Boys & Girls Clubs of SWVA 2023 Impact Report

Produced April 2024

Magical Journey

['ma-ji-kəl 'jər-nē] A captivating and transformative adventure filled with elevated experiences and positive growth.


our mission To enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.



the magic within I am filled with gratitude as I reflect on 2023. Our 26th year was filled with transition, fun, meaningful moments, and most importantly – wonderful people. We are blessed to serve the most awe-inspiring group of young people and their families. We are thankful to have passionate, kind, mission-driven team members who dedicate their days to ensuring we provide safe opportunities to those we serve. We are governed by a Board of Trustees that brings so much wisdom, leadership, and vision to guide our path. And then there’s you – all the wonderful supporters, partners, and volunteers who made this Club year possible. We could not do this work without you. As you read through this Impact Report, with the success stories, impact numbers, and the beautiful faces of our children, please know that you are a critical part of the team that makes these magical moments possible. As the year unfolded, we celebrated Black leaders in STEM, traveled to DC for a weekend with our teens, and watched Ashton take the lead as our 2023 Youth of the Year. In a time of need, our community radiated warmth, rallying behind our kids and their bike program. We teed off with longtime allies at Delta Dental, ran alongside 496 of our closest friends on the 4th of July, and embraced cultural diversity with our first Hispanic Heritage Art Contest. We spoke with our representatives about how they can support the work of out-of-school-time pro grams. Field trips to Richmond, Ashboro, Abington, and beyond sparked curiosity and joy, accompanied by the thrill of water balloons and giant slides. Our youth emerged as leaders in service, organizing food drives, supporting Project Linus, the Rescue Mission, and other impactful initiatives. The Magic Within podcast became a platform for voices to be heard, culminating in a celebration at the Jef ferson Center with the magic of Brian Bence and an original piano composition by talented Club member, Recks. Together, we witnessed the magic of the holiday season as 517 children unwrapped gifts chosen with care. Our youth and staff questioned, explored, learned, played, and grew—all with your steadfast support. As we transition into 2024, we are thrilled to embark on this journey with you once again. A heartfelt thank you extends to Scott Jenkins for his 2022-2023 service as Chair of our Board of Trustees and invaluable leadership during the crucial CEO transition. Scott, your support has been instrumental, and we express our deepest gratitude. Welcoming Archie Freeman as our new Board Chair, we eagerly anticipate the next chapter in BGCSWVA's story under his guidance.

With profound gratitude for your unwavering commitment to youth,

Rebekah Meadows, Chief Executive Officer Boys & Girls Clubs of SWVA


We recognize our 2023 Board of Trustees for their strategic leadership and significant contributions.

BOARD CHAIR Scott Jenkins Farm Bureau Bank VICE CHAIR Matt Hill Scott Insurance

TREASURER Chris Banta Brown, Edwards & Company, LLP SECRETARY A. Damon Williams First Citizens Bank

Jim Barker Delta Dental of Virginia

Troy Jamison JCI

Frank Rogan Consultant

Bertram Daniels Community Volunteer

Carie Kingery Freedom First

Frank Toney Inner-Faith Fellowship Ministries *

Walt Derey Pitman Construction

Leah Kinder Branch Group Jean Mumm Gentry Locke

Margaret-Hunter Wade COX

Archie Freeman, III Roanoke City Public Schools

Carl York Acuity Marketing and Consulting

Adam Peters FocusOne

Karie Geiss WSLS 10

Melinda Pyle New River Electrical

Robbie Hebert Lab Sports Performance

Liz Quintana Roanoke Planning, Building, & Development Jonathan Richardson Pinnacle Financial Partners

Donald Halliwill Carilion Clinic

Katie Henritze Live Oak Properties, LLC

* Final year of board service in 2023.


Dear Friends of the Club,

As I reflect on the transformative journey of 2023 at Boys & Girls Clubs of Southwest Virginia, I am filled with gratitude. This past year was overflowing with impactful moments that have truly made a difference in the lives of our Club members across the region.

