tessa Modeski Tiffany Peteritis Vickie Clarke Warren Groseclose^

Chad Albright Cheryl Dillon


NOTE: Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Emily Pinkerton at

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