The Nutcracker









Letter from the Artistic Director

Thank you for being here to celebrate 30 years of The Nutcracker at The Berglund Center, a Virginia Blue Ridge ’ s holiday tradition!!! We would like to dedicate this weekends performances to Shields and Ginny Jarrett for their generous support and belief in our organization. Our Holiday season starts long before December, even before Nutcracker auditions in August. For me, it starts every time a student, fellow dancer or former artistic director reaches out to me and fills my heart. They define what it means to give and receive. It is my fortune this year to have them all in my heart. My heart is full as I tell you about our Local Heroes performances this weekend. Thank you to so many generous donors for making this possible. Through our Local Heroes performances, we are honoring our first responders, hospital, grocery, senior living community and veterinary employees as well as Roanoke City employees for their diligent work through this challenging time. Thank you all, from SVB ‘ s Executive Director, Board of Directors and all of us in our community, What better season than Nutcracker season to gush about what fills my heart. It brings to me former dancers who have gone into the world. They reach back to me through social media, graduation announcements, wedding invitations, save the dates, attendance at performances, words of gratitude , or for no other reason than to show their gratitude. I am grateful. I am also so thankful for all of you, and the many volunteers who make Southwest Virginia Ballet productions possible! And to Kim Davidson and the Roanoke Valley Children ’ s Choir for joining us this year! As Martha Graham said, “ Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion. ” Happy Holidays, Pedro Szalay

VISION Southwest Virginia Ballet strives to bring quality pre - professional dance through artistic, instructional, and performance excellence providing opportunities to our youth and community and achieving regional, national, and international recognition. MISSION Our mission is to make the performing arts experience available to all ages from all walks of life though full - length productions of varied repertoire including classical ballet, contemporary, and new works. Southwest Virginia Ballet provides, free of charge, the highest quality of pre - professional training possible to young dancers and promotes cultural enrichment and awareness to the art of dance. SVB is committed to offering outreach opportunities for under - served and at - risk children and adults from across Southwest Virginia. ia Ballet strives to bring quality pre - professional dance through artistic e excellence providing opportunities to our youth and community and a l, and int rnational recognition. make the performing arts experience available to all ages from all walk ctions of varied repertoire including classical ballet, contemporary, an ia Ballet provides, free of charge, the highest quality of pre - professiona g dancers and promotes cultural enrichment and awareness to the art o ering outreach opportunities for under - served and at - risk children and t Virginia.

This performance is made possible in part by a grant from the Virginia Commission for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.

The Nutcracker


Pytor Ilyich Tchaikovsky Pedro Szalay After Tess Post

Choreography Ballet Mistress

Maria Jessee

Rehearsal Assistants

Alexis Potter, Danielle Riley Elizabeth Newton - Long

Costume Design

Lighting Design, & Production Management

Stage Sound

Stage Manager

Katie Munson

Technical Director

Jim d ’ Alelio

Scenery and Props

Tess Post Joey Neighbors Rob Bessolo Michael Hagen, Inc. Mark Shepheard Richmond Ballet