Following several months of dedicated service as Interim CEO, we welcomed Rebekah Meadows as our official Chief Executive Officer. Rebekah, a dedicated and passionate advocate for our cause, brings exceptional leadership skills that the Board of Trustees wholeheartedly supports to guide us toward even brighter horizons. A personal highlight of the year was the creation of a playground at our Vinton Baptist Church Club. Beyond swings and slides, it embodied the magical spirit of our community uniting for a special purpose. Witnessing the sheer joy on our Club kids' faces as they saw their new play space for the first time was truly heartwarming. It underscored the profound impact achievable when we join hands for a common goal – nurturing the dreams and well-being of our youth.

The stories woven throughout 2023 demonstrate the power in even the smallest moments - a kind word from a caring mentor, a wholesome snack, or assistance with homework. Through the magic of Boys & Girls Club, our kids and teens emerge more resilient, well-rounded, and focused on realizing a great future. In 2024, I will pass the torch of board leadership to the highly capable hands of my esteemed colleague, Archie Freeman, III. Thank you for your meaningful engagement with our organization. Together, we are shaping a future where every child's potential is not just recognized but celebrated. And that, my friend, is magical.

Scott Jenkins 2023 Chair, Board of Trustees Western Virginia Market Executive, Farm Bureau Bank




Roanoke City: 9th Street


in Southwest Virginia

Burlington Elementary School Vinton Baptist Church (serving Herman L. Horn & W.E. Cundiff Elementary Schools) SALEM CITY: Andrew Lewis Middle School Salem Elementary @ Andrew Lewis Middle School ( serving East Salem and G.W. Carver Elementary Schools) MONTGOMERY COUNTY: Eastern Montgomery Elementary School Shawsville Middle School Christiansburg Middle School Eastern Montgomery High School

It started with a VISION ...


1997–2023 26 years of serving yout h

IMPACT Magical


2,338 of volunteer service completed by elementary Club members H O U R S

of Club teens graduated on time 100 %

Minority races or ethnicities 56%


“This is the real deal. Everyone who works here genuinely cares about the kids they serve.”

—Bryan Hancock , former youth development staff / Club volunteer

“At Boys & Girls Club, part of us "leveling the playing field" is making sure there are no barriers for our children. So often in life, the opportunities we are given are based on what we afford. If you are here with us, the same opportunity is provided to every student. That is how we empower our families and kids.” —Rebekah Meadows , Chief Executive Officer

FRANKLIN COUNTY: Rocky Mount Elementary School Lee M. Waid Elementary School



2% Live in single parent households

440 of volunteer service completed by teen Club members H O U R S


qualify for free or reduced-price school lunch

76% 12 or younger

1,313 Total Youth Served

24% Teens


UNVEILING THE MAGIC WITHIN: a journey in impactful storytelling S ince 2021, we have been dedicated to creating immersive storytelling experiences for our community. In 2023,

we took a bold step into the world of podcasting by creating The Magic Within Podcast as our vehicle to deliver impact stories and engage our audience in a meaningful way.

Our magic lies in the unwavering commitment to empower and nurture the potential of every

We created a

young individual who walks through our doors. The experiences, relationships, and safe spaces we create serve as a foundation, challenging local youth to overcome obstacles and stride confidently toward great futures. In each of the 5 episodes, we dove into challenges faced by local youth and how Boys & Girls Club stands beside them and their families. Through heartfelt interviews with community experts, partners, Club parents, staff, alumni, and kids, we explored the topics of upward

mobility, mental health, violence, acceptance, and learning loss.


