Jeff Perry, Ed.D. Division Superintendent Central Office Staff Jeff Perry, Ed.D., Division Superintendent Instructional Personnel Rebecca C. James, Ed.D., Executive Director of Curriculum/Instruction Marcy R. Olinger, Director of Middle Instruction Beth W. Cochran, Director of Elementary Instruction Richard W. Skeens, Jr., Supervisor of Secondary Instruction Lisa G. Jonas, Reading Recovery Consortium Leader Teresa H. Wassum, Textbook Coordinator and Instructional Secretary Administrative Personnel G. Wesley Poole, Ed.D., Executive Director of Facilities and Operations Richard W. Skeens, Jr., Supervisor of Transportation B. Keith Cochran, Director of Technology Tracy A. Webster, Food Services Coordinator Educational Services Melinda K. Robinett, Ed.D., Executive Director of Educational Services Richard. D. Thomas, Director of Human Resources Susan L. Hill, Special Education Supervisor Gretchen B. Robinson, School Health Coordinator

Mary F. Henslee, School Social Worker P.G. Rigney, Educational Support Services

Support Staff Sara F. Dickens, Clerk of School Board Catrina L. Gravley, Finance Manager Debbie I. Grubb, Secretary of Human Resources

Anita F. Hedrick, Secretary of Special Educational Services Margaret B. Lee, Receptionist and Secretary for Health Services Cynthia B. Walters, Payroll Clerk Carolyn D. Umberger, Secretary of Facilities and Transportation Martha J. Corvin, Custodian

Wythe County School Board Stephen R. Sage, Chairman Patricia S. Hines, Vice Chairperson Chalmer L. Frye Tonya M. Freeman

Lee H. Johnson William S. Kidd Alan C. Wilder

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