Scenic Design

Snow Scenery Land of Sweets

Daniel Nyiri

Matthew Allar All rights

P h o


It is the night before Christmas, a night filled with the dreams and wishes of children. And for a girl named Clara, it will be a night in which her dreams come true. Clara ’ s parents, Judge and Frau Silberhaus, are hosting a holiday party. The adults dress the tree while the children wait eagerly outside the drawing room doors. As the guests make their Christmas toast, Clara slips into the room to peek at the tree. An angel, strangely resembling the one her godfather, Herr Drosselmeyer, sent them for the top of their tree, appears to her and foretells the magic that will soon come to pass. At this point, the children can no longer be contained and they burst into the room to see the magnificent tree. The party gets underway with much merriment and dancing. The Silberhauses present each child with a special gift. The festivities are interrupted by the arrival of a mysterious stranger who frightens everyone by his odd appearance. Clara, who recognizes her beloved godfather, Drosselmeyer, rushes over to hug him. He is both surprised and delighted to see what a beautiful young woman she has become. He then entertains everyone with his life - size mechanical dolls, for which he is famous. Drosselmeyer then presents Clara with a wooden nutcracker. Clara is enchanted with the gift and dances happily until her jealous little brother, Fritz, grabs the nutcracker and breaks it. Her godfather bandages the wounded nutcracker and dries Clara ’ s tears. The evening draws to a close and the guests depart. A sleepy Clara and Fritz go up to their beds. Drosselmeyer enters after the guests have gone and transforms the house with magic. The Christmas tree begins to grow before Clara ’ s eyes, and the Nutcracker becomes life - size. An army of mice assembles and the Nutcracker summons his soldiers to battle them. The Nutcracker and the Mouse Queen fight a duel, and the cunning mouse is almost victorious when Clara bravely distracts her with her shoe, enabling the Nutcracker to win the battle. Clara ’ s selfless act has broken the spell and the once grotesque wooden sol- dier transforms into a handsome Prince. Clara ’ s house vanishes before her eyes and she and the Prince suddenly find themselves in the Kingdom of Snow, where the Snow Queen welcomes them to her land. Clara and the Prince arrive in the Land of the Sweets, where the Sugar Plum Fairy is Queen. Clara is greeted by an array of angels. The Prince describes their battle with the army of mice. Clara is praised for her bravery in saving the Nutcracker, and the Sugar Plum Fairy invites her to sit on the throne and preside over the festivities. Wonderful confections from many lands dance for Clara. The Sugar Plum Fairy, herself, dances with the Cavalier and everyone joins in the final waltz. Suddenly, Drosselmeyer appears and Clara finds herself becoming drowsy. Her newfound friends seem to be melting away like ice with each wave of her Godfather ’ s hand. Having said goodbye to her Nutcracker Prince, she falls asleep – or has she really been asleep all the while? No matter, for Clara will always remember this magical night when all her dreams came true. ACT II

The Nutcracker


Frau Silberhaus Judge Silberhaus

Cora May

Zach Brown


Addison Garrett Tyrique Bowles

Butler Maids

Sophie Beth Hanks, Ava Haynes, Alexis Potter

Grandmother Grandfather

Cindy Petersen*, Janine Willis Robert Borneff*, Rick Butler


Leah Bouldin, Morgan Jessee,* Kianna Price Marshall, Lisa McDilda, Tammy Saas, Katrina King, Natalie Soucie John Bouldin, Joe Cobb, David Daigle, Peter Jessee, James Matthews, Thomas Rhodes, Jagroop Singh, Paul Soucie,





George Clements

Party Children

Kayla Brown, Mirai Burton, Lillian Bordens, Ethan Burton, Olivia Cox, Sammy Conklin, Nicholas Freeman, Boyd Jensen, Ratie Jensen, Audrey Kelley, Bennett Kelley, Sarah Masinter*, Erin Potter*, Sophia Walker*, Damien Wetzel

Party Dog Tree Angel

LUNA (Angels of Assisi)

Sydney Hassall*, Maggie Jarrett



Columbine Harlequin Toy Soldier

Margaret Kauffman, Ellie Moser*

Lachlan Robrecht

Cole Stevens

Sugar Plum Doll


Sunday performance *


Little Mouse Princess

Dara Kerman

Little Mice

Mirai Burton, Lauren Cox, Natalie Routt, Evelyn Soucie, Lucia Walker

Mouse Queen

Lily Ebrahimi


Vivian Fernandez, Charlotte Firestone, Nev Logan, Emily Maddox, Ginny Matthews, Elliott Wiegard

Nurse Doll Spanish Doll Chinese Doll French Doll Teddy Bear Arabian Doll Russian Doll Gingerbread Guard Solider Rabbit Soldier

Erin Potter

Emma Staley Lisa Warren Maren Pauley D amien Wetzel Forrest Buehler Sarah Masinter Aaliyah Vorst Ethan Burton Grace Jensen


Chloe Barnes, Carmela Corcione, Julianne Edwards, Monroe Grisso, Abigail Orr, Natalie Penney, Ella Ridinger



COLE STEVENS Danielle Riley

Nutcracker Prince

Snow Queen

Snow Princesses

Sydney Hassall, Maggie Jarrett, Margaret Kauffman, Ellie Moser Amelia Ball*, Lily Ebrahimi, Ava Haynes, Peighton Miller*, Emily Nelson, Alexis Potter, Erin Schallon, Sophia Skelton, Evalyn Williams Annabele Beck, Elizabeth Benne*, Mckynli Grisso*, Artemis Haksch, Marie Jensen, Caroline Kelley, Molly Kate Oliver, Leah Roberts