The choice of October 10th holds special significance for us. Aligned with our commitment to SIGNIFICANCE OF 10/10

On October 10th, the 2023 Power of Moments Experience, presented by P1 Technologies, doubled as our grand Podcast Launch Party. The community came together to celebrate this momentous occasion, immersing POWER OF MOMENTS EXPERIENCE: our podcast launch party

ensuring equal experiences and opportunities for all Club members, our podcast was launched on World Inclusion

Day. This day is a celebration of togetherness among diverse individuals, fostering a sense of belonging. At Boys & Girls Club, our goal is to make every member feel appreciated, valued, and honored for who they are. Inclusion paves the way for a more compassionate, welcoming, respectful, and united community.

themselves in the stories shared by our featured podcast guests. The evening commenced with a spellbinding performance by magician Brian Bence and our very own Club members, making it a night to be cherished.

THANK YOU to all involved in this project:

Will Sellari, podcast co-creator and producer Emily Pinkerton, podcast co-creator Ashton, 2023/24 BGCSWVA Youth of the Year Mackenzie Chitwood Calvin Curry Chloe Johnson Brandon Keith Decca Knight Brandi Lazare Rebekah Meadows Pheldarius Payne Liz Quintana Delegate Sam Rasoul and daughter Jennah Tori Ratliff-Ives Chris Roberts Tyler Turner Rebekah Walthall Numerous Club members Thank you to our generous corporate sponsors named in our donor list who made this project possible. Bryan Hancock Antonio Holland

No matter what your background is, or what your identity is, to feel as though you have a safe space to operate in then allows you to be your best sel f and to grow and develop.

—Delegate Sam Rasoul


GENEROSITY by the numbers



Foundation 21



X In-Kind Donations

Planned Gifts

Civic Group/ Organization 20

X 65 Impact Society Donors Impact Society Donors

Corporate 105

Blue Door Donor Circle members spread their generosity throughout the year through monthly giving, meeting the needs of our Club members today…and well into the future.

Donors who give comprehensive support annually at the $1,000+ level are recognized as Impact Society members.




Four on the 4th raised $46,559

The Power of Moments Campaign raised $81,556

GIVE Roanoke raised $16,418

Delta Dental ParTEE & Pro Am raised $141,737

517 Gifts purchased and delivered to every Club member at holiday parties, thanks to those who generously supported this effort. Special thanks to the following partners: Delta Dental of Virginia Fisher Insurance Services Virginia Tech - Student-Athlete Advisory Committee Wisler Plumbing and Air

With additional support from Member One Federal Credit Union First Piedmont and individual donors


PARTNERSHIP and Program Highlights

Building Magic in Vinton


S ince our partnership's inception in 2020, Vinton Baptist Church Boys & Girls Club stood as the sole club in Southwest Virginia without an outdoor playground—a vital component of our programming promoting healthy lifestyles, fostering friendship, teamwork, and collaborative play. This narrative transformed in the fall of 2023 when, on an unseasonably warm October afternoon, the ribbon was cut on a new playspace, a testament to generous funders and the unwavering determination of Vinton Baptist Church's congregation and the Vinton community. In early 2023, KABOOM!, a national non-profit dedicated to eliminating playspace inequity for children, presented an opportunity for Boys & Girls Clubs of SWVA to be awarded a playground grant. This grant, one of eight across the state, was made possible by the Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth. Lacking the resources to independently pursue the grant, Vinton Baptist's Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Travis Russell was approached about a potential partnership. Following engagement with the congregation, the church graciously embraced the chance to create a playspace not only for Club members but for the entire community. A surprising twist in the tale unfolded as Russell revealed an empty plot of church-owned land directly across the street—an unutilized canvas seemingly awaiting the opportunity to be transformed for the greater good of the community.

Collaboratively designed by Club members, community members, and the congregation, the playground concept embodied the essence of local vision. Each step reflected the community's dedication to crafting a space fostering the well-being of its children. The transformative three-day community build, from October 25 to 27, marked the culmination of months of planning. Dozens of volunteers, fueled by enthusiasm and a shared vision, worked tirelessly to bring the playground to life, not merely as a physical structure but as a symbol of unity and shared purpose. This journey is a testament to the remarkable achievements when a community unites for the right reasons. The Vinton playground isn't just a play space; it epitomizes Vinton's spirit and the boundless possibilities when dreams take flight. Club members, adorned in hard hats, turned the corner for the grand reveal, echoing joy and excitement in the crowd, affirming the profound impact of community collaboration.


