iValue Booklet (6 x 8.5 in)

Membership Organization Fees:

Assessment: A chapter may vote to support an activity/event/cause that is not included in the chapter budget and the expense would be assessed per member.

Campus Obligation: These funds are used when a chapter is asked to donate funds to other organizations and/or fundraising opportunities on campus.

Chapter Dues: These monies fund member activities including programming, recruitment, chapter supplies and chapter operations.

Composites: An annual photograph is taken of each chapter's membership. This expense can be included in chapter dues or billed separately.

Initiation Fee: Fee paid to finalize initial membership in the organization.

Liability/Risk Management Insurance: This fee covers insurance-related costs for the safety of members, their guests and sorority property. Funds may also be used for special programming relating to risk management concerns on campus or within the chapter.

New Member Fee: Fee paid to establish membership in the organization.

Panhellenic Dues: These funds are used to support Panhellenic operations. Examples of items that may be included in the Panhellenic budget are attending conferences, office operations, leadership development and risk management programming, marketing, philanthropy activities and electronic media. Parking Permit: Parking is typically limited at chapter houses. Spaces are allocated by each chapter to members based on criteria set by the leadership and/or chapter corporation.

Philanthropy Fee: Each chapter has a philanthropy and some have local causes they support. This fee can be included in chapter dues or billed separately.

Social Fees: Social functions not included in chapter dues are billed out individually based upon the cost of event(s).


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