Our vision at the Bluefield University School of Nursing is to develop leaders in nursing whose actions, discoveries, and voices strengthen and transform the healthcare of individuals and communities everywhere our graduates serve. We believe a hands on, collaborative learning environment is best for mastering the essentials of clinical practice, understanding servant leadership, and conducting research. Our faculty members are committed to seeing students all the way through to graduation, where they will become professionals improving healthcare for all. When students leave the classroom to enter the workforce, they will do so knowing their purpose and being equipped with the tools to help enhance and save lives.


“My Bluefield University experience was a fundamental stepping stone in achieving my dreams of becoming a doctor of physical therapy. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support of so many professors, staff members, friends, and community members in Bluefield, Virginia who supported me. Bluefield set me up for success in my education because of the individual support and guidance I received from professors. Because of the small class sizes, they got to know me and could encourage me throughout my journey. Being a student-athlete, I had direct access to our athletic trainers. Working alongside them grew my passion for physical therapy.”

The College of Sciences and Health Sciences works diligently to expose our students to a variety of study topics within the field of science in order to prepare them thoroughly for their future career goals. These fields require a wide breadth of knowledge and skill. Therefore, it is also our responsibility to ensure that our students are prepared with a faith-based foundation that complements their high-level scientific skills in order to make a greater impact on the world. Each student receives an educational pathway tailor-made to their needs and goals, so they are ready to enter a continually changing workforce. Students benefit from personal instruction with highly-renown, accomplished Christian faculty who seek to inspire, motivate, and care for each student. Our degree programs boast a high success rate in effectively preparing students for further education in health professions and graduate programs, as well as preparing others for entry directly into the workforce.

TAYLOR BRYANT Class of 2019 Bachelor of Science - Exercise Sport Science Medicine Hometown: Tigard, Oregon Graduate School: George Fox University

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