What I loved most about being a Club kid this summer was going to the pool with my friends." —Breniyah, Grade 6

A safe, productive, and accessible place for S ummer F un In the summer of 2023, 482 youth attended Club at one of our 11 Summer Camp locations, making the most of a haven open for 10 hours, 4-5 days a week (depending on the site). Here, our Club stands as a secure and enriching space where young people can relish their summertime days. Amid the laughter and camaraderie, Club kids immerse themselves in reading challenges, partake in invigorating physical activities, contribute to community service projects, master culinary skills in cooking classes, welcome special partner visits, embark on enlightening educational field trips, and indulge in recreational adventures. Gratitude resonates as we extend our thanks to the benevolence of funding partners, ensuring that most Club families bear no financial burden for their children and teens to participate. Nourishing not just minds but bodies too, the Club offers a culinary embrace with breakfast, lunch, and morning and afternoon snacks for our growing youngsters. The Summer Camp Experience, a vital pillar of our holistic year-round youth development program, underscores our commitment to nurturing the potential of every child in our community.

Here is a sampling of the field trips our Club members took during the summer of 2023:

Treetop Quest North Carolina Zoo Greensboro Science Center Mill Mountain Theatre Camp Alta Mons Christiansburg Aquatic Center Lancerlot Sports Complex Luray Caverns Cascade Trailhead Apple Ridge Farm First Tee of Roanoke Valley

Firehouse Skate & Play Taubman Museum of Art

Summer Camp BY THE NUMB3R5

609 Youth who participated in academic tutoring

483 Participants in summer swimming program

482 Registered Youth

$567,585 Summer Camp Organizational Expenses

8,142 Snacks Served

10,197 Breakfast and lunches served

156 Field Trips

79 Summer Staff


FINANCIALS * *Unaudited figures for fiscal year ended December 31, 2023

Fundraising $199,365

FY23 EXPENSES $2,491,324

Program Services $1,917,129

Administrative $374,830

Community Support $594,794

Unrestricted Grant Revenue $313,427

FY23 REVENUE $2,520,732

Membership Fees/Program Dues $42,776

Stock Sale Gain $3,660

Restricted Grant Revenue $1,566,075



Written on the wall is this quote from famous Boys & Girls Club alumna, Misty Copeland, and was voted on by Club members:

"Be strong, be fearless, be beautiful. And believe that anything is possible when you have the right people there to suppor t you." —Misty Copeland

On the morning of November 9th, 2023, a special event unfolded at our 9th Street site in Roanoke City, drawing together a distinguished group of founding members, committee members, current board representatives, scholarship beneficiaries, generous donors, and our dedicated staff. The centerpiece of this gathering was the unveiling of an enchanting mural, a seamless blend of artistic expression and philanthropic commitment. Crafted by the accomplished artist Molly Kernan, the mural serves as a visual testament to the altruistic vision of Mike and Danielle Wise, founders of the Jim Barker Scholarship. It stands as a powerful symbol of their unwavering dedication to nurturing growth and fostering opportunities for our Club members. Beyond its philanthropic narrative, the mural pays homage to the remarkable achievements of scholarship recipients, casting a poignant light on their journeys of triumph.

Crucial to the realization of this artistic vision was the pivotal support from Delta Dental of Virginia, whose benevolence underscores the transformative power of collaboration and community engagement. The mural not only enhances the physical space but also elevates our shared commitment to cultivating a nurturing environment where every Club member can aspire to greatness.

THREE SCHOLARSHIPS AWARDED IN 2023 Since its inception in 2020, the Jim Barker Scholarship Fund has awarded six scholarships totaling $28,700 to assist Club alumni

with their post-high school educational dreams. In 2023, the Fund extended its impact, awarding scholarships to Lawrence Moore (James Madison University), Hunter Muddiman (Savannah College of Art and Design), and Tyler Turner (Virginia Commonwealth University). These recipients embody the Fund's commitment to fostering excellence across diverse academic paths. We are excited about the promising futures that lie ahead for Lawrence, Hunter, and Tyler and express heartfelt gratitude to all who have contributed to this transformative scholarship fund.