Sunday performance *


Little Angels (Roanoke Valley Children ’ s Choir)

Caraline Bush*, Zoe Classey, Charlotte Hally, Maya Nik - Khah*, Norah Harper, Olivia Hypes*, Eliza Harper, Madeleine McKee*, Kylie Heller, Miriam Moore*, Elyssa Hostetter, Maya Nik - Khah, Corrine Swords*, Garima Patel, Bailey Viars*, Kaitlyn Shearer, Joanna Wood Vanessa Austin*, Sophie Childers, Madison Church*, Ella Carlin*, Grace Cordle*, Lily MataDiaz, Anne Ruth Judd, Leilani Keele, Sophia Gonzalez, Eliza Otey, Abby Poling*, Quinn Roudebush, Claire Sublett, Silvia Wardell, Kalani Weed

Big Angels (Roanoke Valley Children ’ s Choir)


George Clements, Sammy Conklin AMELIA BALL, SOPHIA SKELTON*

Sugar Plum Fairy




Abby Conklin*, Isabella Middleton, Sienna Sanford, Morghann Sowers*, Naomi Wagner, Haylie Wright


Sophie Beth Hanks, Margaret Kauffman, Ellie Moser*, Alexis Potter*


Cora May*, Danielle Riley


Vivian Fernandez, Charlotte Firestone, Ginny Matthews*, Sophia Walker, Elliott Wiegard


Ava Haynes, Peighton Miller*, Erin Schallon, Evalyn Williams*

Chinese Lion

Johhny Hsu & Genevra Littlejohn


KailaBrown*, Ratie Jensen. Sarah Masinter, Erin Potter


Marai Burton*, Nicholas Freeman, Dara Freeman, Boyd Jensen, Nev Logan, Emily Maddox, Lachlan Robrecht, Natalie Routt, Lucia Walker

Mother Ginger Gingerbread

John Bouldin

Mirai Burton*, Josephine Barger, Forrest Buehler, Maren Pauley, Evelyn Soucie, Emma Staley, Aaliyah Vorst,

Lisa Warren, Lucia Walker* WALTZ OF THE FLOWERS


Margaret Kauffman*, Cora May, Ellie Moser, Danielle Riley* Lillian Bordens, Kaila Brown, Audrey Kelley, Olivia Cox, Sarah Masinter*


Sugared Violets

LiLy Ebrahimi, Sophie Beth Hanks*, Sydney Hassall*, Ava Haynes*, Maggie Jarrett, Alexis Potter, Evalyn Williams Vivian Fernandez, Charlotte Firestone, Ginny Matthews, Sophia Walker*, Elliott Wiegard COLIN BROWN, AMELIA BALL, SOPHIA SKELTON*

Candied Roses

Grand Pas De Deux Finale and Apotheosis


Sunday performance *

PEDRO SZALEY was born to Hungarian parents and is a native of La Guaira, Venezuela where he started dancing in local school by Ms. Machado. He received a scholarship at Ballet Nacional of Caracas, coached by Vladimir Isayev and many other national and international teachers. There he danced many of Nebrada's choreographed pieces. Later he traveled to New York City to be coached by Madame Darvash and performed with New York Dance Theatre directed by Frank Ohman. After New York, Szalay was company dancer with Richmond Ballet from 1996 to 2006 where he was an inspiration for many choreographers and he danced pieces from Balanchine, Burn, Canaporoli, Lang, Soleau, Stevenson, Orff, Wainrot, Winslett and many others. He was also a guest performer and choreographer with the Latin Ballet of Virginia. He has guest taught in South Carolina, Philadelphia, Virginia School of the Arts, Washington and Lee University and St. Paul's Ballet Company. Szalay served as a coach, choreographer for the School of Richmond Ballet and other

