in your education Go Further In 2020, as a global pandemic impacted the healthcare industry and life for billions, three schools in Virginia joined together under the umbrella of an edu cational foundation. Their partnership was formed by aligning individual missions to impact the health and wellness of underserved populations to serve a larger population in need throughout the Southeastern United States and across the world. Now joined together as sister institutions, Bluefield University, the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine, and the Appalachian College of Pharmacy offer dynamic and market-ready degree programs from the associate's degree and certificate level up to doctoral degrees in order to supply first-rate healthcare and service to those our graduates serve.

Appalachian College of Pharmacy Did you know pharmacists hold a special place in the patient care continuum? It’s true! They are the last line of care before a patient goes home to heal from a medical situation. Bluefield University is a sister institution with the Appalachian College of Pharmacy (ACP). Like Bluefield and VCOM, the College of Pharmacy has a similar mission to address the health-related needs of rural and underserved communities, particularly those in Appalachia. At ACP, you will find a traditional pharmacy school program structured as a three-year program with summer sessions cutting down a year of study and about $100,000 in tuition expenses to help graduates enter the workforce faster and with less debt. Soon the College of Pharmacy will also offer a Doctor of Public Health program and other new programs.

Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine Interested in becoming a doctor? Bluefield University is the place to start your education! We are a sister institution to the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM). Our pre-med faculty will prepare you to meet the standards set by VCOM, and Bluefield Master of Arts in Biomedical Sciences (MABS) students are guaranteed an interview for medical school. With campuses in Blacksburg, Virginia; Spartanburg, South Carolina; Auburn, Alabama; and Monroe, Louisiana, Bluefield University students have multiple opportunities for placement with a successful application. Like Bluefield, VCOM focuses on graduating physicians who have a focus on serving others and meeting the needs of rural and medically underserved populations with an emphasis on the Appalachian and Mississippi Delta regions. There are also great opportunities for medical mission programs between our two schools. Bluefield graduates also have preferred enrollment in a joint Master of Biomedical Science (MABS) program between Bluefield and VCOM, where you will be taught by the medical school faculty.

Bluefield University Bluefield University also offers several graduate degrees with preferred admission to students who meet program standards. In addition to the Masters of Biomedical Sciences degree program, the School of Nursing offers an online master’s degree in nursing (MSN). Three tracts of study taught by practicing faculty enable students to learn while working. The Leadership/ Education concentration allows for advanced practice in case management, while the Family Nurse Practitioner and Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner allow for advanced practice with in-depth, specialized training. At Bluefield, our MBA program is different in the Caudill School of Business. Our program features specializations in Healthcare Management, Justice Administration, and Leadership, so you are focusing on relevant topics to your career path. Our School of Education and Social Sciences offers two master’s degrees in both Education and Educational Leadership alongside an MA in Counseling for students looking to become practicing professionals in the field of mental health care today!

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