The lists below recognize cumulative contributions between January 1 and December 31, 2023. A COMMITMENT to Community Philanthropy

We recognize the below donors

Anthem HealthKeepers Plus Dollar General Literacy Foundation Dominion Risk Advisors Farm Bureau Bank First Citizens Bank First Friday's at Five, Inc. Tyler Fisher Fred Whitaker* Gentry Locke Attorneys Grand Home Furnishings Harris & Frances Block Foundation Heather and Jonathan Richardson*^# John T. Morgan Roofing & Sheet Metal Co Joyce and Jerry Moorman*# Lionberger Construction Co. Member One Federal Credit Union New River Electrical Corp. Patti and Paul Henkel* Rosie's Gaming Emporium Scott Cares Foundation VSP Global Woods Rogers Vandeventer Black We recognize the below donors for their gifts of $1,000–$2,499 Alison and Nathan Walker* Amanda and Nicholas Marko*

Montgomery County P1 Technologies

Arby's Foundation Berglund Automotive Group Carilion Clinic Carmeuse Lime & Stone Conner and Matt Hill* Dental XChange Freedom First Federal Credit Union Heidi and Adam Peters* Irene and Thomas Brock, Jr.* Jan and Laurence McCarthy* Judy and Charles Sledd* Junior League of Roanoke Valley, Inc Justine and David Jones* Kristi and Joe Crawford* Lula Belle and James C. Wood* Melinda and Chris Pyle* Erin Ashwell and Michael Finney* Phyllis Albritton* Pinnacle Financial Partners Roanoke Valley Orthodontics The Branch Group The Ken & Judith Joy Family Foundation United Way of Roanoke Valley Vicki and Sam Lionberger, III*# Zelis Healthcare, LLC

for their gifts of $50,000 or more Community Foundation for a greater Richmond Delta Dental of Virginia The Leon Levine Foundation Virginia Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs Inc. We recognize the below donors for their gifts of $25,000–$49,999 Anonymous (1)* Boys & Girls Clubs of America Cox Communications FocusOne Integrated Financial Planning The Kathryn B. McQuade Foundation#

Safehouse Signs, Inc. Taco Bell Foundation Wisler Plumbing and Air, Inc.

We recognize the below donors for their gifts of $10,000–$14,999 Anonymous (2)* American National Bank & Trust Berkshire Charitable Foundation Community Foundation Serving Western VA Helen C. Cobbs Foundation Joy and J. Spencer Frantz* Kim and Jim Barker*# Loyal Order of Moose, Inc. #1121 Sharon and Daniel Layman, Jr.* Tammy and Don Halliwill* Thurman Charitable Foundation for Children We recognize the below donors for their gifts of $5,000–$9,999 Aaron Periodontics & Dental Implants Andre and Scott Jenkins*^

We recognize the below donors for their gifts of $15,000–$24,999

We recognize the below donors for their gifts of $2,500–$4,999 Amy and Mac Michals*

Anonymous (1)* City of Roanoke Danielle Wise*^# Jersey Mike's Franchise Systems, Inc.


NOTE: Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Marie Moore at


Amazon Web Services AMBA Systems Anastasia Thompson* Bertram Daniels*^

Town of Vinton Trish and Pat Shaffner*# Wendy and David Notari* Wendy and Jeffrey Merritt*^

