Academic Catalog 2017-2018

• Enrollment in these courses is limited to participants in the Bluefield College Honors Program and students who have received instructor’s permission. HON 1123 English Honors: Literature of The Journey and The Quest . This writing intensive literature course will meet individual students’ needs for general education Composition or Literature requirement. PSY 4503 Honors Introduction to Psychology HUMAN SERVICES - Online Program (HUM) The Human Services major addresses behavioral issues found in the home, work- place, and in the community that influence well-being by examining human behavior as a product of relationships, mental processes, and environmental variables. Emphasis is placed upon the helping relationship and service networks, team partnerships, evidence-based practice, best practices, and the ethical basis for providing human services. This major examines the following: What motivates individuals, how individuals, couples and families react to stress, what can be done to help people who seek assistance from organizations, and how human service professionals go about helping people to cope and thrive. The breadth and depth of theory, practice, and applied techniques will be explored and the student will critically study the helping relationship with an emphasis upon the ability to relate to others and to further the ability to help others cope with and thrive within their environments. Using behavioral theories and best practices, students will develop their skill and ca- pacities to consider issues critically, to write clearly, to solve problems effectively, and to address conflicts ethically. In addition, the Human Services major is designed to prepare students to continue graduate study. Graduates of this major will: Comprehend the contemporary issues and problems that people encounter in the modern world, develop an understanding of normal and ab- normal functioning of individuals, groups, and families, acquire skills needed in working with individuals, groups, and families in efforts to enhance mental health, daily func- tioning, life satisfaction, career development, family harmony, academic performance, and interpersonal relationship, increase their knowledge of ethical considerations in the field, and understand the impact of social structure, social interaction, and social/cultural change on the overall wellness of people.

I. Major A. General Education & Degree Requirements (see p. 55)

49 SH 36 SH

B. Core Requirements

INT 3063 Learning & Research Skills BHS 3003 Introduction to Human Services BHS 3043 Human Development for the Human Service Professional PSY 3033 Theories of Personality PSY 3043Abnormal Psychology PSY 3083 Social Psychology MGT 3103 Business Communication SOC 3153 Sociology of Work and Occupations BHS 3053 Family Dynamics for the Human Services Professional PSY 3093 Social Research Methods


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