Academic Catalog 2017-2018

CRJ 2013 Intro. to Criminal Justice 3 SH

MAT 2023 Statistics 

3 SH


33 SH

BUS 2313 or 2323 Inf. Tech.


3 SH

Total 33 SH Third Year                                                     Fourth


CST 1103 Biblical Perspectives  3 SH COR 3012 Civic & Global Response 2 SH CRJ 3183 Forensic Science Internship 3 SH BIO 4014 Genetics 4 SH BIO/CHM 3053, 3061 Biochemistry 4 SH PHY 2014, 2024 Physics 8 SH BIO/CHM 4081,4091 Senior Seminar 2SH CHM 3014 Quant. & Instr. Analysis 4 SH CRJ 4123 Subst. Criminal Law          3 SH CRJ 3033, 3083 Forensic Science 3 SH BIO 4024 Molecular Cell Biology 4 SH CRJ 3303 Criminal Investigation 3 SH History Elective 3 SH Elective 3 SH Electives 10 SH T otal 30 SH Total 32 SH GEO 2033 Physical and Cultural Geography A broad survey course in geography that includes the use of maps, geographical tools, and technology. Areas of study include the physical processes that shape the earth, physical and human characteristics of places, relationships between human activity and the physical environment, and characteristics and distributions of the earth’s ecosystems. (On Demand) GRAPHIC COMMUNICATION The Graphic Communication Major provides professional training and theoretical preparation for either graduate study or employment in digital graphic media. For the bachelor’s degree in Graphic Communication, a student must complete the general requirements, specialized requirements and electives. No minor is required in this area although students may elect to pursue a minor if they so desire. Graphic Communication Major General Education & Degree Requirements 52 SH Major Requirements ART 1013 Drawing Fundamentals ART 1033 Design Problems ART/COM 1723 Intro to Graphic Design Photoshop & Illustrator 3 SH COM 1023   Speech GEOGRAPHY (GEO)

COM 2053 Media Writing ART 2043 Printmaking I

ART/COM 2723 Publishing with InDesign ART/COM 2733 Trends in Web Design

COM 3013 Media Effects & Society BUS 3023 Principles of Marketing COM/BUS 3203 Public Relations I or COM 3243 Advertising & Promotions  ART/COM 3733 Typography Design & History ART/COM 4723 Designing for Graphic Customers (Repeatable) COM 4603 Internship ART 4183 Portfolio Presentation 42 SH


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