What Is Ukraine?

DESCRIPTION “… you can choose anything at all, my son, But of Fatherlands for you, there’s only one.” - V. Symonenko (Ukrainian poet, journalist, and activist). Where are you from? Even if you don’t know it, your blood and roots are whispering to you. As you listen, you begin to hear folk songs that sound through the ages telling their own stories. What are my people like? Invincible! There is so much injustice and grief in their fate and yet they sing songs of hope, love, and belief! As long as you breathe, you carry a spark of goodness from heart to heart, igniting new souls to shine on the horizon of life. This encourages you to believe in the future in times of darkness. The light will definitely conquer all, even during the darkest night! BIO I research issues of ecological attitude towards life and art. My passion for collage began with the desire to rethink and reuse what some people may call garbage. Now collage is my true love and profession. I can always tell in detail where a piece of paper came from. When I create collages, I feel like Indiana Jones on a treasure hunt - it’s always an adventure with an unexpected outcome. To find that perfect hand, foot or eye, I need to look through many pages of books and magazines! I live in the city of Izmail, Odessa region. I work with children and adults - I teach them not just to draw and make collages but how to have a creative approach to life. This is especially important now, during the war, when we need joyful moments and rays of light Follow Kateryna on Instagram @kate_lavska



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