Richmond dance schools. He served as Artistic Advisor for Chesterfield Ballet School. Szalay coached the Wheel Chair Miss Richmond. He currently teaches at Star City School of Ballet. In summer 2016, he was invited to be a guest teacher in Murcia, Spain at Robles Ballet School. Szalay, for the past 14 years, enhanced the lives of many 4th graders through his instruction of the Minds In Motion program in Richmond, Charlottesville, Martinsville, Salem and Roanoke City Schools. Beginning in 2012, Szalay developed a Spanish language, choreographed movement program called Dance Español for 4th graders in public schools. In 2013, he created a Ballet program for Middle School in Roanoke City Public Schools. January 2007, Szalay became Artistic Director of Southwest Virginia Ballet in the Roanoke Valley, he has brought SVB to be recognized locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. In 2009, he was awarded the Perry F. Kendig Award for Outstanding Performing Artist and in 2010 named the best Local Celebrity for Charity Events by the Roanoker Magazine. In 2017, he eceived the Bransow Award in recognition of exceptional dedication and service to the Virginia Museum Community. Szalay is a Resident Artist for Carilion Clinic Healing Art Program. He is a board member of Thursday Morning Music Club as Dance Chairman of Footnotes and Roanoke City Public School Education Foundation, Inc.. Szalay's choreography credits include: The Long Christmas Ride Home, for Flournoy Playwright Festival, Ties: A Railroad Ballet, Cinderella, Coppelia, Romeo and Juliet, Miss Richmond Pageant (2002 - 2003), the Miss Virginia Pageant(2009 - 2012), Like Winter Waiting (2012 - 2014), Sewing Seeds with Ann Waldrop, Dominos for Charlottesville Ballet, Holidays Pops, Peter and The Wolf, Carmina Burana with Roanoke Symphony Orchestra, Excerpts of Act II of The Nutcracker, Firebird and Under the Tent with Roanoke Youth Symphony, Nick Cave, Norman Rockwell and many others for Taubman Museum of Art, La Traviata and South Pacific for Opera Roanoke. In 2017, he choreographed an original score in remembrance of the Virginia Tech tragedy. In 2019, he collaborated with Scott Williamson with a new project “ Collective Euphonia ” at Temple Emanuel, Roanoke, VA.

MARK SHEPHEARD is a native of Roanoke. He graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. Mark is a painter and hairstylist, and enjoys writing fiction. He has been curling Clara ’ s and other party scene girls ’ corkscrew curls for the Southwest Virginia Ballet ’ s Nutcracker for over ten years. This is his eleventh year performing in The Nutcracker, his fifth year performing as Drosselmeyer. Shepheard also performed the role of Lord Capulet in SVB ’ s 2017 production of Romeo and Juliet.

ASHLEY CUNDIFF , SVB ’ s Company Pianist, holds a bachelor of Arts degree in music and French from Hollins University. She is an active solo pianist, accompanist, music instructor, and director of ensembles and is currently Director of Music Ministries at Redwood United Methodist Church and an adjunct instructor of music at Ferrum College, in addition to her woke with SVB providing live Piano accompaniment for company rehearsals. Ashley lives


in Rocky Mount with her husband, daughter and twins and enjoys reading and writing and dabbling in home economics in her spare time.


Charlotte Firestone - We are proud of the beautiful ballerina you have become and the great young woman that you are. Stay graceful! Love always, Mom and Mike