Britney and James Huffman* Carolyn and A.L. Black, Jr.* Dianne Woody* Donna and Shaun Stucker* Dormie Network Ellen and Rudy Van Thiel* Eric Wise*# First Piedmont Corp. Frank Lucia*# Fresche Solutions Hayley Poland* HealthEdge Software Helen and Carl McCurdy* Henritze Dental Group Inner Faith Fellowship Ministries James Pearman, Jr.* Julie and Jan Sessor*# Karen and Chip Thomas* Karen and Robert G. Cassell, Jr.* Karli and Will Griffeth* Kime Patsel* Kitty Thomas*# Leah and Tommy Kinder*^ Lisa and Leonard Wheeler* Marcia and Curtis Hicks* Margaret-Hunter and Clark Wade* Mary and C. J. Caldwell*# Michael Wray* Pamela Schutz*# Penny Livesay* Rindy and Sam Lionberger, Jr.* Robin Maxwell* Sarah Copenhaver and G. Franklin Flippin* T. Douglas McQuade*# The Community Foundation of NRV The Newbern Foundation# Thomas Byrd*# Joan Bellis* John Dyer*^

This society provides national recognition to donors who make unrestricted annual

We recognize the below donors for their gifts of $500–$999 Allstate Foundation American Legion Post 111

We recognize the 8 donors who contributed to BGCSWVA at this donation level in 2022. campaign gifts of $10,000 or more. Jeremiah Milbank, the namesake of this society, exemplified a spirit of volunteerism, generosity, compassion, and action for those in need.

Angela Ogden-Miller Angle Guest House Archie Freeman, III Blue Cow Inc.

Brad Guyton Brian Krainer Brown, Edwards & Company, LLP Buffalo Wild Wings Christine Azevedo Davidsons Clothing for Men Diana and Bill Austin Garrett Hollingsworth Jean and Dan Mumm^ Jennifer and Troy Jamison Jim Bonbright, III Kasper Mortgage Capital Tax Credit Finance Katie and Andy Henritze Kimberly and Chris Banta^ Leanne and David Andersen Magnolia Americas, Inc. Mary Bess Smith# Mary Lou and Steve Campbell# Matthew Wise Michael Brennan

This national recognition group acknowledges the thoughtful individuals who have included a Boys & Girls Club in their will or estate plans.

We recognize the 3 donors who have communicated planned giving intent: Anonymous (1) , Earl and Ethel Childers, and Ed Hal

We recognize the below donors for their gifts of $250–$499 Abby and Brian Hostetler Allstate Insurance Company Amanda Smith^ Ananda and Gary Gilmore Anita Reed

Nancy and Ken Sizemore# Obie D. Minter Memorial Roanoke Gas Co. Robert Birmingham The Ironman Foundation, Inc. Tracey and Roy Foutz

*Impact Society Member

#Jim Barker Scholarship Donor

^Blue Door Donor Circle Member


A COMMITMENT to Community Philanthropy

We recognize the below donors for their gifts up to $250 Anonymous (5) Adrienne and James Bunch Alison Breene Alyce and S. David Dantzler, III Amanda O'Dell AmazonSmile Foundation Amy and Joseph Dupuis Andrea and Robbie Hebert Angie Baughman Anna Goltz Anne Stuart Beckett Anthony Varrati AT&T Network Operations Barry Trent Benjamin Bradley Bethany Elza Betty Hess Bill Jones Bonnie Davis Brandi Dawson Brenda and Sam Richardson Brent Carter Briana Apgar Brittny McGraw Building Specialist Inc. Calvin Webb Carey Weatherspoon Carie and Timothy Kingery^ Carl Ratcliff Carolyn and E. Wayne Harris

Bailey Jenkins^ Bank of America Private Bank Bob Kristofak# Bobbi and Dyke Davies# Catherine and William N. Powell Chadwick Fisher Christina Morris Cindy and Chris Appel^ Donald Graul Emily and Brad Pinkerton^ Gamma Delta Sigma Integer Ioana and Sam Farthing Janet and Chad McIntosh# Jennifer Coburn Jessie and Clifford Derey Justin Rhoads Katherine and Bradley Knopf# Kiwanis Club of Montgomery County-Blacksburg# Lana Moore Laura A Few Old Goats Brewing Marcia and Lewis Johnson Mary P. Craft Matt Scott^ Melinda and David Cohan Merrill Lynch Michelle Davis^ Jill Schroeder and Alan Criss^ R. Webb Burns Rebekah and Cole Cox Rebekah and Tyler Meadows Robert Turner# Scott Vaught St. Phillip Lutheran Church Stacey and Russell Danstrom Stacy James

