Barter Theatre Gratitude Booklet

YOUR LOVE FOR WHAT WE DO HAS MADE AN IMPACT. and we are grateful. . .

thanks to yo

Young Playwrights Festival


You are cultivating and celebrating the youth of our region!

Look at how this program has grown: 41 50 242 353 plays in 2002 playwrights in 2002 ➜ ➜

plays in 2021

playwrights in 2021

thanks to yo You are opening doors to spaces in which all Appalachians can come together and appreciate our differences safely and with mutual respect.

• Barter presents at least one play written by a Black Appalachian playwright at each annual Appalachian Festival of Plays & Playwrights • The Black in Appalachia Initiative gives all voices a platform to be understood and celebrated


Black in Appalachia Initiative

thanks to yo

College Playwrights Festival


You are documenting our region and its experiences in such

a beautiful and inspiring way!

• At the annual College Playwrights Festival, college students develop a 10-minute play with professional Barter artists. • These plays feature the beauty and secrets of our Appalachia region.

thanks to yo

You are stimulating and educating the most imaginative minds in our region...our kids! In 2023 we estimate 35+ schools and venues and about 14,500 students will attend. For many, this will be the only experience of the arts they will get the entire year.


Barter Players on Tour

thanks to yo

World Class Theatre


You are infusing stability into our community of talented actors!

I no longer have to search for my next gig, never truly enjoying the present and living in the moment, but always having to look ahead. You don’t know what it means to be rooted in a community full time to hone my craft portraying different and challenging roles.”

~ Barter Resident Actor

As the 2022 season nears its close, we want to offer our sincere thanks to you –our donors– for everything you have done to make this season a success. None of this would happen without the generosity and passion of our donors. At Bar ter, we believe this theatre is YOUR theatre, and YOU brought us home!

Respectfully yours,

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