Southwest Virginia Ballet has been contributing to our southwest Virginia community for 30 years, serving over 15,000 children and adults annually. SVB began as a vision of founding director Tess (Terri) Post in 1990. Her vision was for a regional ballet company that would provide pre - professional training and quality performances of varied repertoire including classical ballet, contemporary and modern works. The new company quickly became a part of the community ’ s artistic and cultural experience, and in its first year performed at Festival in the Park, with Opera Roanoke in Die Fledermaus, as guests with the Rockbridge Ballet, and in its premier company performance at Virginia Western Community College. In 1991 SVB produced The Nutcracker at Olin Hall at Roanoke College, bringing the first local full - length production of this classic ballet in many years to the stage. By 1993, SVB was performing The Nutcracker annually at the Berglund Center with accompaniment by the Roanoke Symphony Orchestra while continuing to perform throughout the community; at Festival in the Park, Affair in the Square and with Opera Roanoke in The Merry Widow and Rigoletto . In order to expand training and performance opportunities for company dancers, SVB joined the Southwest Regional Ballet Association (SERBA), a division of Regional Dance America, this organization requires peer evaluation and review of the training and capability of SV B ’ s dancers by their leadership. SVB quickly progressed through SERBA, and in 2003 was the host for SERBA ’ s annual festival that brought 27 regional dance companies to Roanoke for a week of master classes and three nights of performances at the Berglund Center. In 2006, Pedro Szalay joined SVB, becoming artistic director is 2007. Under Szalay ’ s leadership, SVB company membership has doubled in size and has gained regional, national and international acclaim. SVB ’ s annual production of The Nutcracker brings together SVB ’ s 50 company members with 150 members of our community. In its twenty - seventh year, The Nutcracker is a wonderful experience for all involved, bringing a classic holiday story to life on stage. In 2009, Mr. Szalay created his first original full - length ballet, TIES, in collaboration with musician David Austin, the O. Winston Link Museum, and the Virginia Museum of Transportation to bring the history of the railroad in southwest Virginia to life on stage. He has also created full - length productions of Cinderella, Romeo and Juliet, and more recently “ Hello, Trolley. ” Additional SVB productions include Coppelia, The Firebird, and Reencuentro, as well as original works by many innovative choreographers. In Spring 2020, Mr. Szalay created Metamorphosis: Movement through Time ”, in collaboration with the Roanoke Youth Symphony and the Taubman Museum of Art.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS Serving the community since 1990, SVB continues to serve as a training ground for regional dancers interested in seeking a career in dance or movement - related fields. These dancers continue training with their own schools, taking advantage of the free training and performance opportunities SVB offers on Saturdays throughout the year. SVB ’ s program, Dance Espanol (7years), created and instructed by Mr. Szalay, has expanded to a guest program in the Martinsville Schools under sponsorship with Piedmont Arts. Community outreach and collaborative endeavors have expanded to include SVB company performances at Dickens of a Christmas, Parks and Arts, Taubman Museum of Art, Roanoke Symphony Orchestra, Roanoke Youth Symphony Orchestra, Piedmont Arts, and The Berglund Center. Company dancers participate in readings at local public libraries in addition to local schools and visit Carilion Clinic to perform and bring cheer to pediatric patients. Southwest Virginia Ballet has awarded $10,000 through the Vaszary Scholarship Fund since 2009, a program to fund training pursuits of company and other local dancers. Furthermore, as part of the program “ Southwest Virginia Ballet Gives Back, ” SVB, in partnership with The Berglund Center, has provided free tickets to over 2500 clients of human services organizations to attend The Nutcracker and spring production over the past six years. RECOGNITION SVB ’ s program is not only a composition of studio training and performance experiences that progressively shape the competence and confidence of young dancers as they progress to a professional level, but SVB is also a platform for presenting dance to the community through programs and activities. Pedro Szalay, Artistic Director, is an artistic visionary and recognized locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally for his teaching excellence. He was awarded the Perry F. Kendig award in 2007. The company has received regional recognition and in July 2011, received international recognition at the New Prague Dance Festival winning first place in classical dance and first place in costuming. In 2013, 2015, and 2019 SVB received the Grishko Award at the New Prague Dance Festival, the equivalent of second place in the overall festival. SVB received second place in classical dance at the New Prague Dance Festival in 2017, and in 2019, SVB received the Pedagogy Award. SVB received recognition as the City of Salem Best Performing Arts Group in 2008 and was voted Roanoke ’ s Best Performing Arts Group in 2012 by the readers of Roanoke ’ s City Magazine. SVB was the first organization to receive the Art Venture Award from the Taubman Museum of Art for extraordinary educational and collaborative programming in 2014. In 2015, SVB received the Perry F. Kendig Arts and Culture Award for excellence in the arts. In 2017, SVB was named Small Business of the Year in the Not - For - Profit Arts & Culture category. In 2018 and 2020 and 2021 The Nutcracker was recognized by The Roanoker Magazine as the Platinum Award Winner in the Best Arts Performance category. Many SVB Alumni continue to dance, choreograph, and teach around the world. Others are leaders in the areas of arts, science, engineering, health care, and business. This program for young dancers instills the discipline, teamwork, and dedication necessary to be successful in all aspects of life.