Christina Harris Christine Dideon Christy Huffman Cindy and Steve Pasternak Connie and Tim Hash Cynthia Gibson Cynthia and Mark Lawrence Dabney Ward Damon Williams Dave Whittaker Dea Adams Debby Martin Deborah Dobbins Denise Gaulin Destiny Barnett Diane and Arnold Speaks, Sr. Dianne Marshall Donna Jackson Doris Ennis Dr. Cathy Ford and James McClung# Edie and Carl York Edwin Hall Elaine and Dennis Cronk# Elevance Health Elizabeth and Mark Jamison Emily Moore Frank Seamster Gap Foundation GE Foundation Gerald Tuck Gina Jenrette Givinga Foundation Gloria Rucker HCA Healthcare Foundation Heather Bowman Heather Butterworth Hoye and John Duckworth Ilsa Saavedra-Rogan and Frank Rogan J. D. Springer

J. John O'Connor Jamee Tyree James Largen James Ramey Jason Doolan Jason Storey Jeff Lewis Jennifer Arthur Jennifer Williamson Jennifer McFarling Jennifer Slater Jermaine Arrington^ Jermaine Peeks, Sr.

Jerry Moreno Jessica Geyer

Jessica Prince^ Jessika Holder^ John Frederick John P. Whittle John Page Johnson Controls Julie Beth Vipperman^ Julie Hamilton Kaela Avis Kailynn Sprinkle# Kaleb Hewitt Kamala Bauers Karie Geiss Karrie Moses Kathy and Steve Claytor# Katie Bredenkamp Katie Conner Kay and Wayne Strickland Kelly Kuykendall

Kenny Haynes Kim Armstrong Kimberly and Jeremy Butterfield Kiwanis Club of Roanoke Kris and Larry Levy# Kristie Dilcher^# Kroger Mid-Atlantic

Catherine Burton Catherine Moore# Catherine Turner Warren Cathy Underwood

Tessa Modeski Tiffany Peteritis Vickie Clarke Warren Groseclose^

Chad Albright Cheryl Dillon


NOTE: Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Emily Pinkerton at

L. Scott Sagnette Laura Benjamin Laura Garden Laura and Geoff McCarty^

Lowe's Mast General Store, Inc. McDonald's Michael Rollins Moss Arts Center Open Book NRV Parkway Brewing Company Pizza Hut - Rocky Mount Pop Goes the Party Co. Powers Landscaping Rail Yard Dawgs Roanoke Country Club Roanoke Valley Association of Realtors, Inc. Robert Young's Auto & Truck, Inc. S & S Cleaning and Maintenance Services, Inc. Salem Red Sox Professional Baseball Sidney Rosenbaum Star City Fire Protections, Inc. Sue Lee The Grandin Theatre Foundation The Liberty Trust The Preserve at Crooked Run The Sign Factory The University Club The Virginian Lynchburg Tizzone Wood Fired Kitchen & Wire Bar Town of Christiansburg Txtur Valvoline Virginia Children's Theatre Virginia International Raceway Virginia Museum of Natural History Virginia Museum of Transportation Walmart WyndRose Yokohama Tire Manufacturing Virginia

Patricia Winter and Ferdinand Bikle, IV Nancy Fulford

Thomas Ewald Thomas Pierceall Todd Vance Tom Schlueter Trista Mayes Troy Stultz United Way of New River Valley Valeta Pittman# Vicki Cromer Vickie and Tim Bibee# Virginia Powel Whitney Russell Will Long William A. Deyerle Yongshu Li We recognize the below donors for their in-kind contributions Bernie Riesbeck Big Lick Brewing Company BJ's Blacksburg Young Professionals Cabo Fish Taco Chocolatepaper, Inc. Chris White Chris's Coffee and Custard Downtown Roanoke, Inc. Fashion Floors of Roanoke, Inc. Fink's Jewelers Fisher Insurance Services

