iValue Booklet (6 x 8.5 in)







Now that you have taken the time to reflect on some of your many unique qualities, the Panhellenic Recruitment team asks that you sign a pledge promising to be authentic by remembering all the qualities you love about yourself throughout the recruitment process.

After reading it, please sign your name on the line below.

"I pledge to be authentic during recruitment by remembering the qualities I love about myself. I will not compare myself to other women because I am special and loved for all the qualities I listed above. I will seek a chapter who acknowledges and appreciates these qualities by being authentic through my conversations during each round. I will strive to use recruitment as a time to discover new qualities I love about myself. I promise to never doubt who I am because I am enough, I am accepted, and I am loved for the person I am right now. I pledge to be authentic and real because I am enough just the way I am."


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