2020 - 2021 Company Members

Amelia Ball, Lillian Bordens, Kaila Brown, Colin Brown, Forrest Buehler, Mirai Burton, Lauren Cox, Olivia Cox, Lily Ebrahimi, Vivian Fernandez, Charlotte Firestone, Addison Garrett, Sydney Hassall, Maggie Jarrett, Ratie Jensen, Margaret Kauffman, Audrey Kelley, Dara Kerman, Nev Logan, Sarah Masinter, Ginny Matthews, Peighton Miller, Ellie Moser, Emily Nelson, Maren Pauley, Alexis Potter, Erin Potter, Danielle Riley, Lachlan Robrecht, Natalie Routt, Erin Schallon, Sophia Skelton, Evelyn Soucie, Cole Stevens, Lucia Walker, Sophia Walker, Elliott Wiegard, Evalyn Williams Not pictured: Tyrique Bowles Sophie Beth Hanks, Ava Haynes, Cora May


PEIGHTON MILLER has been dancing since the age of 4 when she was first introduced to her love for classical ballet at Linda Watkin ’ s School of Dance. Currently, she dances at The Star City School of Ballet and has for the past seven years. Peighton has been a member of the Southwest Virginia Ballet since the age of 10. She began as a junior company member and has been a senior company member since she was 13. She has performed in productions of Ties , Cinderella, Firebird & 2 New Works, Hello Trolley , Under the Tent , Metamorphosis Movement Through Time, Romeo and Juliet , and numerous roles throughout the yearly production of The Nutcracker . Peighton ’ s favorite parts have been when she performed the role of Juliet in the ballroom scene from Romeo and Juliet during Metamorphosis Movement Through Time and the role of Arabian in The Nutcracker . Her dream role of Clara has been fulfilled as she will perform this role during this year ’ s production of The Nutcracker ! Furthermore, she has participated in

numerous summer intensives with The National Ballet of Canada, Radford University, The Richmond Ballet, and The Oklahoma City Ballet. During her sophomore year, Peighton was elected as the Dancer Representative on Southwest Virginia Ballet ’ s Board of Directors. In addition, she has been assisting with dance classes of younger ballerinas for the past four years. Peighton is looking to attend a four - year college program to begin her journey of becoming a surgical dermatologist while continuing her love of dancing. Peighton wishes to show her gratitude and thankfulness to many individuals who have helped her develop and grow into a strong classical ballerina: Tess Post, MaryJo Crews, Carrie Jensen, Pedro Szalay, Katie Munson, Sara Cate Bingham, Maria Jessee, Abby Furry, and Elisabeth Burton. Most importantly, Peighton would not be where she is today without the unlimited support, guidance, and love from both of her parents.

DANIELLE RILEY began dancing at the age of 4 at Southold Dance Theater in South Bend, Indiana under Artistic Director Erica Fischbach. During her time there, Dani participated in 5 productions of The Nutcracker as well as performances like Giselle and Sleeping Beauty. Dani also received instruction in ballet and modern dance from Susan Margetts, JoAnn Barkes, & Shakurah Grumbacher during her time with Southold. She and her mom moved to Blacksburg, Virginia in June of 2015, and Dani began taking classes at the Dance Centre of Southwest Virginia (now Star City School of Ballet) in 2016. She participated in SVB ’ s Nutcracker as an extra in 2016, and joined the company the following year in 2017. This is her fifth year with SVB and still currently dances with Star City School of Ballet during the week. With SVB, Dani has performed in various productions such as Firebird, Coppelia, and Under the Tent. She is very excited to perform the roles of Snow Queen and Hummingbird in this year ’ s Nutcracker, as these are her dream roles. Dani is

also thrilled to be performing the role of Arabian this year as well. She has participated in four sum- mer intensives with SVB since 2018, and was also selected in August of 2021 to be the Dancer Repre- sentative on the SVB Board of Directors. Dani is a current senior at Blacksburg High School and hopes to pursue a career in photography or photojournalism in the fall of 2022 after she graduates. Dani has received lots of support from many teachers and mentors throughout her dance journey, and she would especially like to thank Susan Margetts, Maria Jessee, Sara Cate Bingham, Carrie Jensen, Abigail Furry, and Tess Post for this. She is extremely grateful for the continous love and support from Pedro Szalay throughout her time with SVB, and she could not be more grateful for the many opportunities she has been given. Finally, Dani would like to thank her mother, family, and friends for helping and supporting her through her dance journey in anyway possible.