Natalia Alvarado Pam Dale Rucker Patricia Drummond

Laura Wetzel Laurie Downs Lee Kreger Leonard Kolstad Lila Sullivan

Patricia Lesniak Paul Nishimoto Paula and Tom Mitchell

Paulette Akers Pedro Alvarado QuoVadis Washington-Brown Rachel DeVaughn Randall Woods Roanoke Valley Breakfast Lions Charities, Inc. Rob Erdman Robert Robert Wills Robin and M. Blaine Lewis Ruth S. Dailey Sam Rasoul Sara Piller Sarah Bonner Sarah Smith SB Rawz Shannon Hoey Sharon and John Park Shirley and J.P. Walrond# Spencer Lowry Stacey Wilbourne Stacy Eller Stacy and Neal Devlin^ Stefanie Williams Sue and Douglas Juanarena# Sunni Purviance Susan Borke Susan and Bill Lancaster# Susan and Mayor Levy Suzanne Brundrett Suzanne and Chuck Weidner Suzanne P. Moore Tara Kight Target Corporation Terri Dorsey Juliana and Terry Ballard

Linda and William Jernigan# Lindsey and Darren Eversole Lisa Nichols Liz Quintana Lucy Treado Maggie Cossman Marci Perry Marcia Patton Margaret and George Arthur Maria Blackshaw Marie Malinchak Marion Childress Marion Roger Ehrich Marit Berntson Marsha Marr Martha and Craig Eddy Mary Clifford Nottingham#

Mary Goodrich Megan Hughes Megan West Mel Wheeler, Inc.# Melinda Carr Melinda Freday Melissa Hobbins Melissa Palmer Mays Melissa Pinkerton Meredith Moore Merissa Sachs Michael Duffy Michael Havlik Michael Nussbaum

Fleet Feet Sports George's Flowers Gladheart Wine & Brews GlamHouse Day Spa Ideagen John Corliss Julie and J.R. Bell Karl Ford Kevin A Deck Studio, LLC Lawrence Transportation Systems

Michelle Franklin Miesha Garrison

Molly Motley Molly Roland


*Impact Society Member

#Jim Barker Scholarship Donor

^Blue Door Donor Circle Member


How Community Support Revived Our Cycling Program Pedaling through Adversity I n early 2022, Boys & Girls Clubs of Southwest Virginia unveiled a dynamic cycling program tailored to educate and empower youth from 1st through 12th grade. This robust program was created after previous success connecting a more limited number of youth to mountain biking opportunities through a local cycling Club. Throughout 2023, the program thrived, fostering growth and camaraderie among its members. However, the program faced an unexpected setback late in the summer when the Club fell victim to a theft, resulting in the disappearance of bicycles and a temporary suspension of activities.

Yet, from this adversity emerged a narrative of resilience and community spirit. In the wake of the theft, an outpouring of support from individuals and businesses alike revitalized our spirits and reaffirmed the bonds that unite us as a Boys & Girls Club family. Thanks to the overwhelming response, including a remarkable $14,262 raised in collaboration with our partners at K92 through a radio campaign, coupled with generous bike donations, our cycling

program not only returned stronger but also saw improvements in security measures on our premises.

THANKS to the University Club of Virginia Tech for choosing Boys & Girls Clubs of Southwest Virginia as the charity partner for their December 2023 Charity Classic event! The event raised $2,163 to support our Club members and their great futures. Thank you to all involved in making the event a success.

A pop-up farmers market at Salem Boys & Girls Club with our partners Feeding Southwest Virginia and The Hokie Way. Club kids used play money to shop for real produce to take home.

Thank you for your generous support ⁄ !

ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE: 1714 9th Street SE • Roanoke, VA 24013 (540) 904-7401 •

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