SOPHIA SKELTON has been dancing since she was 3 years old. She has performed in the Nutcracker since 2010 when she began as a little reindeer. She joined SVB ’ s junior company in 2017 during her eighth grade year and moved up to the senior company in 2018 for her freshman year. She has participated in productions of Under the Tent, Firebird and 2 new works, Metamorphosis, and Coppelia. Her favorite roles have been one of Swanhilda ’ s friends in Coppelia and Dawn in Coppelia for an outreach performance. She has participated in SVB ’ s 5 week summer intensive for 5 years and was thrilled to participate this past summer in American Ballet Theatre ’ s summer intensive, her favorite professional company. She is delighted to be performing her dream role of the Sugarplum Fairy in this year ’ s production of the Nutcracker. Sophia will graduate from Roanoke Catholic in the spring and is applying to colleges in New York, Boston, and Philadelphia. She hopes to minor in dance in order to continue expressing her passion and

love for this art form. She is incredibly grateful to Pedro Szalay, Maria Jessee, Tess Post, and Carrie Jensen for pushing her to be the best dancer and person she can be and for helping her to cultivate her love of dance. She also feels thankful for the love and support of her family and friends who help her in more ways than they can imagine.

Cole Stevens fell in love with dancing through the Dance Español program in the fourth grade. He has been dancing with Star City School of Ballet and SVB ’ s Senior Company for the last eight years. He has performed in productions of The Nutcracker, Ties, Romeo and Juliet, Under the Tent, Hello Trolley, Coppelia, and Firebird & 2 New Works. His favorite roles include the showman in Under the Tent, Marzipan in The Nutcracker, and a peasant in Romeo and Juliet. His dancing adventures have taken him to a summer intensive in Silver Springs with the Maryland Youth Ballet, and the New Prague Dance Festival in the Czech Republic. He is a senior at Patrick Henry High School and enjoys his free time playing the piano, reading political theory, writing music, crafting stories, and running Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. He is very passionate about history and sociology, and plans to study those subjects in college. He is very excited

to play the Nutcracker Prince in this year ’ s production, and would like to thank Pedro Szalay and Maria Jessee for supporting him in learning the role. He would also like to thank his fellow dancers at Southwest Virginia Ballet for inspiring him to be a part of the Company, and his family for supporting him in his pursuit of authenticity.



GrandWaltz $10,000 and up

Anonymous Elizabeth Fitzgerald The Huntley Foundation Kroger Rewards Relevé $500 Anonymous Elizabeth Fitzgerald The Huntley Foundation Kroger Rewards Matthew and Terri Skelton Zack Vernon Wordsprint Anonymous A Cleaner World Barratt Breath Institute, LLC Olivia Bowers Dan And Lydia Celin Kathleen Clinton Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia The GE Foundation Plié $250 Anonymous A Cleaner World Barratt Breath Institute, LLC Olivia Bowers Dan And Lydia Celin Kathleen Clinton Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia The GE Foundation Susan Jennings Kroger Rewards Christina Romanik and Paul Parnell Ken and Stacy Potter Press Press Merch Channing Preston Richfield Living Roanoke Valley Orthodontics Press Press Merch Elda Stanco - Downey Mr. and Mrs. Lee Wilhelm Susan Jennings Kroger Rewards Christina Romanik and Paul Parnell Ken and Stacy Potter Press Press Merch Channing Preston Richfield Living Roanoke Valley Orthodontics Press Press Merch Elda Stanco - Downey Mr. and Mrs. Lee Wilhelm Zack Vernon Wordsprint Plié $250

Ceres Foundation Shields and Virginia Jarrett GrandWaltz $10,000 and up Ceres Foundation Shields and Virginia Jarrett Grand Jeté $5000 and up Anonymous Jason and Shelby Bingham Carilion Clinic City of Roanoke Steve and Lori Strauss John and Evelyn Tielking Virginia Commission for the Arts National Endowment for the Arts Grand Jeté $5000 and up Anonymous Jason and Shelby Bingham Carilion Clinic City of Roanoke Steve and Lori Strauss John and Evelyn Tielking Virginia Commission for the Arts National Endowment for the Arts Petit Jeté $2500

Berglund Center Buzz4Good Carrie Cousins Lamar Advertising Spencer and Joy Frantz Berglund Center Buzz4Good Carrie Cousins Lamar Advertising Spencer and Joy Frantz Adagio

Petit Jeté $2500


Anonymous Michael Cox Norfolk Southern Good Government Fund For Alison Foundation Willis and Ashley Logan McDilda Photography Network for Good Star City School of Ballet Will Trinkle in Honor of the Trinkle - Granados Family Spencer and Courtney Wiegard Adagio $1000 Anonymous Michael Cox Norfolk Southern Good Government Fund For Alison Foundation Willis and Ashley Logan McDilda Photography Network for Good Star City School of Ballet Will Trinkle in Honor of the Trinkle - Granados Family Spencer and Courtney Wiegard Anonymous Dr. J. Rand lp and Michelle Cleme ts


Family Company Support $125

George Kniola in Honor of Emerson Kniola Kelli Linnick in Honor of Emma Cleveland James Matthews David and Melissa May Jameson Miller Shannon and Whitney Miller Adam and Magdalene Nelson Pauline Pauley Gene and Tess Post Alfred Robrecht and Dana Gioca Robrecht Matt and Rachel Schallon Matthew and Terri Skelton Robert Trestman and Bonnie Hennig - Trestman Hugh and Peggy Wells Spencer and Courtney Wiegard Jacinda Williams

Anonymous Amazon Smiles Ashlin Barbe Acheson in Honor of Jane Ellen Barbe Stephen and Angela Ball Justin and Kara Buehler Lauren Budlong Richard and Jennifer Cleveland Timothy and Barbara Cribbs Ali Ebrahimi and Phoebe Bosworth - Ebrahimi Geoffrey Harter Alan Hassall William and Kelly Hooper Jill Huffnagel Richard and Betsy Kauffman John and Mardee Kilby in Honor of Audrey, Caroline and Bennett Kelley Elizabeth Acheson

Individual Company Support

Alliance Data Anonymous Blackbaud Fund

Anne Hurt IBM International Dan Keeley

Michael and Grace Connor Kirsten Koops Budlong in Honor of Lillian Bordens birthday Ben Kramer Joseph and Linda Carroll Charityest, Inc. Alicia E. Diaz de Leon Lindsey Fadner Silvia Fowler

Kristen Lihos Anna Martin Morris and Allison Masinter Jane Moser Newcomers Club and Roanoke Nancy Revercomb in Honor of Mark Shepheard Howard Skelton in Honor of Alex-

is and Erin Potter Sandra Smeltzer Mary Walker

Board of Directors Artistic Director Executive Director

Pedro Szalay Carol Jessee Spencer Wiegard Beth Kelley Lenore Willis

President Treasurer Secretary

General Board

John Bouldin, Elda Stanco - Downey, Susan Jennings, Peter Jessee, Nancy Kelderhouse, Jessica Mather, Lauren Maxwell, Megan Potter, Matthew Schallon, Will Trinkle

Board Student Representative

Danielle Riley

Volunteer Coordinator Melissa May SVB Company Communications Megan Potter Marketing

Carol Jessee and Jennifer Moses Angela Ball and Jennifer Brown

SVB Boutique Website Designer Nutcracker Coordinators

Carrie Cousins

Phoebe Ebrahimi with assistance from Julia Bouldin, Emily Jarrett, Rachel Schallon, Whitney Miller, Terri Skelton, Beth Kelley, Megan Potter, Jannice Walker and Jacinda Williams

Nutcracker Costuming Thank you to our SVB moms & dads, alumni and friends for your work on costuming our dancers, including Linda Allison, Lauren Budlong, Emily Jarrett, Missy Kay, Melissa May, Donna Musgrave, Megan Potter, Sherry Penney, Polly Pauley, Dana Robrecht, Jameson Miller, Susan Nelson, Jacinda Williams and Teresa Burton. Nutcracker Props Thank you to Paul Soucie for creating magical nutcracker



presents TIES Inspired by the rail history of the Roanoke region and its influence on emigration to Roanoke MAY 14, 2022 2:00 PM and 7:00 PM LIVE AT THE ELMWOOD PARK AMPHITHEATER

Tickets will be available at in late winter

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